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The survival-horror video game series Silent Hill features a large cast of characters created by Konami's Team Silent.

Silent Hill[edit | edit source]

  • Harry Mason (voiced by Michael G) is the player-controlled protagonist in Silent Hill. He is an author by profession. He owns a Jeep Wrangler, which he is seen driving in the opening of Silent Hill. Harry also appears in Silent Hill 3, as the father of the game's protagonist, Heather, and as the protagonist of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a re-imagining of the first game.
  • Cheryl Mason (voiced by Sandra Wane) is Harry's seven-year-old adopted daughter in Silent Hill. Near the beginning of the game, she disappears after her father's Jeep swerves off of the road. She turns out to be the other half of Alessa Gillespie's soul and is used to give birth to the Incubus. In the end she is reincarnated as a baby, and protagonizes Silent Hill 3 under the name "Heather", set seventeen years after the first game. Cheryl also appears in the re-imagining Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
  • Cybil Bennett (voiced by Susan Papa) is a police officer from the nearby town of Brahms who has come to Silent Hill to investigate the loss of communications.[1] Cybil is Harry's ally in the game, providing him with a handgun and meeting him periodically throughout the game. Her fate depends on the player's actions at a key point in the game and will alter the ending achieved.
  • Dr. Michael Kaufmann (voiced by Jarion Monroe) is the director of medical staff at Alchemilla Hospital.[2] He is apparently connected to The Order (the town's resident cult) as a drug dealer,[3] but during the game he turns on them and attempts to prevent Dahlia Gilesspie's plans. He appears in the prequel game Silent Hill: Origins.[4]
  • Lisa Garland (voiced by Thessaly Lerner). A former nurse at Alchemilla Hospital.[5] Her diary reveals that she cared for Alessa while she was in the hospital, due to her severe burns from the "accident" Dahlia staged.[5] Harry encounters Lisa multiple times in the "Otherworld" hospital, uncertain of what exactly is going on and unable to remember what has happened to the town.[6] Harry offers to protect her if she will accompany him, but she refuses, believing that she is "not supposed to leave" the room.[7] By the end of the game, she realizes that she is dead. She begs Harry to save her, but he flees the room and bars her exit from behind a closed door.[8] She is last seen in the good endings, attacking Kaufmann and preventing him from leaving Otherworld while it caves in on itself. She makes an appearance as a trainee nurse in the Alchemilla Hospital in Silent Hill: Origins, and is fondly remembered by Heather in Silent Hill 3
  • Dahlia Gillespie (voiced by Liz Mamorsky). An eccentric woman, Dahlia is the leader of the Silent Hill cult and the mastermind behind Alessa's birth and injury. Dahlia is Alessa's mother, though their relationship was anything but loving. Dahlia coerced Harry, via his quest to find his missing daughter, into helping her find and subdue Alessa in the Otherworld so she could make the girl birth the God. Dahlia always talks in riddles and appears to be a stereotypical cryptic advisor, but soon she turns out to be one of the main villains in game. Upon the god’s birth, Dahlia was killed by either the Holy Woman in White (Incubator) or by Incubus. She appears in the first Silent Hill video game, Silent Hill Origins, and the Silent Hill film (portrayed by Deborah Kara Unger[9]). She ranked 42nd on the top 47 list of the most diabolical video game villains.[10]
  • Alessa Gillespie (voiced by Sandra Wane). Silent Hill writer Hiroyuki Owaku described Alessa's situation as one of "obsession", wherein "the object of Alessa's obsession was only for herself to cease to exist. It is a sentiment rooted in benevolence".[11] As Alessa is rendered immortal while acting as the vessel for her faith's unborn god, she becomes affixed to the idea of escaping life to die. Her appearance changes depending on the place within which she resided, as her most negative emotions are concentrated in certain locations that hold significance to traumatic experiences in her past.[11]

Silent Hill 2[edit | edit source]

While it is set in the series' namesake town, Silent Hill 2 is not a direct sequel to the events and characters of the first Silent Hill game.[12]

