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The Last Man Standing Coop (LMS) Mod is a Doom 3 single player and multiplayer modification. It blends elements from Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 together into an "LMS Mod" gametype to create a classic Doom experience in a modern environment. The "LMS Mod" gametype is survival in nature, where the player faces swarms of attacking monsters. The mod also fully supports cooperative play in the campaigns of Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (the expansion pack, which does not have coop support in the Xbox port). Cooperative support for the Classic Doom 3 modification was implemented in version 3.0 (February 23, 2006).

"LMS Mod" gametype[edit | edit source]

Three distinct map types are present in the "LMS Mod" gametype: Killfest, where players must kill as many monsters as possible; Progression, where the players progress through custom-made levels similar to Doom 3 campaign levels; and Defense, where players are forced to hold off a certain area, protect a VIP, and/or progress backwards, holding off an invasion force of monsters until a timer runs out or an objective is completed. Each level is assigned with a song from the soundtrack featuring several heavy metal songs. Musicians and bands include Skaven, Neurosphere, and Switchblade Masquerade.

Exclusive to the gametype is infrared view, which enables players to see monsters more clearly in the dark. Unique weapons include a double-barrelled shotgun reminiscent of Doom II's, a plasma-based flamethrower, and a "Plasma Sniper" weapon. A wrench, which bears many similarities to the flashlight in combat, replaces the fists as a melee weapon.

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