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Most of the following groups have a presence only in The Rogue Isles, leaving the defense of Paragon to the player heroes.

Freedom Corp/Longbow[edit | edit source]

A branch of the same Freedom Corp which helps new heroes arriving in Galaxy City, Longbow was founded by Ms. Liberty to take the fight to Arachnos. They are something of a paramilitary organization in tights, led by a few with actual superpowers. Most members fight using assault rifles and flamethrowers, but the Longbow Wardens have a wide variety of abilities. Their most powerful members are the Longbow Ballistae, Elite Bosses with powers over Force Fields and Energy Blasts. Longbow has a number of hidden bases on the Rogue Isles, as well as many undersea bases.

Legacy Chain[edit | edit source]

The Legacy Chain is the oldest of the hero groups, working over generations, and their aim is to stop the use of magic for nefarious purposes. They have no specific ties to Paragon City or the other hero groups, and mostly follow their own rules and purposes. They have power over light, fire, and earth, and also have a number of swordsmen.

Wyvern[edit | edit source]

Wyvern is a mercenary hero group founded and funded by Manticore (without the knowledge of the rest of the Phalanx). They are more willing to break the rules and use "extreme" measures than Longbow, and sometimes come into conflict for that reason. Every member is an expert archer, and many members use jetpacks. Their lack of superpowers, however, keeps them from becoming a serious threat to a rising villain.

Luddites[edit | edit source]

The Luddites are led by Martin Henri, a man driven mad by visions of demons in Cap Au Diable. Believing Dr. Aeon was drawing power from demonic sources he created the Luddites to destroy all Aeon technology, especially the PTS (Power Transfer System). Although his followers sometimes follow traditional protesting methods with signs and flyers, they're also willing to fight. The Luddite Friars have some level of Empathy powers, but they are largely non-powered and without influence beyond Cap Au Diable.

Scrapyarders[edit | edit source]

Scrapyarders deceptively appear to be little more than rednecks, miners and dockworkers. In reality they fight very effectively, demolitionists can devastate a mastermind's troops in seconds. They take their name from their former leader, Scrapyard, who was killed several years ago by Cap'n Mako. Despite this, Scrapyard can often be seen leading his followers against the Cage Consortium, Arachnos and the Family. Basically, the Scrapyarders are fighting for better work and living conditions...the result of a union being born in the 'City of Villains'. They are mostly found in Sharkhead Isle but are sometimes seen in St. Martial.

Important Members:

Paragon Police Department[edit | edit source]

For most of CoH's history, the Paragon Police have been barely better than bystanders in the fight against evil. In Issue 7, however, budget increases made them a force to be reckoned with. They have a huge arsenal as you rise through the levels including:

  • Undercover Cops
  • SWAT
  • Shells (Powered armor)
  • Giant robots
  • Psi Cops
  • Awakened (Kheldian Peacebringer) Police
  • Police Drones

The Paragon Police have only one official hero: Blue Steel, who can be found in Kings Row.