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This is a list of characters in Malice.

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Malice[edit | edit source]


Malice is a redheaded goddess. Malice tried to save her world from the Dog God, an evil villain that seeks to destroy world after world. Malice failed, dying after having her head bitten off by the Dog God. In the afterlife, Malice meets Death, who promptly kicks her out of the underworld, telling her that there is no room for a goddess in the afterlife.

Back to life, Malice then meets the Metal Guardian. He tells her that the Dog God is currently attempting to destroy the entire universe, and he needs eight logic keys to track down the god. He finally gives Malice a giant club before sending her off on her quest spanning twenty different worlds.

The Metal Guardian[edit | edit source]

The Metal Guardian

The Metal Guardian is a giant clock that sends the newly resurrected Malice on her quest. He holds the knowledge of every and any living thing in the universe, except for Dog God, whom he needs eight logic keys to track. He asks Malice to find these logic keys so he can track down Dog God, which in turn would help Malice exact her revenge and save the universe.

Much later in the game, the Guardian admits that he made a bet with the Siren Tree that Malice would only get four of the eight logic keys, only to be proven wrong.

The Metal Guardian gives Malice her club, and also offers weapon upgrades and bonus features. After a certain point in the game, he will have a coin around him, unlocking bonus games. Four of these coins appear throughout the game.

Death[edit | edit source]


Death appears in the beginning cut scene, finding the recently deceased Malice in the underworld. He informs the amnesiac Malice that she was a goddess, and as a goddess may not be in the underworld. He tells her to leave and settle the score with the Dog God.

Death appears if Malice loses all of her hit points, becoming a ghost. Death complains, saying that goddesses are "administrative nightmares."

Dog God[edit | edit source]

Dog God (as seen on the back cover)

The Dog God is Malice's archenemy, and the primary antagonist of the game. He first appears in the beginning cut scene, where he bites off Malice's head. Without eight special logic keys, he cannot be tracked by the Metal Guardian. He travels from world to world, conquering and destroying. His ultimate goal is to destroy the entire universe.

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Siren Tree[edit | edit source]

The Siren Tree

The Siren Tree is a giant talking tree who Malice finds in the second world. He confuses Malice for a monkey, then later taunts her, calling her “the goddess of big sneakers.”

Malice helps the Siren Tree by jumping inside of him, finding a mushroom snake monster, a creature that is attacking the tree from the inside. Malice defeats the monster and receives a logic key.

The Metal Guardian later admits that he and the Siren Tree made a bet that Malice would only be able to obtain four of the eight logic keys.

Witchy[edit | edit source]


Malice meets Witchy after helping the Siren Tree, as her cottage is nearby. She is a very fearful woman, frightened by the crow enemies and beetles that try to attack her. She has the magical abilities to turn Malice into a small child, which she does to allow Malice to find the Glow Worms. Afterwards, she also gives Malice a magical boost.

Explosive Ed[edit | edit source]

Ed specializes in explosions, and will supply them to Malice after she collects numerous items for him. He assists Malice by destroying one of Dog God's machines, slowing down his plans of universe destruction.

Glow Worms[edit | edit source]

Glow worms
  • Glow Worm: Normal civilian glowworms that reside in the pipes of Witchy's home.
  • The Main Glow Worm: Malice meets the Main Glow Worm while shrunken in Witchy's home. It gives Malice a spell that boosts her speed.
  • Mother Glow Worm: A glowworm who has lost all twenty of her children. Malice must find all of the children to proceed.

Monsters/Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Mushroom Snake Monster: A snake that is found inside of the Siren Tree. He holds a logic key, and his weak spot is his tail.
  • Yellow Black Beetles: Beetles found in Witchy's home. They are apparently after Witchy's "prized possession," but are easily dispatched by Malice.
  • Spiders: Spiders found in the beginning of the Glow Worm temple.

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