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The LFS version history from the beginning to the latest patch, including only major and official releases (no test patches).

0.6J[edit | edit source]

Aug 15, 2015

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Static vertex buffers reorganized to reduce DirectX instructions
  • Frames buffered (default 1) to allow next frame to start rendering
  • More efficient car distance sorting system for sound and graphics
  • Dynamic vertex buffers now set to use hardware vertex processing
  • Better frame rate in places where many objects may be visible

Graphics[edit | edit source]

  • Sky texture is now drawn in mirrors
  • Layout editor object selection buttons are sorted by distance
  • Z-buffer depth setting can now be changed without restarting LFS
  • Mirror now uses 24 bit Z buffer if Z buffer setting is more than 16

Frame rate limitation system[edit | edit source]

  • Frame rate limitation system is now accurate and has better values
  • New frame info display shows sleep/physics updates/GPU waiting
  • Now using an event query instead of a lock for input lag prevention
  • Minimum sleep setting changed to "Sleep every frame" (yes/no)

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Now using Direct3D 9Ex if available (Windows Vista and later)
  • Reduced glitch when autocross objects are optimised (e.g. on load)
  • Reduced min / max values for "Sound lag" setting - default now 0.08
  • New Audio Option "Sound when window is inactive" (off / on)

3D view modes[edit | edit source]

  • Added a 3D level slider option to adjust monitor-based 3D views
  • Reduced CPU / GPU usage by sharing scene preparation for both eyes

Oculus Rift[edit | edit source]

  • Now using Oculus SDK version which includes timewarp
  • You can now enter and leave Rift mode without restarting LFS
  • Smooth display (if you do not use SLI or force vertical sync)
  • Monitor window view options: blank/one eye/two eyes

Oculus Rift compatibility mode[edit | edit source]

  • For users who cannot use the Oculus 0.6 runtime, you can still use the 0.5 runtime. Simply rename the ORDIRECT.dll to some other name and LFS will then use LFSORDLL.dll instead (extended mode only)

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Some buildings at Westhill track were drawn using a slow method
  • Mouse clipped to window (CTRL+C) now works properly with ALT+TAB
  • Using mouse wheel to change gear did not work properly at high fps
  • Layout editor object selection buttons used interface button slots
  • Crash changing texture resolution with two or more objects selected
  • Anisotropic filtering did not work on car textures (including skin)

0.6H[edit | edit source]

Apr 2, 2015

Westhill[edit | edit source]

  • New version of Westhill with additional configurations
  • Full support for open configurations including access roads

Autocross Editor[edit | edit source]

  • New adjustable concrete objects
  • Custom start positions and pit start points
  • Maximum autocross objects increased to 1800
  • Movable start lights included as an autocross object
  • Custom pit stop box disables pit lane and default pit stops
  • Custom pit stop box can now be used to repair car and refuel
  • Interface buttons now drawn in front of the object buttons
  • Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object is selected now moves it
  • Pressing S/F/1/2/3 when object exists is now more helpful
  • Clicking color instantly changes selected tyres or chalk
  • Clicking marshall position instantly changes selected marshall
  • Improved the appearance of marshall circles in the editor
  • Route checker index numbers now start at 1 instead of 0
  • The W/E keys instantly adjust width, no need to press M
  • Floating object buttons shown with different color
  • X/Y/Z positions are now shown and can be typed in
  • Right click on X/Y/Z to move in steps of 1 meter
  • SHIFT+click to snap to 1 meter grid

Oculus Rift DK2 Rendering Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Increased max cars in race from 32 to 40
  • Increased AU Autocross grid from 16 to 20
  • Increased BL Rallycross grids from 24 to 30
  • Maximum multiplayer car draw distance up from 300 to 500
  • Regenerated lightmaps and visible object lists on most tracks
  • Added paths at Fern Bay to cover road near Club and mini oval
  • InSim ISP_NCI packet added to give host more info about new guest
  • AI drivers hit wall entering pit lane at SO Classic/Town
  • Removed a corner marker from some configurations at Aston
  • Some tyres at Kyoto National disabled in other configs
  • Updated translations - thank you translators

New commands[edit | edit source]

  • /zero_all: Reset all lap counters and checkpoints passed as if the race had just been started. This removes checkpoints passed. So using this command on the first lap, before the first checkpoint is passed, has no effect. After the first checkpoint there is an effect. The first lap will not be counted. This is intended to help with a rolling start after a parade lap.
  • /setlap username X:
    • X is positive: Set the lap that the user is currently on seen at the top right, not the number of laps completed). This does not affect checkpoints passed. This may help with a driver who reconnects after an unintended disconnection.
    • X is zero: Same as the /zero_all command but for one driver.
    • X is negative: subtract from the number of laps, without affecting checkpoints passed. This may be useful as a penalty.

0.6G[edit | edit source]

- Sep 27, 2014

Oculus Rift DK2 Support[edit | edit source]

  • The Oculus Rift DK2 must be set to Extended Desktop mode
  • Start LFS, go into Options - View and click 3D at the top
  • For Display Type, select Oculus Rift then click OK
  • If all is well, LFS offers "Exit LFS to restart using the Rift"
  • Click OK to exit then when you restart LFS it should be in the Rift

Optional new command line options[edit | edit source]

  • /rift=on and /rift=off: Use e.g. in a shortcut to make sure Rift mode is entered or not
  • LFS.exe /rift=on - try to go straight into Rift mode
  • LFS.exe /rift=off - do not go into Rift (ignores previous mode)
  • Oculus Runtime 0.4.2 (or later) is required

Graphics (visual improvement of transparent objects)[edit | edit source]

  • Improved edges of transparent objects like trees and railings
  • Re-exported all transparent textures to improve image quality
  • Texture names ending ATEST / ALPHA / ALP24 all now end _ALP
  • If you do not install new textures, old ones will be converted

Graphics (other)[edit | edit source]

  • Anisotropic filtering (AF) now default 4x
  • Mip bias sliders saved differently in cfg.txt
    • You must set your mip bias and AF values again
  • Increased maximum value of multiplayer draw distance
  • Two new 3D formats : red-cyan anaglyph and cross-eyed view
  • Textures are automatically resaved (if needed) for faster load
  • Low res textures now load just as quickly as high res textures
  • New car shaders give higher frame rate when many cars on screen
  • FIX : Car lighting momentarily vertical as car entered a shadow
  • FIX : Graphics options sometimes showed too many FSAA options

Skin downloading when watching a replay[edit | edit source]

  • If a car or helmet skin in a replay is not available at LFS World when you start the replay (with low or high res skins selected) but you already have the skin in the other resolution, then that skin in the other resolution will be used instead of a plain car.

