List of Mega-CD video games with multiple discs

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The following page contains a list of all the games released for the Mega CD add-on for the Mega Drive that had two or more discs. It does not contain Mega CD 32X video games (which required both add-ons; some games were released for both systems). As these cover the Mega CD, any releases for the SEGA CD are covered here, which covers North American releases.

Game List[edit | edit source]

Sortable[edit | edit source]

Discs Title JP US EU also 32X* Notes
2 Dracula Unleashed
2 Ecco the Dolphin JP Compilation
2 Ground Zero Texas
2 Prize Fighter US release was 1-Disc
4 Slam City with Scottie Pippen US release was 4-Disc
  • - "also 32x" - a 32X variant was also released.