List of infantry units in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

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Light Infantry[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI, Nod

Light infantry are the cheapest units in the game and are armed with M-16 Mk. II rifles that are used primarily against other infantry, although they can take out light armor. They cost 120 credits.

Disc Thrower[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI

The new-age disc thrower is armed with a disc-like grenade that can bounce along terrain. It delivers decent damage to both infantry, vehicles, and structures.

Rocket Soldier[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod

Just like the previous rocket launcher infantry, this one has weak armor. Its rockets can give good damage to aircraft, vehicles, and structures with good range. Unfortunately their weak armor will not help them last in battle.

Cyborg[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod

Cyborgs are the result of Nod's mutant experiments in which they combined metal machinery with mutant men. The result is a half-robotic infantry that can take lots of punishment and heal in Tiberium. They are armed with chainguns that work well against light armor and infantry. The Cyborg costs 650 credits. If a cyborg gets enough damage, it will lose its legs and have to walk by hands. Any further damage may kill the unit. In one of the GDI missions, GDI actually captured a Cyborg and programed it to work for them, calling him "Huey the infected Cyborg"

Engineer[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI, Nod

Engineers have no weapons. They move slowly, and have little protection. They are used only to repair bridges, repair civilian buildings, repair your own buildings, or capture enemy buildings. They cost 500 credits.

Technician[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI, Nod

A weak unit that is a civilian. He works inside buildings and comes out when buildings are destroyed. Armed with a pistol that does very weak damage to anything. He only holds 10 shots before he runs out of ammo and turns totally useless. Unless you edit the rules.ini, this unit can not be purchased.

Toxin Soldier[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod

These infantry only appear in two missions; the Nod mission in which the player must capture Jake McNeil. They fire short ranged shots of toxin. It is capable of rapid fire and can take out infantry as well as armor with ease. When their guns are used on Jake McNeil, they shoot him with drugs that persuades him to join the side of Nod. In Firestorm datadisc, they are used in one Nod mission to 'persuade' local civilian residents to lure tiberium-based creatures to nearby GDI base just to destroy it and make Nod look innoncent. These infantry only have the disadvantage of not working too well against buildings.

Ghost Stalker[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI

The Ghost Stalker is a GDI-Mutant Commando that carries a railgun and C4 charges. His C4 charges can take out structures with ease while his railgun can target all but air units, while shooting through them. His rate of fire is a bit slow, and he should be used with other forces, preferably in the front as he can shoot through friend or foe alike. Putting the Ghost Stalker in tiberium will heal him slowly, you can only purchase one Ghost Stalker at a time and he costs 1750 credits.

Elite Cadre[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod

This is one of Nod's special infantry divisions. The Elite Cadre was only used in a mission to help fight CABAL. Their firepower and armor can match that of a cyborg even though they are not made of metal.

Mutant Soldier[edit | edit source]

Side: Mutant

A tiberium mutant armed with vulcan guns. The gun is powerful, but slow. Comparable to that of a Nod Buggy. The infantry is very weak, but can heal in Tiberium. Some are just called Mutant.

Mutant Sergeant[edit | edit source]

Side: Mutant

A slightly stronger mutant but still almost the same as the soldier, just a different name. The mutant seregant usually leads other mutants in battle.

Mutant Hijacker[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod, Mutant

A hijacker infantry able to take vehicles. If the vehicle he takes is destroyed, there is a chance he may or may not make it back out alive to take another. When he pops out, he is usually injured, but can heal in Tiberium. He also moves faster than normal infantry units.

Mutant Hijackers are sometimes seen being used by the Mutant faction in maps and missions.

Cyborg Commando[edit | edit source]

Side: Nod

The commando of Nod is a cyborg with great firepower. He cannot fire at air units, but can wreak havoc on the ground even if he is alone. He is said to be armed with a chaingun and flamethrower that takes down infantry and vehicles very quickly, but gameplay shows a green plasma ball. He can also destroy buildings very quick and can also self-heal in Tiberium. Like the regular cyborg, he can lose his legs before actually dying.

Jump-jet Infantry[edit | edit source]

Side: GDI

These air soldiers are good if used as a recon team. They can attack at both air and ground targets. They have fire-power equivalent to light infantry units but they can be easily taken down by Nod SAM sites.