InSim[edit | edit source]

  • New packet IS_HCP for host to add extra mass or intake restriction
  • to particular cars (affects all drivers using those cars)

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Driver's body is now enabled by default
  • Reduced input lag when vertical sync is enabled
  • Frame rate limit now disabled if vertical sync is active
  • Cars now drawn in nearest to furthest order for optimization
  • CTRL+S screenshot message now stays for two seconds instead of one
  • Updated translations - thank you translators

0.6F[edit | edit source]

- Jun 21, 2014

3D device support[edit | edit source]

  • Select 3D near the top of View Options to select device
  • Supports Oculus Rift, 3D monitors, projectors, TVs, headsets

Graphics[edit | edit source]

LFS now uses DirectX 9 (previously used DirectX 8.1)
Random weather selected by default when loading a track
Mirror antialiasing is now available (in Graphics Options)
Improved transitions when switching between interface screens
Misc option to select CTRL+S screenshot format (bmp/jpg/png)

Various[edit | edit source]

Updated translations - thank you translators
Message "Track loaded" now shows which track was loaded
Lateral and longitudinal accelerometer now works realistically
CTRL+ and ALT+ (assign text to F keys) visible in mouse / kb mode

Commands[edit | edit source]

/refresh refreshes list of setups / hosts / replays
/setup now works correctly (loads setup) in garage screen
/colour and /setup without a parameter now select default
/join hostname from entry screen now tries to join named host
/exec and /wait can now take filenames with spaces in quotes
/track command (change track) accepts a weather parameter
e.g. /track BL2R 3 selects BL2R with 3rd weather

Fixes[edit | edit source]

OOS error after an idle car was hit by objects
OOS error when an car was pushed out of bounds
Some glitches in the movement of vertical sliders
Helmet stayed the same after changing driver in MP replays
Some controllers could make mouse axes unavailable for use
MAX ALPHA (unsorted) message after adding 900 chalk objects
Joining host OOS if host started with invalid /weather value
High frequency changes in acceleration were filtered in OutSim
LFS would crash if more than 8 game controllers were connected
Text entry was not always cleared when entering the meeting room
F key text was delayed if pressed in warning or selection dialog
Stuck in game after Alt+F4 / X button after edit in SHIFT+U mode
Setup could sometimes be corrupted when joining - now spectated
NumConns was set to zero after disconnecting from an online host
Arrow keys in input dialog were re-enabled by code page selector
Joining car could not enter physics when many objects were moving

0.6E[edit | edit source]

- Nov 30, 2012

Improved multiplayer system :

Guest only needs host packets to continue processing
No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

New TCP packet buffering and storage system :

Reduces the number of physical packets sent
Major improvement when many InSim buttons are sent
Fixes some ways to lose connection on a busy server

New "instant" join system using cached packets :

Much faster connection to multiplayer hosts
Connection appears instant to the other guests
You can pit / spectate / etc. while a player is connecting
No OOS caused by joining while objects are added or removed

Other multiplayer updates :

New hacking protection and cheat detection systems
Improved user name checks during and after connection
Lag bars at bottom left show ping or delay of all guests
Ping time (or delay) shown as number in list of connections
OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
Instead of "LAG (seconds)" now "name (seconds)" is displayed
No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
Auto rename when you join a host with someone else's player name
User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
Left / right click on player name in replay now works as online
Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
Use of UDP or TCP is shown beside host name in connections list
Removed notification sound when a car is spectated by an admin
Added /player command to dedicated host setup.cfg file

LFS World statistics fixes :

Wrong PB recorded if custom checkpoints added without restart
Live host progress did not show changes to laps or qualifying
After forced to spectate by admin - status remained "in race"
Adding an AI driver changed real player's status to "in race"
Spectating from garage screen left player's status "in pits"

Other changes :

Latvian training lessons now included
Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
Maximum marshall circles increased from 96 to 120
Maximum autocross objects increased from 800 to 900
Pit exit direction arrow now works in open configurations
SHIFT + N : sound on / off now works in multiplayer screens

InSim :

Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
Change to in-game usage of IS_REO - only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
Leaving garage screen could cause problems with a car script
User's controller type was not shown after taking over a car
SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players
Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
Remote car with brakes on started to roll if reset on a slope
LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
Load WE1R on dedicated host - Checkpoint 1 path node not found
Short MP Replays were sometimes extended to a time of 10:55.36
It was possible to make an AI driver join with a disallowed car
Message typed while watching replay appeared as written by host
Message "Max guest cars : X" now shown in the selected language
Cars intersected if players joined autocross at the same time
An unusual state in which LFS displayed only a blank screen
Two instances of LFS no longer write to the same MPR / SPR

0.6B[edit | edit source]

- Jun 17, 2011

Contact detection and collisions :

Improved contact detection with road / walls / pit garage exit
Improved collisions with unmovable objects (e.g. red barriers)
Unmovable objects (e.g. ramps) now have concrete friction level
Improved wheel contact detection to reduce bad car collisions

SHIFT+U mode :

New free view mode replaces the old "low" and "high" path modes
Object or ground targeted by the mouse pointer is now detected
Left mouse button moves view point by "dragging" target point
Double click to move view point directly towards target point
Mouse wheel moves view point towards or away from target point
Left + Right mouse buttons rotate view point around the target
Arrow key movement follows ground below view point when possible
Store up to 10 views per track configuration with SHIFT+NUMBER
Recall a stored view with CTRL+NUMBER (or click the button)
Click on a car to follow it / look away to stop following
List of connections is now displayed in SHIFT+U mode
FIX : N key with options on caused overlapping text

Autocross editor :

New objects added and all objects are available at all tracks
Maximum number of autocross objects increased to 800 (was 512)
Multiple object selection - press CTRL and click object button
Selection can be deleted, copied (O), moved (M), rotated (,/.)
Object positioning is now accurate (uses mouse target detection)
Less CPU / better checks when adding / moving / deleting objects
Adding / removing autocross objects no longer resets all objects
Prevented mouse camera movement between button click and release
Reduced Z-buffer flickering of chalk objects and pit stop markers
Speed limit no longer enforced if autocross start position exists
Save layout button is now displayed in an SPR (same as in an MPR)
W/E/,/. keys now move values in minimum steps and use auto repeat
FIX : Name of loaded layout now remains or is cleared as expected
FIX : Could click on invisible replay slider when buttons visible
FIX : Could add marshall circles out of bounds (then undeletable)
FIX : High altitude layout objects appeared under ground on load
FIX : Start position sometimes remained active after deleting it

Open configurations :

