List of combos in Ghost Rider: The Video Game

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List of combos in Ghost Rider: The Video Game

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The wiki for the game is available here [1].

The following is a list of complex combos as well as their critiques for all characters except Blade for the 2007 PS2 game "Ghost Rider".

One on One[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique
1) Helicopter Slice Sq , Tr , Sq smacks , throws opponents in the air , opponent drops down and falls chest first to a propeller move quick and stylish but not powerful , opponent is downed for 1 second
2) Forward Chain Roll Sq , Tr , Tr smacks , throws opponents in the air , goes through them with front flip similar to wolverine's level 3 "buzzsaw" move in x men origins
3) Inferno Kick Sq , Sq , Tr , Tr kicks opponents in the air and does a back flip stylish move , couple it with shotgun
4) Fist Dive Hold L1 + Sq , Tr Ghost Rider's ultimate tackle , pivotal move , start all melee with this if one opponent is killed halfway through the combo , he will automatically aim at another one
5) Final Spin Sq , Sq , Sq lashes chain frontally in close combat easy but not stylish
6)Floor Sweep Tr , Tr , Sq instantly knocks down an opponent good for buying time or incapacitating

Mass Effect[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique
1) Backdraft Tr , Tr , Sq , Sq creates a flaming whirlwind and lands many hits at once very good mass affect move
2) Spinning Top Sq , Sq , Tr , Sq swings chain round and round four times easy to execute , is not very powerful
3) Hell Punch Tr , Tr , Sq , Tr does link charge without consuming green gauge takes some time but has same radius and power of original link charge

Projectiles[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique
1) Shotgun R2 + Aim with left analog consumes red gauge , can be used indefinitely , stalls ghost rider while in the air can be single handedly used to take style meter all the way to Avenged
2) HellFireball Hold Tr + Aim with left analog Nearly one hit k.o needs good aim and little response time

Uppercuts[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique
1) Uppercut Hold R1 + Tr simplest uppercut opponents may counterattack if they were blocking
2) WIndmill Tr , Sq , Sq medium speed uppercut speedy uppercut taking account of blocking
3) Heavy Uppercut Tr , Tr , Tr non stylish , slow uppercut does good damage before uppercut is dealt

Air Combat[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique
1) Fire Cutter still jump , Sq , Sq , Sq spins with the chain thrice long lasting air combat move
2) Quake Crash still jump , Tr slams chain on the ground simple and causes opponents to flinch
3) Hyper Chain Spin moving jump , Sq buzzsaw attack good for giant characters , very agile
4) Comet moving jump , Tr lands down with fiery kick hit multiple opponents, but not powerful
  • If you want to juggle opponents in the air , do any Uppercut --> Fire Cutter -- > Shotgun --> Quake Crash

Hybrid Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Sequence Effect Critique Hybrid Status
1) Super Quake Tr , Sq , Tr , Tr two punches followed up by a chain quake good for switching from1-1 to mass effect both a one on one AND mass effect move
2) Plasma Shotgun Tr , Sq , Tr , Sq three punches followed by long range plasma attack 3X more powerful than shotgun , large response time both a projectile AND one on one move