Krusty's Fun House

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Krusty's Fun House
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Fox Williams and Audiogenic]][[Category:Fox Williams and Audiogenic]]
[[Virgin Games
Acclaim Entertainment]][[Category:Virgin Games
Acclaim Entertainment]]
Puzzle game
ROM cartridge, 3½-inch floppy disk
keyboard, gamepad
Amiga, NES, IBM PC, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy, Super NES and and Mega Drive/Genesis
Main Credits
Fox Williams
[[David Whittaker]]
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Krusty's Fun House is a video game based on the cartoon series The Simpsons. Originally named Rat-Trap, it was developed by Fox William for the British software house Audiogenic, who licensed it to Acclaim Entertainment, the US-based publishers of a range of games based on The Simpsons.

The game was released in 1992–1993 for the Amiga, NES, IBM PC, Sega Master System, Game Boy, Super NES, and Mega Drive/Genesis. Acclaim published the console versions, and sub-licensed the home computer versions to Virgin. The 16-bit versions on the Super NES and the Mega Drive/Genesis were entitled Krusty's Super Fun House

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player directs small rats to an extermination area through complicated maze-like levels. The player controls Krusty the Clown who must navigate through his Krusty Brand Fun House. Each level is a puzzle in which a number of rats must be exterminated. Using different objects and obstacles, Krusty must create a path for the rats to follow, and guide them towards an extermination device. Other creatures such as snakes and flying pigs attempt to hinder Krusty's progress by injuring him; he must throw pies in order to defeat them.

In each stage the extermination devices are run by a different character, including Bart, Homer, Corporal Punishment, and Sideshow Mel.

The game has a password system, notably all the passwords are the names of actual Simpsons characters. The only exception is a password in the SNES version, which is "_Joshua_", a reference to the film WarGames.

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