Letter to Aribeth (NWN)

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Letter to Aribeth
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Neverwinter Nights

This letter is written in a delicate hand:

"My dear Lady Aribeth,

"Master Maugrim has told me that I must inform you on how to move about the Host Tower for when you come.

"I do not know if you are aware, but much of the Host Tower is not connected in the normal fashion. We use a teleporter to move from area to area... when you are in the ambassador's area, you can find the first teleporter in the far chamber.

"You only need touch the portal and express your desired location, and it shall open the way for you. The second level anyone may reach, but beyond that you must have a runestone which allows your access (for security, of course).

"The portals, once open, remain so for a mere half-minute, my Lady. Hurry on though once has been opened. Enclosed with this letter is a runestone that will allow you to reach master Maugrim's private sanctum. He awaits your arrival eagerly.

"Your servant,
Apprentice Pim."