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List of Sonic Team Designers

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Game Designer Division's Head by Yuji Naka until 2006. Now head by Takashi Iizuka.

Artists & Illustrators[edit | edit source]

Art Division's Head by Naoto Ohshima Untli 1999. now Head by Kazuyuki Hoshino.

CG Movie[edit | edit source]

Visual Entertainment is Founded in 1996 by Norihiro Nishiyama. Previously known as Sonic Team's CG Movie Division. first major project games was NiGHTS into Dreams. Also known as VE Sega Animation Studio.

  • Norihiro Nishiyama (Founder of Visual Entertainment. left Sonic Team, in 2002)
  • Tomokazu Takahashi (President of Visual Entertainment)
  • Takeshi Itou
  • Minoru Kusakabe
  • Tomohiro Yonemichi
  • Takashi Nakashima
  • Naoko Ajiro

Notable Staff[edit | edit source]

The division was headed by Takashi Iizuka. Notable Sonic Team members that have stuck with the U.S. branch from Sonic Adventure 2 to NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams include:

Art Director: Kazuyuki Hoshino

Lead Programmer: Takeshi Sakakibara

Senior Programmer: Tomoyuki Naito

Music Composer(s): Jun Senoue

Lead Field Artist: Hiroshi Nishiyama

Field Artist(s): Michikazu Tamamura, Daizo Kinoshita, Takahiro Kudo

Miscellaneous: Atsushi Saito (Animation), Nobuhiko Honda (Character Design)

Music Composers[edit | edit source]

Sonic Team is also notable for achieving popular music in their games. There are a number of popular composers that have stuck with the developer for a long time, and are well known around the fanbase:

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