  • James Sunderland (voiced by Guy Cihi) is the protagonist and primary player-character of Silent Hill 2. A clerk by profession, he searches for his dead wife in the town of Silent Hill after a receiving a letter from her.[13][14] His motivation for smothering his wife is "open to interpretation" as to whether he killed her to end her suffering or out of revenge for his sexual repression during her three-year-long illness.[15]
  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland (voiced by Monica Horgan) is James' wife. She became ill three years before the start of the game; James initially believes that the illness killed her,[13] but later learns the truth. She met Laura at a hospital and was planning to adopt her if she recovered from her illness.[16] In her last days alive, she believed that she had become physically repulsive, acting "self-centered and difficult, even abusive towards James".[15][17]
  • Angela Orosco (voiced by Donna Burke[18]) is a gloomy and cynical nineteen-year-old who James first encounters in a cemetery. She ran away to Silent Hill to search for her mother.[16] He later finds her contemplating suicide and agrees to hold on to her knife for her.[19] After James rescues her from a monster, she confesses that her father used to sexually abuse her,[20] while a newspaper article that James finds implies that she killed her father.[14] Her last appearance is in a burning stairwell where she asks him to return her knife, and when he refuses, she walks into the fire, unable to cope with her guilt any longer.[21]
  • Eddie Dombrowski (voiced by David Schaufele) harbors a darker side to his easy-going personality.[16] James first encounters him vomiting into a toilet and denying killing a person.[22] In a later encounter, Eddie reveals that he suffered years of abuse regarding his weight and appearance. Unable to tolerate it any longer, he fled to Silent Hill after maiming a bully and killing his dog.[23] James kills him in self-defense when he attacks, believing that James insulted him.[24][25]
  • Laura (voiced by Jakey Breckenridge) is an eight-year-old who comes to the town hoping to find Mary.[26] Laura met her while hospitalized in the same facility and, unbeknownst to James, became good friends.[16] She seems to have no knowledge of the monsters in the town[14] and holds a grudge against James, whom she believed mistreated Mary.[27]
  • Maria (voiced by Monica Horgan) bears a striking resemblance to Mary, except for her more provocative clothing and behavior.[16] She follows James through the town after their meeting at Toluca Lake.[16] Over the course of the game, she displays memories that only he and Mary shared, further confusing him;[28] she is also repeatedly killed by the monster Pyramid Head and later inexplicably resurrected.[15] As a result of her repeated deaths, James re-lives the guilt and suffering that he felt when he killed Mary.[15] She also appears as the player-character and protagonist of Born From a Wish, the side-story scenario in the special editions and re-releases of the game.[29]
  • Ernest Baldwin (voiced by Ward E. Sexton) is the man whom Maria encounters in the "Born From a Wish" sub-scenario. Although they never see each other and have conversations through a locked door, Ernest is the primary reason that Maria finds and accompanies James in Silent Hill 2. He refers to James as a "bad man". He is revealed to be a ghost.
  • Amy Baldwin (voiced by Florence Minowa) is the daughter of Ernest Baldwin.

Silent Hill 3[edit | edit source]

