Lady Stalker: Challenge from the Past

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Lady Stalker: Challenge from the Past
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Climax Entertainment]][[Category:Climax Entertainment]]
Action-RPG/Action-adventure game/Platform game
16-megabit cartridge
Super Famicom and Mobile Phone
Main Credits
[[Kan Naito]]
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Lady Stalker: Challenge from the Past (レディストーカー~過去からの挑戦~ Redi Sutōkā Kako Kara no Chōsen?) is a Super Famicom action role-playing game and a sequel to Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole. It was developed by Climax Entertainment and published by Taito. It is the only game related to Landstalker that was never released outside Japan, though the main character herself appeared in the Dreamcast title Time Stalkers.

A new game entitled Lady Stalker was released for mobile phones in Japan only. It is not a remake of the original Lady Stalker, but an entirely new game, not in the same genre.

Story[edit | edit source]

Lady Stalker's storyline begins with Lady, a mischievous young girl who tends to disobey authority and travels around the world as an adventurer, despite the fact that she comes from a rich upper-class family. She is constantly chased by her servants, the old gardener Yoshio and chef Cox. Lady's adventure involves her finding Deathland Island, a place that hides a treasure.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

While Lady Stalker shares the same isometric viewpoint with Landstalker, gameplay is remarkably different. Unlike Landstalker the player character cannot jump, abandoning the most prominent aspect of its predecessor compared to other games of the genre. Another important difference is the way combat initiates. Whereas in Landstalker the enemies are visible at all times and freely move around the map, in Lady Stalker the battles are randomly triggered and cannot be avoided until all enemies are defeated, shifting the gameplay-focus even more from its action-adventure-roots to an RPG-style.

Later in the game, Yoshio and Cox will assist Lady in her quest, and both can be used and commanded in battle.

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