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Class Roles[edit | edit source]

Usually magic-based characters. They work best within a group as they are not powerful fighters, but allow the others to stay in the fight longer by restoring their health during battles. Healers may also be able to resurrect dead characters if their fellow party members die along the way.
DPS is the general term used to describe classes or players that are optimized for damaging opponents.
Melee Damage Dealer
A close combat character, both armed and unarmed. These people are often the most plain and ordinary of all the characters classes, as the best they can do is deal plain-yet-massive damage with melee attacks and nothing else.
Stealth Melee Damage Dealer
These melee fighters rely on stealth and speed to defeat their various foes. They work best unseen or when they flank their enemies.
Ranged Physical Damage Dealer
These fighters use bows, crossbows, or guns, and can sometimes utilise other weapons that can be thrown. They work best when they can take down their opponent at a distance.
Ranged Magic Damage Dealer
Similar to the Ranged Physical Damage Dealer, but instead of directly using weapons, they use magic, usually drawing on elements such as fire and ice.
Debuffers attack their opponents by reducing their combat effectiveness.
Supports buff the party and free healers of that particular responsibility.
Tanks are capable of withstanding tremendous attacks while protecting their allies. They can also deal heavy amounts of damage.
A Hybrid class takes characteristics of two or more of the other types, often a damage dealer with some healing abilities. Hybrids tend not to be as strong as a dedicated role would be. Their main strength is their versatility.