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LandMaker is an arcade and PlayStation puzzle game made by the Taito Corporation. The PlayStation version features three modes, which are puzzle, battle and arcade. The arcade mode (a direct port of the arcade version) is set in 2D with eight playable characters (Hiryu, a red-skinned man who is fire-based; Aifa, a young girl who is plant-based; Soumei, a pale man who is ice-based, Renki, a frightening purple-skinned man who seems to be based on mud, Youen, a female musician who seems to be based on Sound; Kouko, a muscular man who is rock-based; Rinrei, a blue-haired woman who seems to be sword-based and Roushinshi, an elegant-looking man that travels with a young boy, who is lightning-based.) while the battle modes are set in 3D. The objective of the game is to shoot a certain coloured block to other blocks of the same colour to create a building. The larger the building the greater damage that is done to the player's opponent which in effect speeds up the moving counter which pushes the blocks ever closer to the edge after which the player or opponent will lose the battle. The game is fast paced on all modes except puzzle which involves more strategy.

The PlayStation version of LandMaker was released in the US under the title "Builder's Block" and in Europe under its original name; the arcade version was released only in Japan.