List of protagonists in Ghost Rider: The Video Game

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List of protagonists in Ghost Rider: The Video Game

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Zarathos-Phantom Rider and Ghost Rider respectively

Overview[edit | edit source]

This article covers the protagonists of the 2007 PS2 game

The wiki for the game is available here [1].

Johnny Blaze[edit | edit source]

Johnny Blaze portrayed by Nicolas Cage

Johnny's father was a bike stuntman and a hero around the neihgbourhood , when Johnny's father was struck with cancer , Johnny made a deal with Mephisto to sell his own soul in exchange of his father's health. The following morning Johnny's father was cured of his cancer but died a few hours later in a stunt accident , staged by Mephisto. Several after the incident , Johnny would one night transform into a flaming skeleton , Mephisto appears and tells him he is the new Ghost Rider. See Ghost Rider Gameplay [2]

Carter Slade[edit | edit source]

White Phantom Rider
Carter Slade

The previous Phantom Rider , Carter taught Johnny everything he knows about controlling his powers and honing his skills. He still supports both Johnny and Blade.

Unlockable Characters[edit | edit source]

Samuel Brooks[edit | edit source]


A special vampire hybrid called a "Dhampir" , fights demonkind under the alias of Blade. See Blade Gameplay [3]

Michael Badilino[edit | edit source]


See Vengeance gameplay [4]  and Vengeance the boss [5]

Kenshiro Cochrane[edit | edit source]

Ghost Rider 2099

The Ghost Rider of 2099 , Kenshiro is a japanese computer genius and a cyborg ghost rider. See Kenshiro Gameplay [6]