Larry Koopa

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Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa.png

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3, 1990
Alias: Cheatsy Koopa
Alter Ego: Super Larry
Species: Koopa
Gender: Male
Trademark: Blue Mohawk

Larry is the first Koopa Kid that Mario must defeat in Super Mario Bros. 3. Here Larry has overthrown the king of Grass Land. Strangely, though in Super Mario Bros. 3, Larry is the first Koopa Kid that Mario faces, he is the last Koopa Kid that Mario must face in Super Mario World.

Larry Koopa was named after Larry King, the host of CNN's Larry King Live.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In the comic books published by Valiant, Larry didn't speak normal English; instead, his dialogue balloons contained various pictures. Only Lemmy was able to understand him.

Also, in New Super Mario Bros Wii, the cake that is thrown on Peach is also thrown on Larry, his legs pop out shortly after the Koopalings grab the cake and run.

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