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LEGO Island
Basic Information
Video Game
Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
Microsoft Windows
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LEGO Island is a LEGO based action-adventure computer game developed by LEGO and Mindscape. Released for the PC on October 2, 1997, the game is the first in the LEGO Island series (and the very first Lego software title), followed by Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Island Xtreme Stunts, and Lego Island Xtreme Stunts LEGO sets.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

LEGO Island is a non-linear game with a first person perspective. The game features a series of missions including pizza delivery, jet ski racing, and putting the Brickster back in jail. It also features a variety of playable characters that each have unique abilities that can help the player throughout the game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

There is no necessary objective to LEGO Island. The player can choose to roam around customizing the island or do missions. The primary mission is getting a call from a criminal named the Brickster and thinking it's a police officer, you have to deliver a pizza to the jail using the character Pepper, which will in turn let the Brickster out of jail. The only way for him to get out, however, is if the player is not only controlling Pepper, but also have built the helicopter (he escapes in it). After the Brickster escapes, Pepper must go around the Island and do certain missions to get him back in before he disassembles the entire island. After this the player can still roam around the Island.

Customization[edit | edit source]

It is possible to customize the game. When playing as Pepper, players can change pants and change hats. Pepper can also change Mrs. Post's house. When playing as Nick, players can change colors of things. When playing as Laura, players can change walking animations, or "moods." Laura also can change the way plants and houses that can't be entered react. Players can also build various vehicles and customize colors and textures.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Lego Island has a diverse series of characters. The characters of Nick and Laura Brick, Mama and Papa Brickolini, and Pepper Roni are all available as playable characters. The Brickster is the game's main antagonist, and the Infomaniac is the game's guide. There are also lots more un-playable characters in the game.

Setting[edit | edit source]

LEGO Island takes place on a relatively small remote island consisting of roads and Lego buildings. Most of these buildings are based on real Lego sets in circulation at the time of release for the game.

  • The Information Center: the Information Center, home to the Infomaniac, is located at the head of the island. There are three floors; the first floor is the "starting point" for the player, who first must sign in. There is a large map of Lego Island in front of the player, and atop that are squares featuring all playable characters. The second floor apparently contains an aquarium. The third floor is the highest point on LEGO Island, and provides the player with an aerial view of the Island. It also contains tools allowing the player to change the time of day, and the color of the sky. On the top of the Information Center is the Power Brick, a normal red 2x4 LEGO brick that has the ability to deconstruct any building on LEGO Island.
  • Brickolini's Pizzeria: located on the southwest side of Lego Island, Brickolini's is the only working restaurant. It is run by Mama and Papa Brickolini, with Mama as the piano player, Papa as the chef, and adopted son Pepper as the "pizza delivery dude." Next to the restaurant is a patio where customers can eat (but never do), featuring a jukebox (In which the player can choose songs). All characters can deliver pizza, but they can only deliver it to one specific place (which changes according to the character). Pepper's delivery is always to the Brickster, who uses the fumes from that particular recipe including Jalapeño and red peppers, to melt the lock in his cell and escape, providing the only real objective of the story.
  • Residential Area: the residential area is located on a mountain located to the west of Lego Island. It contains several houses, a park area, and a cave; the cave and park area are the only things accessible.
  • Police Station: the Police Station, where Officers Nick Brick, Laura Brick and Captain D-ROM work, is located southeast of the island. There, players can build their own helicopter.
  • The Jail: the island's lone jail cell is located on a very small portion to the east of the island, connected to the rest of the island only by a small bridge. In it is the Brickster, and next to it is the helicopter pad. When the player enters the jail the brickster will usually taunt or tease him. Also, next to the cell is a sign with a prohibition symbol (   ⃠ ) over the word "PIZZA." (While playing as Pepper—who can't spell—the sign instead reads "PIZAZ.")
  • Lego Hospital: Lego Hospital is located to the island's northeast. It is home to the rarely-seen Dr. Clickitt, and his two bumbling assistants Enter and Return. Here, players can drive an ambulance and go on missions.
  • Octan Gas Station: the local Octan Gas Station, owned by Nubby Stevens and Nancy Nubbins, is located in the middle of the island. Here, players can build a dune buggy and drive a tow truck.
  • The Beach: the beach, located south of the island, is where players can build and ride a jetski and participate in races. It is home to characters like Snap Lockit and Valerie Stubbins.
  • The Bank: owned by Buck Pounds the banker, the Bank is closed for remodeling during the game. It is located near the Octan Gas Station.
  • The Super Store: supervised by Maggie Post, who has a parrot that always seems to get away from her, the store is closed for remodeling during the game. It is located near the Pizzeria.
  • The Post Office: the island's post office is where Ed Mail, the local mailman, works. The place is closed for no apparent reason, possibly for remodeling, but Ed, who roams free on the island, has made no mention of it whatsoever. The post office is near the pizzeria and the Super Store.
  • The Race Track: the Octan Race Track is located near the residential area, to the island's northwest. Here players can build a race car and compete against other racers on the track, which is otherwise closed to the player. The race track is also home to racers Rhoda Hogg and Studs Linkin.

Reception[edit | edit source]

LEGO Island was a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies and was the only "kids' game" among the top ten best-selling PC games of October 1997.

In addition to strong sales, the game also received a high amount of critical acclaim from Family publications and children. They praised the game for its interactive, customizable environments, simple pick-up-and-play gameplay mechanics, quirky humour and for retaining the cute, colourful feel of the toys the game was based on. Some even praised the game's soundtrack. In a review at Dinoden inc's website, the game got a score of 10/10.

The success of LEGO Island convinced LEGO to release more games based on their products (including the now popular LEGO Star Wars games) as well as releasing two sequels to the game: LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge in 2001 and Island Xtreme Stunts in 2002.

Awards[edit | edit source]

LEGO Island won "Family Game of the Year" at the Interactive Achievement Awards in 1998 and won a few awards from Family publications.

These awards included Family PC's top-rated virtual toy award, Family Life's "Critic's Choice" award and Home PC's kid testers' "Reviewer's Choice" stamp of approval.

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