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Kuma Reality Games
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Basic Information
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Video game developer
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Kuma Reality Games is a computer games developer. They specialize in developing free episodic first person shooters (FPS) since 2004.[1] The company has also created a number of machinima movies for their games, particularly The Dinohunters.[2]

Kuma Reality Games; along with their original properties Kuma\War and Dinohunters also produces games based on other TV properties such as The History Channel's Dogfights and ShootOut! series,[3] as well as The Kill Point for Spike TV.[4]

Gamisodes[edit | edit source]

Kuma Reality Games currently produces nine major gamisodes. They are all available to download for free. Kuma Reality Games ceased production of new episodes for Kuma War Classics, but the game is still available for free download.

  • Kuma War This is the second version of Kuma\War. Kuma War also takes information from recent military operations, but this game is a first person and can be seen in third person (unlike Kuma War Classics). Another thing different about it is its different missions and updated graphics. Kuma Games is known as UE9 (Unidad Especial 9) in Latin America.
  • WWII Experience: WWII Experience is a game based on actual World War II missions. The missions cover land, sea, and air.
  • National Blood Sport: A football-style shooter taking place in Nazi-occupied America.
  • The Dinohunters: The story of the Dinohunters is centered around a fictitious reality show on the Total Hunting Channel. The producers send a crew of washed up celebrities into the past to hunt dinosaurs for sport and big ratings. The crew consists of Australian stuntman and actor Roger Wallaby, country singer Harlan Davis, Brooklyn native Shaw Jefferson, and their sexpot producer Candace "Candy" Spencer.
  • Street Soccer: Street Soccer is a third-person soccer game.
  • Kuma War Classics: This game takes information and strategic data from recent military operations and attempts to recreate the war scenario as it happened. The missions for Kuma War Classics are missions 1-74. The missions after that are Kuma War missions. This game has come under much praise and criticism for the role it plays in reproducing recent battles. Kuma War now has an option to play in first-person, rather than the default third-person.[6]

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