  • Heather (voiced by Heather Morris) is the player-character and protagonist of Silent Hill 3. As the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie from the first game, Heather is instrumental in the antagonist Claudia Wolf's efforts to bring about the rebirth of "God".[30]
  • Douglas Cartland (voiced by Richard Grosse) is an aged private investigator hired by Claudia Wolf and The Order to locate Heather. When this results in the death of Heather's adoptive father, Harry, he feels guilty and accompanies Heather into Silent Hill as an ally. In the "Normal" ending, which is the only ending available on the first play-through of the game, Heather and Douglas survive and it is assumed that Douglas adopts Heather, with her returning to a normal life under his care. If the player gets the "Possessed" ending, Heather kills Douglas, implying that she herself has been "possessed". Douglas is mentioned in one of The Order's books in Silent Hill Homecoming, which states that Douglas successfully exposed the Silent Hill cult to the authorities after the events of Silent Hill 3.
  • Claudia Wolf (voiced by Donna Burke[18]) is a priestess in The Order, and the main antagonist of the game. It is said during the game that she was abused as a child. She used to be a friend of Alessa in their childhood. Claudia is attempting to carry on where Dahlia Gillespie failed in Silent Hill and use Alessa Gillespie (through her reincarnation as Heather) to birth "the god". Contrary to Dahlia, her intention in resurrecting the god is to "save" mankind, although she believes she is a sinner and will not be saved. Much like Dahlia, she speaks in religious riddles and is always barefoot. At the end of the game, she tries to give birth to "god" herself and dies.
  • Father Vincent (voiced by Clifford Rippel) is a high priest in The Order. Vincent is apparently more hedonistic and less dogmatic than Claudia, and opposes her actions. Vincent appears to be on Heather's side during the game, but is often seen as vindictive and hypocritical. He tends to make lots of motions and random voice inflections while speaking. With his finances, he built the church that the final battle is staged in.
  • Leonard Wolf (voiced by Matt Lagan) is the abusive father of Claudia Wolf and former leader of The Order. Heather encounters him in the Brookhaven Hospital to acquire an artifact he and Vincent believe can prevent the birth of "god", where he takes the form of a monster. His theology differs slightly from Claudia's in that he believes only members of The Order will be saved.
  • Harry Mason is the protagonist of Silent Hill. Harry appears in a limited capacity as Heather's adoptive father. Prior to Silent Hill 3 Harry kills a member of The Order who tracked the two down and went into hiding. During the game he is killed under Claudia's orders out of revenge and to further her goal of having Heather birth "god". Heather can also read Harry's journal and his notes left as save points in the first game serve as save points in some areas of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 4: The Room[edit | edit source]

