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Mary's Adult Form

Game Series Devil May Cry series
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3
Alter Ego: Lady
Affiliation: Dante
Occupation: Demon hunter
Position: Merc , Creditor & Handler
Species: Human (priestess lineage)
Family: Arkham (Father)
Fighting Style: Presumably Gunslinger
Weapon(s): Kalina Ann
Skill(s): Marksman , Engineering , Amateur athletic ability & Intel
Voice Actor(s): Fumiko Orikasa (anime)
Trademark: Heterochronogetic

" My name .. Is Lady "

Overview[edit | edit source]

Lady is the daughter of a priestess (mother) , her father sacrificed her mother to help himself become a cambion. This fueled Lady's hatred for all demonkind ; This is why she revoked being known as Mary (her birthname) as she wants to forget about her former life.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Lady has short hair and is heterochronogetic like her father , her assigned color is white . She has a flush skin tone. She has a voluptuos physique as an adult.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Before getting revenge on Arkham , Lady was distraught ; afterwards as an adult she is easygoing and fun loving.

Appearance in video games[edit | edit source]

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 4

Appearance in other media[edit | edit source]

The Devil May Cry Anime

The Devil May Cry Manga