List of infantry units in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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List of infantry units in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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GDI[edit | edit source]

GDI rifle squad cc3.png
Rifle Squad
The standard GDI infantry, they consist of 6 units per squad. Rifle squads are more effective than their Nod equivalent when fighting against infantry, but have problems when dealing with structures or vehicles. GDI Rifle Squads have the ability to dig foxholes to garrison in, as well as providing them for other infantry. Zone Troopers and other comparable heavy infantry can garrison them. They can also be upgraded with Composite Armor from the Armory. In Kane's Wrath, they can be upgraded with Armor Piercing ammo, increasing power and proving better against light armor. Their foxholes can be garrisoned with two infantry rather than one. ZOCOM upgrade their Rifle squads with Tiberium field suits instead of Composite armor, which are equal in durability but provide immunity towards Tiberium fields and increased protection towards Tiberium-based weapons.

GDI missile squad cc3.png
Rocket Squad
Anti-vehicle and anti-air infantry units of the Global Defense Initiative, they are comprised of two rocket-equipped soldiers per squad. They're slightly more effective and move slightly faster than their Nod counterparts, and can be upgraded with Composite Armor. ZOCOM upgrades them with Tiberium Field suits rather than Composite armor.

GDI grenader cc3.png
Grenadier squad
Successors to Disc Throwers in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Grenadiers are comprised of four units per squad, and are armed with grenades. They're effective against infantry, vehicles and structures alike, though the grenades are relatively slow-flying and moving units can easily dodge them. When attacking a garrisoned building, the grenade is automatically guided into the windows to clear out enemy infantry. In Kane's Wrath they can be upgraded with EMP grenades, and ZOCOM upgrades them with Tiberium field suits rather than Composite armor.

GDI trooper cc3.png
Zone Troopers
The elite GDI infantry, Zone Troopers are heavily armored infantry immune to the effects of Tiberium radiation. They are equipped with jump jets for short ranged all-terrain mobility, and armed with powerful rail guns that are highly effective against all ground units except advanced infantry. However, they cannot retaliate against airborne units. They can be upgraded with Power packs which increase armor and heal the unit while idle, as well as Scanner packs which increase sight range and detect stealth within a short range. They are comprised of four units per squad, and cannot garrison normal structures.

GDI sniper cc3.png
Sniper team
A specialized team consisting of a sniper and a spotter. The spotter can call in precision artillery strikes from all Juggernaut units on the map to a small target radius around him, regardless of the distance of the Juggernauts from the target area. The sniper is able to pick off enemy infantry at a long range with high efficiency. They are stealthed while not attacking or being detected and have a large sight radius.

GDI commando cc3.png
The GDI commando is equipped with a rapid-fire assault rifle and advanced jump jets with quite a short recharge time. Being the GDI's most advanced infantry unit, the commando is highly effective against all types of infantry and can use explosives to instantly demolish any structure. He can also use the explosives to disable walkers, and divebomb structures and walkers with his jump jets. He is weak to aircraft, having no anti-air capability.

GDI engineer cc3.png
Much as in previous C&C games, the engineer unit will instantly capture enemy structures and repair any damage to player's own. Engineers can also be used to commandeer destroyed enemy walker units, such as the Scrin Annihilator Tripods, the Nod Avatar Warmechs, or GDI Juggernaut artillery walkers. The GDI engineers are slow and unarmed, and somewhat inferior compared to its rival counterparts.

KW combat engineer.png
Combat Engineer(Kane's Wrath)
The Combat Engineer wields a pistol, allowing it to attack enemy units (with little effect, the Combat Engineer can barely stand to a single member of a GDI Rifle Squad), which comes in quite handy when garrisoned or faced against an enemy engineer hoping to capture the same structure you wish to capture. The Combat Engineer is slightly more armored than all other engineers. Only Steel Talons can recruit the Combat Engineer.

KW zoneportrait1.jpg
Zone Raider(Kane's Wrath)
The Zone Raider is the ZOCOM superior version of the Zone Trooper, having several advantages over the GDI counterpart. It possesses sonic RPGs as its primary weapon, that inflict splash damage and are more powerful than Zone Trooper railgun rifles (though somewhat more inaccurate). It has anti-air missile launchers mounted on its shoulders, proving equal in power against aircraft as a Missile squad and allowing it some form of retaliation toward the common weakness of aircraft to infantry. It can only be trained at the ZOCOM Barracks once the base has acquired an Armory and Tech center and receives similar upgrades to Zone Troopers, and also cannot garrison normal structures.

Nod[edit | edit source]

Nod militant cc3.png
KW Militant.png
Militant Squad
A large squad of rifle infantry, these squads are weak despite their numbers when faced against other early rifle based infantry, but can be upgraded with Tiberium Infusion and a Confessor from the Secret Shrine which increases overall effectiveness and allows the use of hallucinogenic grenades via Confessor.