  • Henry Townshend is the player-character and stoic protagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. Henry is suddenly trapped in his apartment for five days prior to the beginning of the game and begins to suffer from recurring nightmares.[31] He discovers a mysterious hole in his bathroom, through which he enters several distorted "otherworlds" and encounters the other characters in the game. There is little known about Henry other than he may be a professional photographer, or at least enjoys doing it on his free time. He apparently has very few acquaintances, and barely knows any of the other tenants in his apartment building. He has apparently been to Silent Hill at least once before.
  • Eileen Galvin lives next door to Henry in Room 303.[31] Walter intends to make her his 20th victim (having met her when she was a child and he was a homeless teen), but her murder is disrupted by the intervention of the child Walter, though she is badly wounded. Henry finds her again in the Hospital world, where she accompanies him throughout the other levels as an ally. Her fate directly affects the ending achieved. Eileen has also visited Silent Hill at least once in her life.
  • Walter Sullivan is the antagonist of the game. He was first referenced in a newspaper scrap in Silent Hill 2 as having killed himself shortly after killing twins Billy and Miriam Locane;[32] the twins later appear as the "twin victim" creature Henry encounters.[33] Sullivan was raised in The Order's "Wish House" orphanage, where he came to believe that the place of his birth, Room 302, was his biological mother.[34] His killing spree is part of a ritual he is attempting to carry out, the 21 Sacraments, to purify Room 302. He underwent the mysterious "Ritual of Assumption", which seems to grant him immortality and created the "Otherworld".[35] An incarnation of Walter Sullivan's younger self also appears in the game.[36]
  • Cynthia Velasquez is trapped in the "subway" world and convinced that she is in a dream.[31] She offers Henry what is presumed to be a sexual favor if he helps her escape. At the end of the level Henry finds her dying from multiple stab wounds as Walter's 16th victim and when he returns to the subway world her ghost is waiting to attack him. The first of Walter's victims that Henry encounters.
  • Jasper Gein A young man with a noticeable stammer Henry finds in the Wish House/Forest world. Jasper has a strong interest in the Order and Silent Hill occult activity in general. He is closely linked with Walter Sullivan's second and third victims, and he was in fact at the scene of the crime when his college friends were strangled. He is burned alive by Sullivan at the end of the level as Sullivan's 17th victim, apparently pleased in his last moments with having met "The Devil", and haunts the area as a ghost in flames when Henry returns.
  • Andrew DeSalvo A nervous, middle-aged man Henry meets locked in a cell in the Water Prison world. Prior to the game DeSalvo was employed by the Order as a guard at the Wish House and the Water Prison, (although he was apparently not a member of The Order himself) where he was abusive towards the children there. It is hinted at in the Forest World's stone diaries that he killed young Walter's childhood friend 'Bob' and made him drink something with leeches in it. After Henry frees him from the cell he is disturbed to meet young Walter and is last seen drowned as Walter's 18th victim. When Henry returns to the Water Prison he has to fight DeSalvo's ghost to acquire a key.
  • Richard Braintree lives in Room 207 of Henry's apartment building.[31] For over thirty years Richard had lived at the South Ashfield Heights, and had always been an aggressor towards Walter in his younger years. During the time that Joseph lived at the Apartments, there was an incident where he brutally beat a fellow tenant named Mike, who stalked nurse Rachel, who may have been the same Rachel from Silent Hill 2. During the game, Richard is encountered in the "building" area, where he angrily accosts the child Walter. At the end of the level he is killed by Walter using an electric chair, attempting to identify his killer to Henry before dying. Like Sullivan's other victims, he is encountered as a ghost in the world where he is killed. His ghost form is the only one which does not float, though it attacks with great celerity and can teleport.
  • Joseph Schreiber is an investigative journalist who was first referenced in Silent Hill 3 with his magazine article that condemning the "Hope House" orphanage run by The Order which the game's protagonist, Heather, can discover.[37] Joseph is the former resident of Henry's apartment and Sullivan's 15th victim. He appears in the game as a ghost offering advice on how to defeat Walter. During the game, the small red notes that he left behind give insight to certain aspects, and in some cases tips to defeat powerful enemies. Over time, it is revealed through his notes that Joseph was imprisoned in room 302 much like Henry was, and at some point he went mad and was killed.
  • Frank Sunderland is the superintendent of Henry's apartment building.[31] Frank makes an effort to investigate what is going on in Henry's room during the game, but is unable to open the door or otherwise enter the room. For some reason, he has kept Walter Sullivan's umbilical cord for over 30 years. It is implied in the game that South Ashfield Height's superintendent he is the father of Silent Hill 2's player-character James Sunderland.[31][38]

Silent Hill Origins[edit | edit source]

As Origins is a prequel that takes place seven years before the first game, Alessa Gillespie, Dr. Kaufmann, Lisa Garland and Dahlia Gillespie all appear in the game.

  • Travis Grady. Voiced by Mikey O'Connor. Is the player character and protagonist. Travis is a trucker who rescues Alessa Gillespie from the house fire mentioned in Silent Hill. It is revealed that he was abused by his mother, who attempted to kill him at a young age. She was subsequently admitted to Cedar Groves Sanitarium, where she rationalized her actions. She mentioned that Travis was a pest, and that he also had a devil in him.[39][40] It is also revealed that Travis's father killed himself while he was still a child. Travis is one of the very few characters in the Silent Hill franchise (especially as a playable character) who shows any history of handling and using firearms although he doesn't like seeing harmed or dead animals implying he doesn't like hunting. He makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of Silent Hill: Homecoming. Here, he gives Alex Shepherd, the game's protagonist, a ride to the town of Shepherd's Glen .
  • Helen Grady. Travis' mother who was committed to the Cedar Grove Sanitarium in 1959 when Travis was a boy. Helen attempted to murder her son calling him the "Red Devil".
  • Richard Grady. Travis' father who fell into a deep depression after his wife was institutionalized. He later committed suicide when Travis was young.
  • Alessa Gillespie. The daughter of Dahlia Gillespie.
  • Dahlia Gillespie. Alessa's mother. Instead of the ceremonial robes and details on her outfit as was the case in the first game, this time she is in a jacket with her hair free and no extra jewelry.
  • Lisa Garland. A nurse at the hospital. In the game, she is still a trainee but desires to act in the theatre.
  • Dr. Michael Kaufmann. The director of the hospital who aids Dahlia in her plan.
  • Cheryl Mason makes a cameo as a new-born. Also the other half of Alessa Gillespie who was found on the side of the road as a baby and raised by Harry Mason.