New "drive anywhere" open configs (CTRL in track select screen)
Add checkpoints / barriers to use open configs as race circuits
Checkpoints can now be up to 62 metres wide to include pit lane
Open configs can be selected with text command like /track=SO1X
Custom layouts race progress / history now stored at LFS World
Qualifying / race positions list / blue flags are supported

Optimisations :

Frame rate increased - drawing most world objects is much faster
Optimised transparent objects (e.g. fences) to help open configs
Much better frame rate with many autocross objects (faster draw)
Removed continual small memory leaks (materials list corruption)
Number plate generation is much faster, reducing pit-out glitch

Hotlapping support :

Tyres section in garage - settings for tyre warmer temperatures
You can load a layout in hotlap mode (may include start position)
NOTE : LFS World hotlaps may include start position - not objects
Hotlapping is possible on open configurations (not for LFS World)
Exit from pits now results in a clean restart to hotlap position
Reliable detection of wall side impacts (e.g. at South City)
Pit stops are no longer available in Hotlapping mode

Interface :

Unlock screen now renames unnamed player to user name on exit
Clicking selected track loads that track (like pressing ENTER)
Windows messages processed in a cleaner way (affects key presses)
Mouse movements are processed more efficiently (drag / slide)
FIX : Mouse look info could go off screen in some languages
FIX : An invalid view could be selected when no cars in race
FIX : Meeting room scroll bar was invisible in recent versions
FIX : Occasionally refuelling did not match set amount

Graphics / Audio :

Improved display of help text / lesson text / welcome messages
F9 tyre diagram and SHIFT+L suspension diagrams now antialiased
Improved tyre optimisation - no missing parts of deflected tyres
Entry screen logo and frame are now drawn if a dialog box is open
FIX : In Driver Options the driver intersected with world objects
FIX : Reset from behind a barrier at South City could stop sound
FIX : Missing shadow on ground near fences at Autocross track

Multiplayer :

Wear limit for changing tyres can be set to 100% (never)
List of hosts can now show hosts you are not licensed to join
Host name is displayed in task bar and window title (if Latin)
Dedicated host window now adds new messages without flickering
Implemented VOB mod protection (physical changes will cause OOS)
Maximum qualifying time increased from 60 minutes to 240 minutes
Host options are now readable when opened from game setup screen
Default host IP address is now (address of local host)
CTRL+SHIFT now displays time and date in all multiplayer replays
Driver sent his / her setup - message is now displayed only once
Removed TCP filter that allowed old versions in the list of hosts
FIX : On joining host, cars not past finish line showed wrong lap
FIX : Some problems resulting from multiple requests to join race
FIX : Pit stop did not end if car was knocked out of the pit lane
FIX : Some crashes that could result from an invalid unlock state
FIX : Some missing images (e.g. track select) caused LFS to crash
FIX : Suspension could incorrectly stay broken on remote computer
FIX : It was possible to get stuck on the track selection screen
FIX : Host restart exploit caused by multiple join packets
FIX : Avoided some possible unauthorised connections

Text commands :

New command /ck cancels any kick or ban votes in progress
New command /cv cancels game votes (restart / end / qualify)
Command /modified=yes allows a private host to avoid CP checks

InSim :

NLP / MCI minimum time interval reduced to 40 ms (was 50 ms)
New IS_RIP option FULL_PHYS to use full physics when searching
Longer IS_MST now up to 128 chars / specify sound / send to all
Lap timing info added to IS_RST (standard / custom / checkpoints)
New packet IS_CON reports details of contact between two cars
New packet IS_OBH reports information about any object hit
New packet IS_HLV reports incidents that would violate HLVC
New packet IS_PLC sets allowed cars for individual players
New packet IS_AXM to add / remove / clear autocross objects
New packet IS_ACR reports successful or attempted admin commands
OutGauge : OG_SHIFT and OG_CTRL (keys) bits added to OutGaugePack
Security : InSim can no longer be initialised from a URL command
FIX : TTime in IS_RIP was wrong in mid-join Multiplayer Replays
FIX : Clutch axis / button was not reported from Controls screen
FIX : IS_BTN did not allow the documented limit of 240 characters
FIX : InSim camera with vertical pitch would cause LFS to crash
FIX : OutGaugePack ID was always zero regardless of ID in cfg.txt

Track fixes :

BL : Repaired floating laptop on tool box in first pit garage
SO : Removed a ghostly collision object in South City pit lane
SO : Removed two barriers embedded in tyre wall (Sprint Tracks)
SO : Repaired a sunken barrier closing pit lane (Sprint Track 1)
WE : Fixed the position of the reversed configuration finish line
KY : Removed some barrier end segment errors from Oval / National

Misc :

New Ukrainian translation included
Hungarian translations of training lessons updated
CTRL+C now clips the mouse so window size cannot be adjusted
Admin commands from all connections are now logged (if enabled)
If logging is enabled a message is logged when an admin connects
TC Allowed Slip slider now goes up to 20% (previous maximum 10%)
The digit "1" now occupies the same screen space as other digits
On changing allowed cars, disallowed cars now join the spectators
Improved detection of invalid window positions when starting LFS
URL command is now case insensitive - LFS:// or lfs:// both work
Misc options : F9 / F10 accelerometer can be shown as one value
Cruise : current lap is not displayed if lap timing is disabled
Cruise : no need to drive a lap before serving DT / SG penalty
FIX : Racing line did not work again after viewing invalid car
FIX : It was possible to set qualifying on an autocross layout

0.5Z28[edit | edit source]

- Nov 25, 2009

Reduced minimum view height in SHIFT+U mode
Reduced minimum speed in SHIFT+U mode to 0.1 m/s
Multiple host passwords are now stored (Join Specific Host screen)
Added support for lfs:// (start LFS with command line from web page)
FIX : Could not join S1 or S2 host after unlocking in Multiplayer screen
FIX : Clicking SPR / MPR did not work with "Load track when starting"
FIX : Two or more dedicated hosts could be started with same port
FIX : It was possible to reset the car while a vote was in progress
FIX : Help buttons sometimes translated after returning to English

0.5Z25[edit | edit source]

- Oct 28, 2009

Improved multiple monitor and curved screen support :

The number of left and right screens can be manually entered in the View Options screen and you can set the angle between monitors.

If you specify more than one screen, multiple views are rendered in different directions. This allows much wider fields of view.

2 screens - maximum FOV 180 degrees
3 screens - maximum FOV 270 degrees
4 or more screens - maximum FOV 360 degrees

The FOV slider does not set the total field of view. Instead, you set the FOV of the main screen. LFS then calculates each screen's field of view and offset according to your settings.

