Libero Grande

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Libero Grande
Basic Information
Video Game
Sports, Association Football
Arcade and [PlayStation
Retail Features
Libero Grande
United Nations International Release Date(s)
European Union European Release Date(s)
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
November 261998
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Libero Grande is a 1997 arcade game by Namco, released in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation. A typical arcade football game in its nature, Libero Grande introduced a novelty factor: the ability to play as just one player, instead of controlling the whole team, always swapping for players nearer the ball.

The player starts to choose one of the star players, and then a national team. Each star player, based on a real football player but with changed names (Zinedine Zidane is Zenon Zadkine, for instance) is rated in both ball skill, speed and shooting abilities.

In addition to the original arcade mode, the home release adds an International mode (basically, the FIFA World Cup format), a league competition (up to eight star players/teams), which can be all human controlled and a skills mode where the player has to complete several training ground tasks such as hitting a target floating in the goal mouth or hitting an area from distance.

A sequel, Libero Grande 2 (Known as Libero Grande International in Europe) was released for PlayStation in Europe and Japan only, but with less success than the first title.

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