Silent Hill: Homecoming[edit | edit source]

PlayStation: The Official Magazine notes that the "characters are gorgeously lifelike and exceptionally well animated..."[41] Notable characters include:

  • Alex Shepherd is the player character and protagonist of Silent Hill: Homecoming. The game focuses around Alex's return from an absence due to military service. He returns to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen to search for his brother, Josh. He has no love for the people in the town nor the town itself, which has slipped into decay. He only feels that his brother needs his help and wants to leave the town as soon as his business is finished. It is later revealed that Alex was actually not in the military, but at a mental hospital, suffering from delusions of his brother alive and needing help. This is hinted several times throughout the game. For example, his dog tags, which are most visible in the cut-scenes, say "Shepherd, Adam." They are later confirmed by his father to be his. His full name is just Alex Shepherd; this is visible on the family crypt. (Voiced by: Brian Bloom).
  • Elle Holloway is an old school friend of Alex. She is 22 years old and the daughter of Judge Margaret Holloway. She is often found spending time at the bulletin board in front of the police station, putting up a seemingly endless pile of missing person reports, including the report of her younger sister, Nora. At first she is cold towards Alex, resenting him for leaving without telling her. However, she noticeably softens during the story. She later follows Alex through certain parts of the game, and may escape the town with him if the right ending is earned.
  • Joshua Shepherd is Alex's 9-year-old brother. Alex is very protective of his brother and returns to his hometown on a hunch that his brother needs his help. Receiving no help on where his brother could have gone from the townspeople, Alex resolves to find him on his own. Joshua continues a tradition just as Cheryl from Silent Hill and Mary from Silent Hill 2, as being the lost loved one the main character sets out to find. After a chase throughout the game of seeing Josh run from him continually, Alex realizes at the end that Josh has been long dead, due to a boating accident of which Alex is partly to blame. Alex's guilt for this incident and Josh's anger at Alex is transformed into "Amnion", the final boss in the game. In a special unlockable scene after the credits, Josh is seen taking a photo of Alex, one that can be found earlier in the game, creating a paradox.
  • Lillian Shepherd is the mother of Joshua and Alex Shepherd. When Alex returns home, he finds his mother in a near catatonic state, staring vacantly while sitting in a rocking chair and not responding helpfully to any questions he asks. Her ultimate fate is to be chained up in a prison and executed by being stretched on a rack for her part in the crimes against Silent Hill's Order. The ending of the game is affected by whether or not Alex shoots his mother before she dies a painful death.
  • Sheriff Adam J. Shepherd born 1954 (shown by his discharge letter), is Alex and Joshua's father, who is explained as having left town, possibly to search for Joshua. A former military man (a Colonel in the Army and Stationed at Ft. Bragg), he was the sheriff of Shepherd's Glen, and his ancestor, Isaac Shepherd, was one of four Silent Hill residents to settle Shepherd's Glen, more than 150 years ago. He is encountered in the church in Silent Hill, in a confessional booth, where he confesses (to someone he believes to be a priest, but is actually Alex) that he loved both of his sons and did not want to lose either of them to the sacrifices required by the cult. He admits to treating Alex badly because he knew he would be sacrificed. Thus not wanting to become attached and lessening the blow when the time came. After Josh's death he could not bring himself to kill Alex thus inadvertently triggering the events of the game. The option of forgiving or not forgiving him affects the ending received. He is executed by the monster 'Bogeyman' (aka Pyramid Head) shortly thereafter.
  • Curtis Ackers is the owner of the junk shop in Shepherd's Glen. Alex first encounters him in his shop, where he offers an old revolver in exchange for a newer gun. Like most other townspeople in Shepherd's Glen, he is unhelpful as to the cause of the decay of the town. He is later found to be working for Silent Hill's Order, claiming his love of fixing things has carried over into his work for the Order, in which he brutally kills people who go against the Order's teachings. He captures and threatens Elle with a circular saw tool before being attacked and killed by Alex.