Use "Screen angle" setting to specify the angle between monitors.

Use "View offset" to move the steering wheel off centre.

There are three separate sets of settings that are used depending on the screen size :

Screen width 3.75 times the height -> wide mode (default 3 screen)
Screen width 2.5 times the height -> medium mode (default 2 screen)
Otherwise normal (single screen) mode is active (default 1 screen)

These three sets all have the same available settings but different default values. This is so that if you have a wide screen setup then LFS will still look good when you reduce it to a normal window, because at that point it will automatically use "normal" mode.

To reproduce the old single projection 3 three screen mode, either - set the number of left and right screens to zero, or - set left and right screens to 1 and set "Screen angle" to zero.

A curved screen can be supported by setting the number of left and right screens to the maximum of 5 each. This 11 screen setup is an approximate cylindrical projection, ideal for curved screens.

Various other setups can now be properly supported, for example :

- A 2 screen setup with side screen at 30 degrees and offset wheel
- A 5 screen setup with each screen at 45 degrees - total FOV 225
- A 3 projector setup with each screen at 90 degrees - total FOV 270

Note :

External views (TV, helicopter and SHIFT+U mode) are always drawn as a single render and usually confined to the 2D interface area.

Related settings :

Option to force external views to use full width
Bezel compensation - to allow for the gap between monitors
Screen widths - for centre and side screens with a different width

Other changes to view system :

Two button look (left + right) is now double the one button look and this allows up to 180 degrees look (like old versions of LFS).

Rear look (instant 180 degree view from centre of car) is now the same on all cars (no longer shows a virtual mirror) but is disallowed if the host activates forced cockpit view.

Driving view Z-buffering improved so you should not usually see missing parts of your seat or the car body when looking around.

Mouse steer/look/axes now relative to interface (not entire screen)
New command : /view save - save any changes made to a custom view
New command : /view reload - reload a custom view without saving

Graphics :

Road cars and virtual dashboard use dashboard light symbols
Added option to set colour of new road car gear LED display
Shift lights removed from all road cars other than RaceAbout
Improved wheel drawing system including rotating brake discs
FBM / XRG / XRT / XRR wheels updated using the new draw system
Included updated skins and skins
Headlights and tail lights can now be switched on by pressing '3'
Improved shadows - sharper and ambient shadow effect now included
Slight increase in wheels LOD reduction distance (increases detail)
Increased maximum value of Mirror LOD user setting (default now 0.3)
FIX : Physics objects & smoke can now be seen through your windscreen
FIX : Turn signals were switched off if car received any damage
FIX : Lightmap (lighting on cars) was positioned inaccurately
FIX : MRT5 gear indicator and fuel gauge are now visible

List of Hosts :

List is produced much faster (by using UDP instead of TCP)
Host options are displayed after clicking on a host to join
Improved order of "sort by version number" option (V column)
Number of cars in race and maximum are displayed for each host
Page up / page down / home / end keys now move through the list
Improved layout, appearance and options filters (with descriptions)
FIX : No response in List of Hosts after failing to join a host
FIX : Closing X connects message when trying to return to menu

Interface :

Click car arrow on small map to view that car
Blue and yellow flags removed from cruise mode
Connections list is now shown in alphabetical order
Click name in race position list to view that player's car
New key : SHIFT+Z to show the mouse cursor when it would be hidden
V / TAB / P / HOME / F1 / F2 / F3 / F / SHIFT+M / N work in options
Window size and position now restored after full screen or exit LFS
Direction to turn and speed limit is shown when leaving pit garage
Unlock screen : new "clear" button to remove name and password
New text command /showmouse [yes/no] does the same as SHIFT+Z
FIX : It was possible to start a replay during an active vote
FIX : F12 tyre display for remote car could go off screen
FIX : Central message sub-text disappeared in escape menu
FIX : Player name was wrong in entry screen after replay
FIX : Skin names containing a '.' could not be loaded

Autocross :

New key : SHIFT+O to enter options from SHIFT+U mode
Smoother view adjustment with left mouse button while following car
FIX : Autocross editor buttons were wrongly scaled with the interface
FIX : Selected object in editor vanished behind anything transparent
FIX : Could cross finish line without passing all route checkers
FIX : Autocross route checkers only worked for one lap

Translations :

Included new Latin American Spanish translation
Korean, Spanish and Slovenian training lessons

Multiplayer :

Progress indicator for skin downloads while joining a host
New message from host replaces "Did not receive guest info"
FIX : Added checks to prevent guests joining with no user name or ID
FIX : OOS starting race after joining autocross host in entry screen
FIX : Dedicated host did not save skins used in MPR (for downloads)

Misc :

Implemented ABS brakes in XRG / RB4 / FXO / XRT / FZ5
Misc option "Shadow generation" to select optimal shadow draw
OutGauge : Dashboard lights reported in new OutGaugePack fields
InSim : Traction Control and ABS are now reported in IS_NPL packet
InSim : New packets to start / search replays and take screenshots
FIX : LFS could crash when many cars were in view (e.g. during MPR)
FIX : Mouse steering was stuck on full lock after minimising window
FIX : Vista 64 power save switched off monitor in full screen mode
FIX : Short cuts were possible in slalom course training lesson
FIX : Follower view angle setting changed when LFS restarted
FIX : MPR buffer overflow vulnerability (thanks to muhaa)
FIX : Crash in game setup screen after removing a player

0.5Z[edit | edit source]

- Jul 2, 2008

Graphics :

updated interiors in FOX / FO8 / XF and XR (GTR and road) cars
Improved frame rates - subobjects now use hardware vertex shading
Improved sky rendering - less distortion, small frame rate increase
Smarter level of detail calculations for best detail and frame rate
Driver names are now directly above car with no acceleration offset
Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering support in Graphics Options
Mirrors with horizontal offset applied now stay inside windscreen
JPG advert textures now used in all tracks (folder : data\pic)
Improved control of mip bias : 4 sliders in Graphics Options
Graphical and audio dynamic lod reductions are now instant
Increased maximum number of car shadows from 8 to 16
Antialiased virtual start lights and steering gauge
FIX : RB4 dashboard wrong in left hand drive mode

Physics :

XF GTR now has a sequential gearbox with ignition cut
Wind speeds and variations are now more moderate / less wild
Small improvements to default setups of XR Turbo / XR GTR / XF GTR
Moved and lowered centre of gravity in GTR cars for better handling
Lowered centre of gravity and updated rear suspension of XRT and RB4

Replays :

