Langrisser III

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Langrisser III
Basic Information
Video Game
Nihon Computer System, Taito
Tactical RPG
Number of
Saturn, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Langrisser III
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Saturn and Microsoft Windows
October 181996
PlayStation 2
October 272005
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Langrisser III is the sequel to Langrisser II, released in a number of Asian countries but not in the west. It is the first 32-bit installment in the series.

Story[edit | edit source]

Even though Langrisser III is titled as such, it is a prequel to the first two titles in the series, and deals with the creation of the sword Langrisser.[1] Consequentially, it is also set before the prequel series Elthlead, and lays the foundation for the wars which take place in that strategy series. The game also introduces the genealogies which dominate most of the Langrisser series, with the exception of Langrisser IV, which is set on the Western continent Yeless.

Limited Edition[edit | edit source]

The limited edition of Langrisser III includes an artbook and a holographic cover.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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