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This is a list of computer and video games based on the Zoids franchise.

Zoids Console Games[edit | edit source]

Zoids Assault (Xbox 360)[edit | edit source]

Released: 09/09/2008
Developer(s): Atlus (with rights from Tomy)

Zoids Assault uses a turn-based combat system. This game allows the user to customise his/her zoids and pilots with many upgrades.

Bit of the storyline (from the website): "The Republic of Helic and the Guylos Empire engaged in the largest war to be seen in centuries. It did not take long before every nation found itself dragged into the middle of the bloodshed, including the nations of Maroll and Jamil.

In the end, the Republic of Helic and its allies emerged victorious. However,this did not put an end to the years of animosity and mistrust..."

Zoids: The Battle Begins (C64, Amstrad & Spectrum)[edit | edit source]

In 1986, Martech released a home computer game, Zoids: The Battle Begins, for the C64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, based on the Original European Zoids Release. The plot revolved around the destruction of Zoidzilla: players would assume control of a Spiderzoid and hunt for the lost parts of Zoidzilla in order to repair him and defeat the Red Zoid forces.

Zoids VS (GameCube)[edit | edit source]

This game lets players customize their Own personal Zoids, then jump into battle against the computer AI or an opposing player. The game features characters taken from the series as well as introduces a few new ones. The main mode is the mission mode, where players pick their sides (Empire or Republic), then take on multiple enemies on the battlefield. There is also a Zoid Battle Mode, where the player can face off against Zoids of his/her choice, complete with intros and special attacks straight from the series. Up to two players can go head-to-head in versus mode.

Zoids Vs. III looks and plays similarly to its predecessors, offering fast-paced robot action in wide-open battlefields. New to the series it the ability to perform sliding turns in battle and take to the sky outright and battle opponents in the air. Another upgrade is the ability to engage in four-player split-screen battles (as opposed to the predecessors' two-player versus modes), in configurations from 1 vs 3, 2 on 2 matches, and battle royale free-for-alls, with human players or CPU bots. Modes include story mode, battle mode, VS mode, fist mode, and a Zoids Museum mode.

Zoids Alternative (Xbox 360)[edit | edit source]

This is a strategy RPG that features a more military look (less organic) for the Zoids. It was released in the US under the title "Zoids Assault".

Zoids 2 (PS1)[edit | edit source]

Zoids 2: Helic Republic VS Guylos Empire (Japanese) is a PlayStation simulation game set in the Zoids universe. The game pits the Helic Republic against the Guylos Empire, using the popular Zoids toys/anime characters to battle out the conflict. Players move the more than 100 different Zoid units to try and beat the computer-controlled enemy forces. There is also a two-player versus mode where players pit their Zoids against each other.

Zoids Battle Card Game (PS1)[edit | edit source]

Zoids Battle Card Game it's a tactic RPG for the PlayStation system, the gameplay is like a table board game, you can combine the units with a card deck that includes weapons, situations, equipment, ammo, pilots, etc.

Zoids Struggle (PS2)[edit | edit source]

Zoids Struggle was the first Zoids game to be released on the PlayStation 2. The game included a story mode which loosely followed the television series. Zoids in this game were also customizable allowing the player to upgrade parts by earning points in other areas of the game.

The game was re-released for the GameCube as Zoids: Full Metal Crash

Zoids Infinity (PS2)[edit | edit source]

Zoids Infinity was released in Japan on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 as a port of the original arcade game.

Zoids Infinity EX Neo (Xbox 360)[edit | edit source]

Another port of the arcade game for the Xbox 360, released in 2006(in Japan). In this expanded version of the game, players could play against each other online through Xbox Live.

Zoids Tactics (PS2)[edit | edit source]

Also released in 2005, Zoids Tactics is a tactical RPG in which the player builds armies of Zoids to battle computer enemies.

Zoids Portable Games[edit | edit source]

Zoids Densetsu (Zoids Legend) (Game Boy)[edit | edit source]

Densetsu is a Game Boy game, released in Japan(DMG-ZOJ) and China(DMG-123 CHN). The game is set during Century Zero, the main battle/war between two rival nations: the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire. Their main weapons are Zoids and the battle/war takes place on Planet Zi.

The Zenebas Zoids were mostly red and silver and more armored, the Helic more skeletal and favoring blue and grey, it is your duty to either choose the side of Good(Helic Republic) or Evil(Zenebas Empire) and finally decide the end of the battle/war.

(In real time, Helic Republic wins and the Zenebas Empire disbands then later reforms as the Guylos Empire.)

Time to choose... Zoids of the Empire: Iron Kong, Death Saurer and Great Saber Zoids of the Republic: Shield Liger, Mad Thunder, and Gojulas.