  • Judge Margaret Holloway is the judge living in Alex's hometown, Shepherd's Glen. Like Alex's father, she is descended from one of Shepherd's Glen's founders. She is the first person to greet Alex on his return. In the beginning, she welcomes Alex, but warns him that the town has changed, and not for the better. Alex discovers her later in Silent Hill, tied down to a chair. He releases her and she escapes. It is later learned that she was there to be killed by the monster, Asphyxia, an incarnation of Nora. Like the other founder descendants, she was forced to sacrifice a child to keep the influence of the Order from pervading Shepherd's Glen. She chose her younger daughter, Nora, whom she personally strangled. Unlike the others she shows no signs to remorse over her actions and in fact there are no indications it has affected her at all. She is later found to be cooperating with the Order. Because of the failed sacrifice of Alex, she seeks to redeem herself in the eyes of the Order by killing him. She attempts to kill Alex with a cordless drill, but he overpowers her and forces the drill through her skull, killing her.
  • Mayor Sam Bartlett is a descendant of one of the town's founders, like Alex's father and Judge Holloway. Alex first sees him in the cemetery digging in the Bartlett family plot, although Alex does not learn that it is he until later. Alex searches for him to find out if he knows where Josh is, since Josh is good friends with the Mayor's son, Joey. The Mayor is found in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill, drunkenly lamenting the fate of Shepherd's Glen. It is later learned that he sacrificed his son Joey by burying him alive in the cemetery, which had a massive impact on his psyche, leading to his pathologically digging up graves. He is killed in the hotel's greenhouse by the monster Sepulcher, which is an incarnation of Joey. His first name is revealed by Deputy Wheeler while holding Alex at gun point.
  • Deputy Wheeler is a police officer in Shepherd's Glen, and the first prominent black character in a Silent Hill game. He is portrayed as a conspiracy theorist in the journals on Homecoming's official site, and his reaction to Alex's kidnapping by aliens in the UFO ending. He is the first to notice the cult members, as also revealed in his journal, though he believes them to be part of a different conspiracy, likely involving the government or Trilateral Commission. [1] He aids and accompanies Alex at certain points of the game, and whether or not he survives the ordeal is up to a decision Alex makes to help him late in the game. Astonishingly, he has an almost inhuman ability to keep himself alive, as he continually suffers bodily damage and harm yet somehow comes out alive each time.
  • Dr. Martin Fitch is also a descendant of one of the founders of Shepherd's Glen, and is tied to the pact required to keep the influence of the Order from pervading the town. As part of the pact, he was required to kill his daughter, Scarlet, by dismembering her (as stated when Alex inspects the Fitch family alter). This led to him losing his sanity, and resorting to self-mutilation. He is later found in a personal 'descending' Otherworld based around his office and the hospital. At the bottom of this, he is killed by a monster that forms from one of Scarlet's dolls. Of note, according to his medical degree he graduated from Southeastern University.
  • Sgt. Nash is first introduced in Alex's diary entries. He and Alex are both sent to a military hospital after a botched mission resulting in the loss of 'over half' their squad. He is later sent back to participate in the war, and tells Alex, "Don't trust anyone." He does not play a role in the game, and was likely fabricated to supplement Alex's war delusion, explaining his lack of an appearance.[2].
  • Travis Grady. The main character of Silent Hill Origins has a cameo appearance in Homecoming; he is seen dropping Alex off in Shepherd's Glen. His appearance is slightly different from Silent Hill: Origins, considering his thicker beard and different clothes.
  • Nora Holloway. Judge Holloway's daughter and Elle's sister. She disappeared shortly after Shepherd's Glen began to decay. Later, it is revealed she was strangled by her mother as part of the sacrifice for the Order to prevent their influence from spreading to Shepherd's Glen. She is re-incarnated as the boss "Asphyxia" in the Otherworld prison.
  • Joey Bartlett The son of Mayor Bartlett who went missing after Shepherd's Glen began to decay. It is revealed that he was buried alive by his father as part of the sacrifices needed to prevent the Order's influence from spreading to Shepherd's Glen. He is re-incarnated as the boss "Sepulcher" in the Otherworld hotel.
  • Scarlet Fitch The daughter of Dr. Fitch who loved to play with dolls. She was sacrificed by her father as part of the sacrifices needed to prevent the Order's influence from spreading to Shepherd's Glen. She is re-incarnated as the boss "Scarlet" in the Hell Descent level.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories[edit | edit source]

