Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice

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Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice
Basic Information
Video Game
Rail Shooter
joystick-mounted gun
Retail Features
Arcade Specifications
52" (4:3 Screen) Deluxe
Sega Lindbergh
Raster, XGA
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice is a joystick-mounted gun arcade game by Sega. Players take the roles of a man and a woman stranded on a jungle island which has been overrun by monsters. Each player must shoot the monsters with his or her machine guns while looking for rescue.

There is also another version of the game called "Let's Go Jungle! Special" in which players sit on a revolving seat with one large projection screen in front and one in back.

A sequel in 2010 was announced to be in development called Let's Go Island: Lost In the Tropics.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice is a rail-shooter, which mutant animals (mainly insects) approach the players from the front and players are required to shoot them with a gun. In points of the game, the player must perform special tasks such as moving the gun in a direction, tapping buttons quickly, or tapping the buttons at the right time.

The game features giant animals as enemies. It features mounted turret gun controllers similar to Sega's previous gun title The Ocean Hunter.

Similar to The House of the Dead 4 Special, the games co-op gives a compatibility raiting based on how well the two players work together.

Story[edit | edit source]

Ben and Norah, whose relationship is floundering, tour an island in Asia. However, they find that mutant giant animals are wreaking havoc, and they are desperate to escape.

In the course of their adventure, Ben and Norah learn the story behind the island. According to a local boy of the island and a helicopter pilot, an environmental NGO called "Green Leaves", came to island after it was devastated by war. Following the motto of "bring back the green", scientists of "Green Leaves" discovered a species of mushroom that possessed extraordinary biological regenerative properties. The scientists extracted and refined the mushrooms' essence, creating a powerful chemical extract that could accelerate biological growth. In cooperation with the island's natives, "Green Leaves" used the chemical extract to restore the island's fauna and flora within five years. However, it was later discovered that the extract's properties were too powerful, resulting in giant-sized animals, insects, and plants that have the capacity to harm humans. "Green Leaves" and many of the island's natives evacuated the island when events grew uncontrollable, although a number of natives decided to remain behind.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Jeep Safari: This is the first part of the tour, as well as the first stage in the game.While they are riding giant spiders attack them killing two tour guides leaving the two alone with only a driver. This is where Ben and Norah first encounter the mutant insects. The boss is a giant spider. The driver leaves at the first sight of the boss leaving them only guns which were dropped by the guide tours which were killed. At the end of the stage, Ben and Norah take a look at the brochure and decide on which path to take.There are two choices.

River Cruise: Ben and Norah travel through a marsh and then onto a motorboat. Afterward, they lose their guns in the rapids and use paddles to defend themselves. They then pick up more guns and slingshots while facing the boss, a giant bullfrog. After the frog explodes, Ben and Norah overhear a radio message: a helicopter is looking for survivors in the village.

Temple Cave: Ben and Norah use flashlights to make it through a dark cavern. After finding three survivors, they go down a water rapid, at the end having their guns taken by the tour guide. They then obtain slingshots from one of the survivors and climb a hill to the temple where a helicopter is waiting. However it leaves Ben and Norah due to the full capacity limit, with one survivor throwing them back their guns. A giant praying mantis serves as the boss for this stage.

Elephant Ride: The couple reach a village which, like the previous locations, is abandoned. However it doesn't take long before bugs (from previous stages) finds them and begin attacking. After fighting their way through, they come across a young boy on an elephant whose being attacked. After helping both of them, the boy offers the two a lift, to which they ride out of the village with the boss spider from stage one (now having mushrooms growing out of it) on their tail. After a rough ride, the couple manage to knock it into a river before reaching a deserted heliport, the extraction point. It's here that the mystery of the wildlife's growth and aggression is revealed (see above), more bugs soon attack followed by a last ditch effort from the boss spider. The couple manage to defeat it but knock it into barrels of chemicals which splash on nearby venus fly traps, causing them to grow and become aggressive. The couple once again defend themselves, finally beating the monster when the boy's elephant tosses a gas canister at the plant for them to shoot. Safe, the boy gives Norah his good luck charm (which seems to protect him) as a parting gift as the rescue copter arrives to pick the couple up. After they fly off however, some butterflies get near the chemicals.

Island Hopping: The final stage see the couple resting in the helicopter as the pilot explains more about the chemicals and their effect on the island. Just when all seems well, a giant butterfly attacks the copter. Grabbing their guns, the couple battle the insects until the giant's wings fan them out of the copter. Ben manages to hang onto the rope ladder and grab Norah as well, though they lose their guns in the process as the boss butterfly comes back for one more attack. Searching their pockets, they find the slingshot acquired from the previous 2nd stage. With the charm, the couple work together to aim and fire, finally bringing the butterfly down. Alternately, if the player fails at an action sequence, the player will activate a 'bad ending' sequence.

Font Style[edit | edit source]

The font style of the texts used throughout the game is based on the Thai alphabet.

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