Line Rider

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Line Rider
Line Rider.jpg
Developer(s) Boštjan Čadež
Publisher(s) Boštjan Čadež
Release date September 23, 2006
Genre Action
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Flash
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Described as a "toy" by its creator Bostjan Cadez, Line Rider allows players to use a pencil tool to construct their own tracks filled with as many ramps, hills and jumps as they can imagine. Once the player is done creating a course, he or she sends a virtual sledder down the route until he wipes out. The possibilities in Line Rider are only limited by physics and the player’s imagination with an almost endless number of variations and replay.

Having already amassed a worldwide cult following on the internet, Line Rider will soon be available for the Wii.

In just a few months, Line Rider has attracted more than 15 million viewers and has spawned over 11,000 video posts on YouTube. Line Rider for Wii will retain all the fun and thrills of the addictive Web version, but will also include new added features.