Escape menu and options now available during a multiplayer replay
Replay controls & timeline visible with mouse at bottom of screen
SP and MP replays now loop unless started by /mpr or /spr commands
External replay starting now works from replay screen or in replay
FIX : Paused indicator is now shown when paused at start of replay
FIX : Hang if escape menu was open at the end of a non-looping SPR
FIX : Could get stuck leaving a paused MPR while guest connecting
FIX : LFS wrongly allowed replay after adding AI in single player

Licensed demo racers system :

Demo racers now need a user name and GAME password to go online
Unified List of Hosts - S2 users can all Demo / S1 / S2 hosts
Demo / S1 racers can see all hosts running Demo / S1 content
Demo racers now automatically download skins but not upload

Double byte character support :

Included Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations
Selectable fonts for these languages in Game Options
Input method editor support including candidate lists
IME automatically switched on and off in text entry dialog
Input language is shown when editing text (white if IME active)
Name of active Chinese input method is shown (but not in Vista)

Translations support :

New Bulgarian translation including training lessons
Added flags beside names of translations in Game Options
New and updated training lesson translations in various languages
Tips section in training can have more lines if purpose is not full
FIX : Host welcome text was displayed in local code page (now Latin)
FIX : Overlapping text in F12 menu asymmetrical settings (in Polish)
FIX : Code page error on List of Hosts after changing language
FIX : Corrupted in-game text after changing language

Interface :

Faster text drawing system improves frame rate
Separate text entry field for AI number plates
Various minor graphical improvements in the interface
Improved filter (16 bit / 32 bit / all) in Screen Options
Network debug messages are no longer sent in InSim packets
Interface improvements including updated entry screen and options
Text input box is now drawn above user messages so easier to type
Hotlapping in demo version - user name is now stored in the replay
Controls setup now includes sensitivity multipliers for mouse axes
Auto mode switching so F9 to F12 / N / SHIFT+L work even if hidden
Line breaks in help text and lesson text now depend on actual width
Success or failure message is now shown for one second after CTRL+S
New game setup screen info message "X removed Y from the start grid"
FIX : In some rare cases SHIFT+U mode did not move with an arrow key
FIX : Changing gear shift type while driving made SPR go out of sync
FIX : Enter pits "Could not load colours" after renaming car colours
FIX : Autocross / drag can no longer be selected in hotlapping mode
FIX : It was possible to join a race with same name as an AI driver
FIX : Disabled various text commands from training (including /ai)
FIX : Sometimes incorrect message "Road tyres on rallycross track"
FIX : Code page of text when adding a new music track in channels
FIX : OutGauge and OutSim are no longer closed by starting InSim
FIX : Info button in List of Hosts showed laps instead of hours
FIX : Wall riding was possible on soft walls at South City
FIX : Command /entry did not work while watching a replay
FIX : ALT+F4 did not exit LFS from a training lesson

Multiplayer :

Dedicated host and network debug show connecting guest IP
New command /ndebug=no/yes to switch off/on network debug
New option /lytdir allows dedicated hosts to specify layout folder
On local network hosts only - false start no longer causes spectate
FIX : Admin could crash dedicated host by mistake with some commands
FIX : Host name code page error after clicking '?' in List of Hosts
FIX : Inaccurate remote cars lap time after passing a split in MPR
FIX : False message : Your skin was not found at
FIX : Joining a host with same name AI resulted in Join OOS
FIX : Rapid /ai command could exceed number of cars allowed
FIX : Rapid /ai NAME command resulted in AI with same name
FIX : User could spam TCP requests causing overload
FIX : Skin name buffer overflow exploit

Misc :

Added output frequency and slip fraction to the RAF file output
Documentation references to '<' / '>' keys changed to ',' / '.'
InSim : A LAG bit is now available in the MCI CompCar structure
InSim : MCI packets are now sent at regular game update intervals
Improved cfg.txt Music Dir option (specifies folder for ogg files)
All paths (including reversed configs) now included (in SMX folder)
FIX : Removed continual memory allocations in car shadow processing
FIX : Number of AI now correctly limited when using the /ai command
FIX : Updated car scripts XFR.lfs / FXR.lfs / XRR.lfs (sequential)
FIX : Ban statistic was sent when attempting to ban a host by /ban
FIX : AI could decide to refuel too late at tracks with one split
FIX : Low ASCII characters can no longer be read from text files
FIX : Could select invalid configuration and weather in cfg.txt

Known issues :

Stray pixels at texture edges increased by AA / AF
Dedicated host does not display double byte characters
Name of active Chinese input method is not shown in Vista

0.5Y[edit | edit source]

- Dec 21, 2007

[b]Changes from X10 to Y :[/b]

Content :

New demo car : Formula BMW FB02
Removed XR GT Turbo car from demo
Chicane route added to South City

AI :

AI can now drive faster and can deal with changing car
AI can drive out of pit garage for qualify or practice
Can now make pit stops for fuel / damage / must pit rule
No longer stop and reset to repair their car (pit instead)
Save and load functions for start grid in single player

Physics :

Engine moment of inertia increased in all cars
Handbrake is now applied at the start in hotlap mode
Gear change auto throttle cut and blip options removed
Manual clutch is now fully manual and engines can stall
Improved simulation of sequential and h-pattern gearboxes
Live anti roll and brake balance only allowed on race cars
Redline rpm and rev limiter rpm point reduced in all cars
RB4 - reduced mass by 18 kg / FXO - reduced tyre width
FXO GTR - reduced mass by 20 kg to improve GTR balance
GTR class also balanced by engine / gearboxes changes
Racing tyres generate more heat and wear more quickly
Clutch overheating system and display in F9 / F10
FIX : Error in position of wind resistance centre

South City :

Many graphical updates and new configuration added
Kerb construction modified making wall collisions safer
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\SO_ADSx.jpg)

Blackwood :

Modified chicane and section after main straight
Slightly narrower track and various graphical updates
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\BL_ADSx.jpg)

Fern Bay :

Tyre stacks to stop cutting Rallycross Green Turn 1
Fixes / pit lane cameras / removed large bridge adverts
JPG textures now used for adverts (data\pic\FE_ADSx.jpg)

Graphics :

Minor updates to Formula V8
FIX : XRG / XRT / XRR side mirrors

Languages :

Translatable damage display in F10 mode
Added Lithuanian and Latvian translations

Views :

Adjustable cockpit view position for each car
Left / right one button look functions now 45 degrees
Left + right two button look functions now 90 degrees
One button look is now adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees
Look behind button in road cars - look back from centre
Look behind button in racing cars - show virtual mirror
FIX : Forced cockpit view now only affects your own car
FIX : Skid marks and rubber are now visible through screen

