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Limelight Software
Basic Information
Basic Information
Video game and software

Limelight Software is a UK baE-Learning in North Englandsed developer of games and application software for Smartphones, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, Nitendo DSiWare, and Apple iPhone.

History[edit | edit source]

Limelight Software was founded in 1990 and worked closely with Sharp Electronics and Rupp Technologies, producing the RuppLynx range of products for the Sharp PDA's. In 2002 the company launched its 4Pockets brand of Pocket PC Software.

Now more commonly known as 4pockets, the company has expanded its product ranges to cover Apple iPhone and Nintendo DSiware.

Video game releases[edit | edit source]

Limelight has been releasing video games since the early 1990s with series such as Marble Worlds, 4Pinball and Sudoku 4Pockets.

Winners and Finalists in the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Awards 2008.

Sudoku 4Pockets DSiware [1]

Sound applications[edit | edit source]

A specialist developer of Sound and Music Software including PocketRTA Pro spectrum analyzer for the Pocket PC and PC.

E-learning[edit | edit source]

Developers of the E-Learning platform for the a Spin off company of University of Durham Business School. The platform is used by not only the University of Durham Business School but by LEA's and Schools across the North East of England for children ranging from Primary School to 6th form college including iCTGateshead Gateshead City Learning Centre

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E-Learning in North England

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