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This is a list of 120 games for the Atari Lynx handheld games console, organised alphabetically by name.

Those denoted * were never fully released but Atari review cartridges were made available to magazines.

Title Company Type
720°* Atari Sports
A.P.B. Atari Arcade
Alien vs Predator* Rebellion Adventure
Alpine Games Duranik Sports
Awesome Golf Atari Sports
Baseball Heroes Atari Sports
Basketbrawl Atari Action/Sports
Batman Returns Atari Action/Platform
BattleWheels Beyond Games Action/Driving
Battlezone 2000 Atari Action/Arcade
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Atari Action/Adventure
Block Out California Dreams Action/Strategy
Blue Lightning Epyx Action
Bubble Trouble Telegames Action/Adventure
Cabal* Fabtek Arcade
California Games Epyx Action/Sports
Centipede* Shadowsoft Arcade
CGE 5th Songbird Productions Compilation
Championship Rally Songbird Productions Action/Sports
Checkered Flag Atari Racing
Chip's Challenge Epyx Puzzle
Crystal Mines II Color Dreams Puzzle
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure Songbird Productions Puzzle
Cybervirus Songbird Productions Action
Cyberball Atari Sports
Desert Strike Telegames Action/Strategy
Demonsgate* Imagitec Design RPG
Dinolympics Imagitec Design Puzzle
Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop Atari Action
Double Dragon Telegames Arcade/Fighting
Dracula the Undead Atari Adventure
Dragnet Homebrew Music
Dungeon Slayers* Atari RPG
Duranik Demo Card Duranik Compilation
Dynablaster* Ubisoft Strategy
ElectroCop Epyx Action/Adventure
European Soccer Challenge Telegames Sports
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters* Atari Arcade
Eye Of The Beholder* Atari RPG
Fat Bobby Telegames Action/Platform
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge Telegames Strategy
Gates of Zendocon Epyx Action/Shooter
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Epyx Action/Adventure
Guardians: Storm Over Doria* Telegames RPG
Geo Duel* Atari Racing
Gordo 106 Tenth Planet Platform
Hard Drivin' Atari Arcade/Driving
Hockey Alpine Software Sports
Hydra Atari Arcade
Hyperdrome Atari Action/Sports
Ishido: The Way of the Stones Software Resources Strategy
Jimmy Connors' Tennis Ubisoft Sports
Joust Shadowsoft Arcade
Klax Atari Action/Strategy
Krazy Ace Miniature Golf Telegames Action
Kung Food Atari Action/Fighting
Lemmings Psygnosis Strategy
Lexis Songbird Productions Puzzle
Lode Runner* Broderbund Arcade
Loopz Songbird Productions Puzzle
Lynx Casino Atari Strategy
Lynx Diagnostic Atari Developer Tool
Lynx Othello Harry Dodgson Strategy
Lynxopoly* Hexgames Strategy
Malibu Bikini Volleyball Atari Sports
Marlboro Go! Digital Image Racing
Mechtiles* Beyond Games Shooter
Mega Pak 1 Songbird Compilation
Ms. Pac-Man Namco Arcade
NFL Football Atari Sports
Ninja Gaiden Tecmo Arcade
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Tecmo Action/Platform
Pac-Land Namco Arcade
Paperboy Atari Arcade
Pinball Jam Bally / Midway Arcade/Action
Pit-Fighter Atari Arcade/Fighting
PokerMania Markus Wuehl Puzzle
Ponx Songbird Productions Arcade
Pounce!* Atari Arcade
Power Factor Atari Action
The Princess & The Barbarian* Epyx Adventure
Qix Telegames Arcade
Raiden Telegames Arcade/Shooter
Rampage Bally / Midway Arcade
Rampart Atari Arcade
RC Demolition Derby* Epyx Racing
Relief Pitcher* Atari Sports
Remnant Songbird Productions Action/Arcade
RoadBlasters Atari Arcade/Driving
Road Riot 4WD* Atari Arcade/Driving
Robo-Squash Atari Action/Sports
Robotron: 2084 Shadowsoft Arcade
Rolling Thunder* Namco Arcade
Rygar Tecmo Arcade
Scrapyard Dog Atari Platform
SFX Songbird Productions Developer tool
Shadow of the Beast Psygnosis Action/Strategy
Shanghai Mediagenic Strategy
S.I.M.I.S. Bastian Schick Arcade/Action/Demo
Sokomania Markus Wuehl Puzzle
Steel Talons Atari Arcade
S.T.U.N. Runner Atari Arcade
Super Asteroids & Missile Command Atari Arcade
Super Off-Road Telegames Arcade/Driving
Super Skweek Loriciel Action/Strategy
Switchblade II Gremlin Graphics Platform
T-Tris Bastian Schick Puzzle
Todd's Adventures in Slime World Epyx Action/Adventure
Toki Fabtek Platform
Tournament Cyberball Atari Arcade/Sports
Turbo Sub Atari Action/Shooter
Ultra Vortek* Beyond Games Fighting
Viking Child Imagitec Design Action/Adventure
Vindicators* Atari Shooter
Warbirds Atari Action/Strategy
World Class Fussball/Soccer Atari Sports
Xenophobe Bally / Midway Arcade
Xybots Atari Arcade
Yastuna 1 - The Alchemy of Cubes Fadest Compilation
Yastuna 2 - The Space Incident Fadest Compilation
Zaku Super Fighter Team Shooter
Zarlor Mercenary Epyx Shooter

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