Multiplayer :

Maximum size of config file (setup.cfg) doubled to 4 KB
Command /spec X can be used by guests to remove AI drivers
Time between reset and race start increased by six seconds
Added "cruise" option and filter (allows wrong way driving)
FIX : Remote clutch was pressed while shift paddle was held
FIX : Lap timers did not work after /pitlane X or /pit_all
FIX : Vulnerabilities that allowed a server to be crashed

Interface :

Damage repair is now a selectable option
Pit stop damage repair takes twice as long
Engines are no longer repaired in pit stops
Pit stop still continues after car is nudged
Added some missing commands to the /help text
Updated LFS icon in LFS.exe - thanks to ORION
LFS icon appears at top left of an LFS window
Can now drive up to 1 km/h over the speed limit
Redline display on tacho now has maximum accuracy
Press 4 key to see a racing line for any viewed car
Show racing line is disallowed in hotlapping and FCV
Can Reset and Must Pit added as single player options
New command /entry - makes LFS return to entry screen
Fuel per lap estimate now shown in pits - info section
Added Bridgestone and Avon tyre manufacturers in setups
Speedo (both types) improved text size and aspect ratio
Dashboard fuel displays now shown as % instead of litres
Setup and colour config files now use three letter prefix
Autocross layouts can now be selected in the track screen
Removed digital speedo option - now depends on type of car
Pit Stop fuel is now the fuel amount to be added at pit stop
Best lap time is now shown at top right during a normal race
Downforce distribution now shown in pits - downforce section
Tips page updated to include a new tip and remove an old one
FIX : Virtual dash appeared when viewing a remote undrawn car
FIX : All pressed keys are now released when LFS loses focus
FIX : CTRL + SHIFT tried to show user names in single player
FIX : Sound and controller issues when changing screen mode
FIX : Codepage of rename and delete buttons in save dialog
FIX : Comma could not be used to enter interface scale
FIX : MPR with licensed track causeD LFS demo to crash
FIX : Recalibrate axes button set all axes to "X axis"
FIX : Buffer overflow issue in SPR and MPR files

Auto update system :

Auto updater checks to see if patch is already downloaded
LFS switches to window on entry if it does not have focus
Patch files are not deleted until user answers "Restart?"
FIX : InSim bind error on restart after auto update

Sound :

Included new default sounds for BF1 / FZ5 / FZR / FOX
Sound is now switched off while changing screen resolution

Training :

Included new full pack of lessons - thanks to GP4Flo
Racing line is drawn on ground in Test Drive lessons
No penalty for hitting objects in Test Drive lessons
Pressing ESC in test drive lessons results in a pass
Can now hit objects / cones after completing a lesson
Message is shown on screen if you hit a car overtaking
Enter key can now be used to press any green button
Removed countdown and info text at start of lesson

InSim :

FIX : Zero degrees FOV in CPP could cause LFS to crash
FIX : InSim - CCI_FIRST / CCI_LAST not set if player in pits

[b]Changes from X to X10 :[/b]

Interface :

Available start grid size now shown in game setup screen
Results table now shows user names if you press CTRL+SHIFT
Improved positioning of 3d menu objects (drivers and cars)
Display positioning support in Options->Display->Interface
Added buttons to reset position and size of moved interface
Analogue steer smooth max raised to 0.95 (to help gamepads)
Faster downloading system for auto update and offline skins
FIX : Autocross timing info turned orange after any results
FIX : ALT+F4 and /exit command now exit from meeting room

Graphics :

Minor optimisation in 2d display system
Optimised wide screen effect by using a viewport
Optimised mirror draw by using a narrow viewport
Removed missing lines of 2d elements at screen edges
Graphics option : 32 bit sky (32 bit is now default)
Improved texture purging code (avoiding possible crash)
FIX : Shift light was invisible in single player replays
FIX : GetPlateHandle message could come up on a busy host

Multiplayer :

Added new multiplayer option : force cockpit view
Removed full hosts filter from List of Games screen
Moved cones and physics objects are restored more quickly
Added handicaps / start position / user name to MPR header
Show time and date of MPR by holding CTRL+SHIFT during replay
FIX : It was possible for any guest to cause a host to crash
FIX : A player is connecting stayed on after MPR finished
FIX : Command /end did not work if no players in race
FIX : Wrong way autokick did not work

InSim / Programmers :

Username is now saved in SP Replays
Driver model byte added to IS_NPL packet
Minimum MCI / NLP time interval reduced to 50 ms
New packet IS_AXO sent when an autocross object is hit
New packets IS_AXI and IS_AXC report layout information
FIX : Guests could not see ALWAYS_ON buttons in all screens
FIX : Guests sent corrupted data in a long IS_BTT packet
FIX : Dedicated host could not fill in split nodes info
FIX : Dedicated host did not report race positions

0.5X[edit | edit source]

- Jun 8, 2007

Multiplayer :

Up to 47 guests can connect to a host
Max cars in multiplayer race increased to 32
In demo 12 can race and up to 15 connections
Disconnection reason is now shown in MP Replay
Can now save MPR from dedicated host (auto or manual)
A new connection queuing system to make connecting easy
Car is no longer held at start line - false starts possible
Start lights time between red and green is changed each race
Kick and ban votes never need more than eight people to vote
Ban votes can be completed after the player has disconnected
Votes do not expire and are not reset when a player joins host
Ready on game setup screen is not reset when a player connects
Current vote is shown beside player name and in connection list
Improved race position list so the confirmed results are locked
Fuel load is no longer visible in MPR (for strategy protection)
Avoided most of the "Can't x - a player is connecting" messages
Implemented a new "canreset" option while leaving hotlaps valid
BLUE FLAG works in practice (priority to those not on first lap)
Automatic spectate driving out of bounds when reset not allowed
Optimisation to improve frame rate in SHIFT+U mode when online
Removed "unknown finisher" and associated stats / insim issues
Improved the code that relays car position updates to guests
Global handicaps for class balancing (set by master server)
Remote car's handicap shown in F11 menu, tyres in F12 menu
Grid reordering is now done on end race as well as restart
FIX : Pit instructions were wrong when taking over a car
FIX : Penalty in pit stop would make the stop never end

Racing :

Start and pit fuel loads range from 1% to 100%
Qualifying and practice now start from the pit lane
Qualifying out lap is no longer counted as a valid lap
Single player now allows up to 20 ai cars (powerful pc)
Pit instructions and live settings work in single player
Admin penalties and commands are now recorded in SP Replays
SHIFT+G gear shift selection no longer stops SPR recording
New voluntary handicap system in pits (part of setup)
Added preload setting to clutch pack differentials
FIX : AI drivers ignored the pit lane speed limit