As a re-imagining to the first game of the series, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories shares most of its characters with said game. However, their actions, personalities and back-stories are very different to the ones in the original game.[42] The story of the game is told interacting with two persons: Harry Mason as he looks for his daughter in Silent Hill, and as an unknown character taking a psychological therapy session. Because of the psychological profile made by the player, the appearance characters and their personalities varies according to each play-through.[42]

  • Harry Mason is introduced as the protagonist of the game. After a car crash in the snowy streets of Silent Hill, he realizes that Cheryl, his seven-year-old daughter is missing. As he begins a quest to find her lost daughter, at the end, the player learns that actually the real Harry Mason died in a car crash eighteen years ago, leaving behind his traumatized daughter. The Harry Mason controlled by the player is a fantasy created by Cheryl.
  • Cheryl Heather Mason. As her counterpart of the first game, at the beginning she is the reason behind Harry's quest through the snowy town of Silent Hill. As the game reaches its end, however, the player uncovers the truth: Harry Mason died eighteen years prior to the events of the game, and a now twenty-five years old Cheryl Mason takes a psychological session to move on from her father's death, an event she has been denying for eighteen years.
  • Dr. M. Kaufmann (voiced by Michael McConnohie). Also known as Dr. K, is the therapist of Cheryl Mason who tries to help her to overcome her father's death.
  • Dahlia Mason (voiced by Laura Bailey[43]), the wife of Harry Mason and mother of Cheryl. Her real counterpart is only seen through echo photos and messages, and finally at the end of the game. The player, however, interacts with two fake Dahlias through the game: a young Dahlia, a woman who apparently Harry has been cheating on his wife with, and an older Dahlia, who seems to be Cheryl's mother and Harry's wife. Her personality and physical appearance varies according to the player.
  • Cybil Bennett: a police officer from Silent Hill. She helps Harry in the quest of her daughter. Her personality and physical appearance varies according to the player.
  • Lisa: a nurse at Silent Hill's Alchemilla Hospital. Harry meets her after she takes part on a car crash, and then follows her to her home. The player can choose Lisa's way to die giving her the right or the wrong pill she asked for. Her personality varies according to the player.
  • Michelle Valdez: Harry meets her at Midwich High School's gymnasium. She was there for a high-school reunion, but she is the only one who attended. She is waiting for her boyfriend John to give her a ride home but their relationship eventually comes to an end. Her personality and physical appearance varies according to the player.
  • John: Michelle's boyfriend. He dated her at Midwich High School though he didn't appear. Later, he and Michelle give a ride to Harry when he needs to reach the lighthouse. His feelings for Michelle varies according to the player.

Silent Hill: The Arcade[edit | edit source]

  • Eric. Featured in Silent Hill: The Arcade, Eric is one of two playable characters and apparently has a connection with the Little Baroness, a steamboat that disappeared in Lake Toluca in 1918.
  • Tina . Another playable character in Silent Hill: The Arcade, Tina comes to Silent Hill with her friends Eric, Bill, and Jessie to visit a little girl named Emilie and her father, Frank.
  • Emilie
  • Hanna
  • Bill
  • Jessie
  • Ryan
  • George
  • Frank
  • Hanna's Mother
  • Captain Lake

References[edit | edit source]

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