Kuribo's Shoe

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Kuribo's Shoe is an item from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3. It appears only in World 5-3 and is inhabited by a Goomba who, in an ironic role reversal, attempts to stomp on Mario with it. If the player hits a brick that the Goomba is on top of from underneath, the Goomba will pop out, allowing Mario to fit into the shoe. While he is in the shoe, Mario can bounce much higher, walk on enemies that normally injure him (such as Munchers), and even stomp on Piranha Plant fireballs without getting hurt. The shoe is taken away if Mario takes a direct hit from an enemy, and also when he reaches the end of the stage.

Although only found in one level, it is nevertheless one of the more popular ideas to emerge from SMB3, and has not been duplicated in any game since.

Kuribo is the Japanese name for Goomba and was left intact in the NES version as an oversight.