Display :

Small map colours can be changed : Options-Display-Interface
Small map cars more than one lap ahead are a different colour
Automatic show results - leaves small map visible when driving
Hide / show results removed from options - available on CTRL+TAB
Timing info shown in orange after winner crosses line / time over
Yellow finished message is no longer duplicated in central text
Connection bars are not drawn if they would obscure tyre info
Qualifying cars on out lap are drawn orange (others yellow)
Qualifying position is shown in yellow like race position
Added text on screen showing the reason for a penalty
Display option : Virtual steering gauge
Display option : Rotate small map

Interface :

Added button to spectate directly from pits
Supporting TrackIR with 6 degrees of freedom
Scroll though autocross results with PgUp / PgDn
SHIFT+P now enters garage from game setup screen
SHIFT+O now enters options when watching a SP replay
New keys SHIFT+S (spectate) and SHIFT+P (go to pits)
Button look is now added to the yaw output of TrackIR
Automatic unpause when starting or restarting a replay
Ignition key "I" is now assignable to any key or button
Removed the sound effect of a racer pitting or spectating
Pit instructions fuel load can now be adjusted in 1% steps
Escape menu improvements : can use keys (listed on screen)
Race control message now has priority over wrong way message
Wider FOV and more view pitch available (for extreme settings)
Filter added to list of games to avoid hosts which allow reset
Dedicated host now has a grey screen so you can read black text
Used top left temporary message for CTRL+TAB and other functions
Increased message history size to 20 stored + 20 recent (was 16)
Place objects is now switched off when entering race or qualifying
Code page names are now translatable for switching keyboard layouts
FIX : Dedicated host could stop responding to messages and commands
FIX : Start restriction countdown was missing from OK button in pits

Skins :

Replay skins download screen new "always" and "never" options
High res premium skin download system (£1 for 2000 downloads)
System to purge skins from graphics card memory when not used
Skin download and preload during connection after loading track
Improved the "new colours" system - combined with skin selection
Skins in skins folder are not converted to dds if using full skins

InSim :

New version of InSim allows up to eight TCP or UDP connections
New buttons system allowing better interface in InSim programs
More race tracking info and many packets added (see InSim.txt)
More commands now work on AI drivers : /spec /pitlane /p_xxx
More commands work even if player joining e.g. /spec /laps
New /i command to send a message to a race control program
Race penalty can now be removed with /p_clear command
Send all players to their pits with /pit_all command
Admins can now use the IS_REO (race reorder) packet
IS_CPP can now be used to set custom view position

System :

Removed the option not to use HVS if it is available
Better messages showing the reason for disconnection
Admins can now edit and /axsave layouts while online
Admin ban dialog now asks for a number of days to ban
Admins can now see other admins in list of connections
Added short track name to SPR, MPR and RAF file formats
Command /mprdir to specify mpr folder on dedicated host
MPR file format : result times now saved in milliseconds
Added handicap mass and restriction to hotlap file header
Increased maximum physics objects due to more cars on track
Start grid remains when track or config changes (if possible)
Start time added to MPR file @ offset 36 (seconds since 1/1/1970)
Command line command /player (start LFS with specified player name)
New command /wait (like /exec but LFS hangs until the program exits)
New command /hlog to set log file on host - command /log is now local
FIX : Could not delete all text after clicking a name in meeting room
FIX : Overtaking lesson could sometimes give an invalid lesson result
FIX : Removed the need to pass a split after receiving admin penalty
FIX : The TAB key did not work with /press /ctrl and /shift commands
FIX : Occasional black screen bug when changing to full screen mode
FIX : Autocross checkpoints in line could cause rapid lap count bug
FIX : Path followers were reset when an object was added or removed
FIX : Path follower reset caused a glitch or an out of bounds reset
FIX : Some objects were not drawn after exiting pits while paused
FIX : Start lights were not shown in some of the training lessons
FIX : Autocross layout number of laps sometimes did not load
FIX : In single player /end command did not exit correctly
FIX : Find user in S2 mode looking for racer on S1 host
FIX : Safer code when changing windowed to full screen
FIX : Occasional crash when exiting from List of Games
FIX : Long messages could sometimes get cut short

0.5W[edit | edit source]

- Mar 31, 2007

Sound :

Included new default car sounds created by DaveWS
Engine sounds automatically switch to new defaults
No need to type edit_eng before using sound editor
Distortion is constant regardless of volume setting
New PACK button in sound editor to load a sound pack
TV camera and SHIFT+U avoid skid / wind volume boost
SKid and wind volumes are 33% louder for all settings

2D Display :

Improved small map car pointers
Improved needles and markers on clocks
Slightly more efficient 2d graphics drawing
Driver names appeared too late when using wide FOV
User LOD defaults to 0.8 (higher than old versions)
Reduced width of lag meter (see more with ctrl+shift)
Cars one lap behind are now shown in grey on small map
FIX : Wide screen autocross object selection buttons
FIX : Invisible warning when wrong way reversing

Graphics :

Higher resolution image in mirrors
Higher level of detail available in main view
LOD is no longer reduced with fov over 90 degrees
Removed unecessary LOD checks on most scenery
Removed option "Wider screen increases LOD"
Removed option "All scenery at maximum LOD"

Interface :

Selected setup is displayed in F12 menu
Another small reduction in pit-out glitch
ESC now closes live suspension view and sound editor
HOME key now works correctly in single player replays
ESC in game setup screen now exits to entry screen
SHIFT+O in main entry screen now goes to options
CTRL+S saves a screen shot to the shots folder
Setups can be sorted by name as well as date
Any resolution as wide as 3:1 is considered 3 screen
FIX : Default sound selected when deleting a colour
FIX : Mouse cursor is now visible on window border
FIX : Small renaming bug when saving replays

Multiplayer :

Some improvements to the ? info system in List of Games
LFS S1 / S2 hosts can now store up to 400 banned users
Admins can now use in-game : /laps /qual /hours /wind
New InSim packets (pit - penalty - take over - flags)
Join specific game - colours are removed from name
New option /adminslots=X reserves slots for admins
FIX : MsgOutPack (MSO) now shows long user messages
FIX : Wrong delay "setup changes" after tyre change

Views :

View options now visible before you go on track
Separate FOV stored for each car's custom view
Separate steer look option for each custom view
Improved options for follow view (chase cam)
View screen rearranged to make more sense

Misc :