Nod ROCKet cc3.png
Militant rocket squad
These two rocket soldiers are the Brotherhood's main anti-tank and anti-air infantry. As with the standard Militants, they can be upgraded with Tiberium Infusion (Nod and Marked of Kane) and a Confessor (Nod) or a Black Disciple (Black Hand). Note: Added squad members from upgrades will not attack within the same range as the rest of the squad, so if the player wishes to get the most out of the squad they must manually move them in.

Nod terrorist cc3.png
A squad of 5 Nod suicide bombers are cheap, fast and highly efficient against structures and vehicles when used correctly. They are not particularly a problem in general since they usually fall to defenses and other anti-infantry units quite easily. Shadow Teams can more effectively do their job on structures (and without dying) so Fanatics come in more handy against Harvesters than anything else. They can be upgraded with Tiberium Infusion, increasing movement speed and negating Tiberium damage, allowing them to approach Harvesters and Refineries more easily.

Black hand cc3.png
Black Hand Infantry
Advanced infantry for Nod and Black Hand, the Black Hand flamethrower infantry come in squads of 6 and are very effective against infantry, buildings, and light vehicles. They can also clear out garrisoned buildings. In Kane's Wrath, they are more powerful and more heavily armored. The Black Hand faction deploy these units with Veteran status, and can be upgraded with Purifying flames. They also appear in basic infantry squads once the Black Disciple upgrade is complete. Interestingly, some Black Hand members can take more than a single Sniper Team bullet to put down.
Nod Shadow cc3.png
Shadow Team
The Shadow Teams consist of squads of four soldiers equipped with hang-gliders and dual pistols. They are permanently stealthed both when flying or on the ground, and can decimate any infantry unit (even commandos) easily. They can also attach bombs to structures, causing heavy damage, but normally not enough to destroy the building. In Kane's Wrath the shadow team has been weakened slightly and is given an ability to deploy a stealth artillery beacon which allow the Specters to bombard the area around the beacon.

Nod commando cc3.png
Nod's most advanced infantry unit. While effective against infantry, her primary strength lies in the ability to destroy buildings and walkers with special explosives. She is also stealthed when not moving. In Kane's Wrath the Black Hand is able to build two commandos at heroic veteran status.

Nod Sab cc3.png
Nod's version of the standard engineer, they can capture enemy buildings and repair any damage to the player's own. Saboteurs can also be used to commandeer destroyed enemy walker units, such as the Scrin Annihilator Tripods, Nod Avatar Warmechs, or GDI Juggernaut artillery walkers. Saboteurs can also plant booby traps on bridges and buildings. Though slow moving, Marked of Kane's Cybernetic legs upgrade via Secret Shrine will speed up these units. They have a large sight radius compared to its rival counterparts, but at the cost of less armor compared to other Engineers.

KW ConfessorCabalportrait.jpg
Confessor Cabal
The confessor can be added to Militant and Militant Rocket squads via the upgrade purchased at the Secret Shrine. He is armed with a rifle and hallucinogenic grenades which can make enemy infantry attack each other, and also raises the effectiveness of the Militant and Rocket squads. In Kane's Wrath the Confessor cabals can be built by the Black Hand as their basic infantry, capable of taking on a GDI Rifle squad despite being slower. These Cabals also have a wider radius of effect for their hallucinogenic grenades, and the Word of Marcion ability which provides faster rate of fire, take less damage, and are more resistant to suppression. They can also be upgraded with Black Disciples and Charged particle beams, and still appear as single members in the basic infantry of Nod once the Confessor upgrade is complete.
KW TibTrooperPortrait.jpg
Tiberium Trooper (Kane's Wrath)
The Tiberium Troopers are units equiped with high-pressure liquid Tiberium dispersion tanks and cybernetic enhancements. They are available for the Marked of Kane faction and can be upgraded with Cybernetic Legs to move faster. They also have an ability called Covered in Goo which slows down the enemy units while they are being fired upon. Compared with Black hand infantry, they are stronger against infantry but weaker against vehicles, and considerably weaker when targeting structures.

The Awakened (Kane's Wrath)
The Awakened are cyborgs that come in groups of three with welded machine guns on the left arm and an EMP cannon on their right arm. They are the most powerful basic infantry and can also take on light armor with their EMP blasters (This is effective in squads of four since the ability takes four times longer to recharge than to wear off a target).Unlike the cyborgs from Tiberian Sun, the Awakened can be crushed and are susceptible to snipers and flame weapons. The Awakened are only available for the Marked of Kane faction.

The Enlightened (Kane's Wrath)
The Enlightened are cyborgs that come in groups of three, armed with charged particle beams which can be upgraded with Supercharged particle beams. They also possess an EMP blaster identical to that of the Awakened, and can also be upgraded with Cybernetic legs. Compared with other advanced infantry (such as Zone troopers) they have considerably less armor. The Enlightened is only available for the Marked of Kane faction.

