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Links (series)

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Links was the name of a series of golf simulation computer games, first developed by Access Software, and then later by Microsoft Game Studios after Microsoft acquired Access Software. The line of golf games was a flagship brand for Access, and the series spanned several years: from 1990 to 2003. Several versions of the game and expansion packs (containing new courses[1] and golfers[2] mainly) were created for the Mac and PC over the years. A version for the Xbox named Links 2004 was released in November 2003. In 1991, Links won Computer Gaming World's 1991 Action Game of the Year award.[3]

In 2004, Microsoft sold the Salt Lake City studio to Take-Two Interactive, where it was renamed Indie Built. Indie Built was subsequently shut down in 2006. It is therefore unlikely that Take-Two will produce any additional versions of Links.

Although Microsoft no longer produces the Links series, there are several Links community websites offering multiplayer gameplay plus access to hundreds of freely available add on golf courses.

List of Links games[edit | edit source]

Access Software[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Game Studios[edit | edit source]

  • Golf (1994) Windows 3.1
  • Golf 2.0 (1995) Windows 3.1/95
  • Golf 3.0 (1996) Windows 95
  • Golf 1998 Edition (1998) Windows 95
  • Golf 1999 Edition (1999) Windows 95
  • Golf 2001 Edition (2000)
  • Links Extreme (1999) Windows[5]
  • Links LS 2000 (2000) Windows
  • Links LS 2000 10 Course Pack (2000) Windows
  • Links Championship Edition (2001) Windows (Includes Links 2001, Links Expansion Pack 1, a Course Designer, a Course Converter and 4 new courses) [6]
  • Links 2001 (2001) Windows Microsoft Game Studios
  • Links Expansion Pack (2001) Windows
  • Links 2003 (2002) Windows Microsoft Game Studios[7]
  • Links 2003: Championship Courses (2002) Windows
  • Links 2004 (2003) Xbox [8]
  • Links 2003: Championship Edition (2003) Windows (Includes Links 2003 and Links 2003: Championship Courses) [9]
  • Links Golf Courses Library (several versions)[10]

Note: Microsoft Golf 1.0-3.0 are just Access' Links 386 redesigned to run natively under Microsoft Windows. Golf 1998 Edition and 1999 Editions were produced by Friendly Software. [11] After Access Software was acquired by Microsoft in 1999, Microsoft produced Golf 2001, which was based on Links, and then discontinued the Golf series to continue with the Links series.

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