Once you have chosen, you begin the battle/war against the opposing side and fight until the end of the war, facing tons of enemies and bosses in an attempt to win.

Zoids, Jashin Fukkatsu! Geno Breaker Hen (Evil God Revived! Geno Breaker Story) (Game Boy & Game Boy Color)[edit | edit source]

Jashin Fukkatsu is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color game. The game's first two production runs were released with a limited edition Command Wolf model kit: red Imperial colors for the first run, and midnight blue and black for the second.

The story is said to be set between the Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force anime series, and involves characters from that era. Beyond that, it seems to ignore the anime continuity. Van and Fiona are attacked by a wild Hellrunner in the grass outside his village, and discover that it was being driven mad by Rare Hertz. Not only was it affecting the Hellrunner, places all over the Western Continent are suddenly awash in it, and Zoids are going berserk.

Teaming up with Irvine, Moonbay, and others along the way, Van and Fiona have to find their way through a number of caves and towers to stop the Zoids broadcasting the signals. They finally catch up with the man responsible, Professor Io, a scientist who was experimenting with "Zoid genetics". After breaking into his lair with a Madthunder (the only way to get past his Death Saurer), they confront him and his Geno Breaker. They soon discover that it wasn't the real threat, however, when Io reveals a Zoid contained in a giant pod while telling them about his son who was killed in the war. He integrated his son's genes in this Zoid: the Gilvader.

When the Gilvader is defeated, Io remains behind in his collapsing base, presumably to die. The player can then go back and finish clearing all the levels of the caves of Rare Hertz, catch Zoids, and train them in a vaguely Pokémon style. The end Gilvader is also there to fight again despite it having been destroyed, but the Geno Breaker does not return.

The game is notable for containing every original Japanese release Zoid (other than Transfighters and 1/24 scale), as well as many customs from old boxes, early Zoids from the new line, and a few customs from a contest.

Zoids, Shirogane no Juukishin Liger Zero (Silver Beast Machine God Liger Zero) (Game Boy Color)[edit | edit source]

Designed specifically for the Game Boy Color, this game features the adventures of Allstar and his silver Liger Zero. During a battle, he and his rival Solid (who pilots a Super Geno Saurer, a variant with four long-range cannons) fall into an underground world. Allstar teams up with a girl he meets there, Party, to combat the unpiloted Berserk Führer that has been attacking villages, as his Liger Zero is foretold to be the underground world's savior and thus the only one that can stop it.

They search through old ruins to find the Liger Zero's three armours, which are needed to complete the game, and restore peace to the underground world by stopping the confused AI computer driving the Zoids mad and defeating the Berserk Führer. Party appears to grow quite fond of Allstar and the Liger along the way, happily declaring as much when she follows him back home at the end of the game.

Zoids Saga (Game Boy Color, Advanced and DS)[edit | edit source]

A series of RPG games released for the Game Boy system.

Main article: Zoids Saga
  • Zoids Saga
  • Zoids Saga II (Zoids Legacy in Western release)
  • Zoids Saga Fuzors/III
  • Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia

Zoids Dash (DS)[edit | edit source]

Zoids Dash is an action title released for the Nintendo DS in 2006. It is a mission-based game that allows the player to control three Zoids. As is standard for Zoids games, parts are earned to upgrade the zoids.

Cyber Drive Zoids (Game Boy Advance)[edit | edit source]

Kiju no Senshi Hyuu, Roleplaying game set in the Zoids series, also available as a special edition package bundled with a Diablo Tiger Beta toy and a special infrared control unit that plugs into the data port of the Game Boy Advance. Cyber Drive Zoids enables fans of the Japanese toy and anime series to actually control motorized Zoids with their Game Boy Advance unit—wirelessly. The GBA's R and L buttons are used for shifting, while the D-Pad moves the Zoid forwards and backwards. A fires the weapons, and B controls leaping. When controlling the Zoid, the GBA screen shots a special cockpit with information and read-outs. The RPG itself is similar to the Zoids Saga games, but features polygonal representations of Zoids as well as hand-drawn story segments. Both versions include the infrared adapter.

Zoids VS.i (Mobile Phone)[edit | edit source]

Released as a downloadable Java Mobile Phone game, Zoids VS.i is the only Zoids VS game to be released on a handheld system.

PC, Online & Arcade Games[edit | edit source]

Zoids Infinity (Arcade)[edit | edit source]

A series of Arcade games that can be used in conjunction with special swipe cards to unlock new features.

Zoids Online Wars (PC/Mac)[edit | edit source]

A pay-to-play online game with a battle format similar to that of the Zoids Saga series in which players would battle over the internet. Subscribers were given the chance to purchase a limited edition Shield Liger Commander model, the game was cancelled however, before completion.

Zoids Card Colosseum (Arcade)[edit | edit source]

A trading card game released on Japanese arcades.

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