Scrin[edit | edit source]

Cc3 scrin buzzers.png
Buzzers are essentially a swarm of flying razors that can quickly shred infantry, but are ineffective against anything else (though in enormous quantities thay are eventually able to take on the most basic of armor, but prove too much of a loss and is quite time consuming). Buzzers have the unique ability to 'combine' with Scrin vehicles which comes in handy when a commander doesn't want to separately order the buzzers to attack infantry alongside seekers, etc. or wants to make sure they don't overtake and leave the vehicles they're supposed to be guarding. They can also clear enemy garrisoned structures. They can be spawned instantly on the battlefield in a group of five via 'The Swarm' support power, and appear with similar characteristics in Buzzer Hives. They also make good early game scouts and Assimilator escorts.
Cc3 scrin disintegrator.png
Disintegrators are the basic anti-armor infantry of the Scrin. They have extremely short range and cannot attack air, but they close the distance on armored units usually more quickly than they can react to make up for it. In numbers, they destroy almost anything in the early game, only being matched by suitable defenses and anti infantry units. Because they are so swift, they can easily make their way around the back of an unguarded base and destroy the harvesters before making short work of the rest of the base. When faced against heavy vehicles, crushing Disintegrators is a daring option since they explode when crushed, inflicting high damage on any that forget this. Scorpion Tanks and Reckoners with Dozer blades are immune to this damage, however, and enemy Scrin vehicles combined with Buzzers shouldn't have too much of a problem dealing with them. Nonetheless, Disintegrators typically pose a serious threat early in the game. Disintegrators cannot garrison structures. Traveler-59 can upgrade these with Advanced Articulators, making them faster and more ruthless than before.

Cc3 scrin assimilator.png
Assimilators are the Scrin equivalent of engineers. They are stealthed when not moving. They can repair buildings, capture enemy structures, and recover walkers much like their GDI and Nod counterparts. Traveler-59 can upgrade their Assimilators with Advanced Articulators, increasing movement speed.

Cc3 scrin shock.png
Shock Troopers
Shock troopers come in groups of three when built. Normally they fire a shockwave-like projectile, but if you plan to use them, they may as well be upgraded since the one of the structures required to build them also researches their upgrades. Plasma discs prove more powerful in general, and allow anti-air capabilities. Blink Packs allow a short-range teleportation ability, useful for crossing terrain or catching up with retreating units. Beware, however, as a group of teleporting shock troopers will all land on exactly the same spot, so splash damage weapons will easily kill your entire army of Shock Troopers. They are cheap compared to other advanced infantry and are often said to be equal to- if not better - than Zone Troopers. They also don't require a Tech Center, but rather the Stasis chamber and Nerve center. Traveler-59 deploy Shock troopers already equipped with Blink Packs, and allow Advanced Articulators to be equipped, making them extremely fast-moving.

Ravager (Kane's Wrath)
Ravager fires Tiberium shards grown from it's back to attack. Due to the fact that the Ravager is generally an under-used unit because of its cheaper, generally more powerful ally the Shock Trooper, the Ravager seems to be a last resort unit in a low credit stalemate in which the player wishes to have a go at the opponent's economy. Their ability, Tiberium Agitation, makes them more than capable of doing this job since it allows it to inflict heavy damage on any Tiberium-based unit or structure, with an accurate green beam that has a similar damage as Nod's Catalyst missile, except without the catalyst effect. Ravagers can be upgraded with Blue shards with Reaper-17, or Advanced articulators with Traveler-59.
The Cultist (Kane's Wrath)
The Cultist are implanted human slaves unique to the Traveler-59 army, with the ability to take control over any enemy unit that isn't airborne, a Commando, or an Epic unit. Since more than one can be built, it is possible that for a well-timed ambush, the entire enemy army can be brought under your control in under a second, which is usually punishment for people who think that they can try to wipe you out with just Mammoth tanks, etc. Cultists may be used to take control of Harvesters or Engineers, so that harvesters can be sent as an enemy unit to it's original master only to be destroyed, or have engineers capture the neutral Tiberium spike they were approaching. However you use them, Cultists are one of the most dangerous units out there, as long as Commandos or anti infantry aircraft are not in the picture. Cultists can be upgraded with Advanced Articulators, improving survival rates of retreating cultists.

Cc3 scrin mastermind.png
The Mastermind has the ability to Mind control enemy units and structures as soon as it gets in range, except if they are Commandos or Epic units. Captured units are turned upon by its previous allies since it is instantly regarded as the user's own unit, and structures can be used to build or sold for profit. For this reason, the if a Mastermind can successfully infiltrate a base in a low-income stalemate, the Mastermind will likely win its user the game. Masterminds may teleport allied units to its location, proving useful when backup is needed or when retreating units for healing. However, care must be taken as the trail created by the mastermind as it keeps its connection to the captured object can be followed to the Mastermind's location.

Prodigy (Kane's Wrath)
The Prodigy is the Traveler-59 counterpart of the Scrin Mastermind. It possesses all of the same characteristics except for a few new abilities. It can Area mind control a group of enemy units to allow the user to temporarily gain control of the captured units. It proves more useful just to have enemy units temporarily turn on each other. It is also equipped with a Shock Trooper's Blink Pack, allowing it to teleport fair distances.This allows the Prodigy to make a quick get away, navigate difficult terrain and in some cases. jump clean over defenses.