New language included : Slovenian / Slovenski
Game setup screen stats : join - pit - spectate
Unlocks now increased every Friday instead of monthly
Master port is now selectable in cfg.txt (29339 or 8080)
Set log file name / or /log to stop logging
FIX : Unlocking issue with AMD Athlon 64
FIX : Unlocking issue with Cedega

0.5V[edit | edit source]

- Dec 22, 2006

Sound :

Improved car engine and other sounds, added gear whine etc.
One extra car sound is now played (now 5 including your own car)
Sound now plays at low speed, if replay at 0.5 or 0.25 speed
Skid / scrape sounds are now bounded to reasonable level
Now generated at 100 Hz resolution - same as physics
Engine can now be heard from a greater distance
Improved wind volume at low and high speeds

FIX : Corrected volume of interface sounds
FIX : Small clicks audible a few times per lap
FIX : Removed crackling of sounds related to echoes
FIX : Bug in camera position height part of sound calculation
FIX : No music when watching MP Replay with music in replays ON
FIX : Looping music buffer while selecting a track - now silent
FIX : Nasty sound clicks when cars got nearer and further away

Multiplayer :

Improved multiplayer synchronisation checking (OOS)
SHIFT+S when spectating now goes directly to garage
Garage when not in race now shows spectate and join buttons
Clicking join with no car selected goes to select car screen
Can't join race / leave pits for 12 seconds after green light
One extra car in high resolution physics (car in front at start)
Discount immediate pit stops from the "must pit" rule (cheating)

FIX : Rare crash in blue flags calculation
FIX : LFS online hosts would hang if run for 50 days
FIX : Stuck in entry screen if host has run for 25 days
FIX : Rare problem causing your car to vanish on other computers
FIX : Spectate after autocross run caused "Unknown finisher" message
FIX : A player in pits could be forced to spectate at end of race
FIX : Qualifying countdown was too short if less than 4 in race
FIX : Mandatory pit stop is now not allowed to be on final lap
FIX : RCM now has priority over race finished messages

2D Display :

Misc Option : Show time instead of FPS in-game
New path draw for game setup screen and in-game
Realistic speedometer based on drive shaft speed
Hold CTRL+SHIFT to show time instead of frame rate
User messages no longer obscure the frame rate display
Not recording message is now only displayed for 8 seconds
Messages now visible but dimmed in ESCAPE and OPTIONS screens
FOV adjust keys (5/6) now show the FOV in a temporary message
Virtual start lights are now displayed on the right by default
Small map is now never shown on the left if right is selected
Message history (H) is now hidden at race restart or SHIFT+F
Option to show small map on left or right of screen
Removed text "LEFT pit lane" and "ENTERED pit lane"
Central text now visible in SHIFT+F mode (option)
Temporary messages now visible even if fps is off
Real mirrors are now invisible if set to virtual
Added UP and DOWN buttons to options screen
Messages are now hidden in the ESCAPE menu

Interface :

Easier to get to desired FOV using 5 and 6 zoom keys
Text entry box is smaller and blocks driving view less
Button control rate option now visible in wheel/js mode
Improved instant gear shift mode selection function SHIFT+G
New general purpose save and load dialogs with rename / delete
List of games screen allows sorting hosts by clicking column title
Improved replay selection screen, added delete, rename and info
Keys Y/N (yes/no) now work on the replay skins download screen
Option to switch off acceleration view shifts in custom views
Mirror mode for driver and custom views (now in view options)
Added "all" to clocks mode options (off, real, virtual, all)
New track selection screen allows track browsing before load
Graphics options changed around to be intuitive / consistent
New graphics option : Draw sky (replaces screen clear type)
Controls screen now shows the function assigned to a button
Scroll bar added if more than 7 players in list of players
Skip intro option is now very fast (avoids loading track)
Skip intro option renamed to : Load track when starting
FIX : Button opacity option affected the colour sliders
Game setup screen : ENTER key - joins race / sets ready
Game setup screen : now shows local and UTC (GMT) time
Game setup screen : Can now use /spec(tate) X command
Cleaner replay start - avoiding flashing entry screen
Start New Game / Join Specific Game : Added ENTER key
Misc Option : 12 hour or 24 hour format selectable
Car picture can now select the car (not just text)
Some improvements to graphics options and layout
Close window button (X) does a quick clean exit
New /exit command also does a quick clean exit
Added ALT+F1 to F12 as programmable text keys
Key ALT+F4 is programmed to /exit by default
Added rename function for car setups

FIX : LOD values were rounding to one decimal place
FIX : Clutch pedal was not shown in controls setup screen
FIX : Mip bias setting was wrongly affecting in-game text
FIX : Clickable buttons in connection list at start of race
FIX : Changes were lost when selecting in car / custom views
FIX : Could not view user names in replay if MP mode was Demo
FIX : Arrow keys work in wheel mode even if assigned to KB steer
FIX : Messages were unblocked by sending any command to the host
FIX : Black screen bug changing between full screen and windowed
FIX : Move speed slider didn't work in high view if following car
FIX : Channel screen brought up a background while in game

Views :

Improved position of road car internal mirrors
Internal mirror offset limit increased to 400 mm
Separate mirror offset for custom and internal views
Single seater car shadows now visible in custom views
Cameta roll function added to SHIFT+U free camera mode
Custom view mode selection now separate for main and look
Buttons in view options to set custom view to eye or centre
BF1 / FO8 show virtual clocks if wheel draw is switched off
Maximum value reached marker added to virtual pedals
TV camera, CTRL + arrow keys change zoom and roll
Draw driver / wheel option added to custom views
Custom views are now stored in data\views folder
Custom view settings now separate for all cars

FIX : Excessive acceleration view shift in fast cars
FIX : Formula dash live settings now work in custom view
FIX : Mirror option ALL did not show a mirror in wheels view

Controllers :

Axis, button and key assignments stored in .con files
Sequential shift automatically used for single seaters
Separate shift help settings for sequential and shifter
All steering wheels default to separate throttle / brake
Non-wheel game controllers default to combined thr / brk
Controls setup screen now shows the currently pressed buttons
Wheel turn minimum reduced to 90 degrees (for sticks / pads)
CTRL+F1 to F12 text keys are all now assignable to buttons
Car's steering wheel turns now shown in steering settings

New LFS script system :

- Place text file of commands xxx.lfs in script folder
- Then script xxx.lfs can be run by typing /run xxx
- Note : CAR.lfs is run when you select CAR e.g. XFG, BF1
- Note : autoexec.lfs is run when LFS reaches entry screen

New text commands added (see Commands.txt in docs folder) :

/fov [degrees] - field of view
/ff [0-200] - force feedback strength
/axis [axis] [function] - e.g. /axis 2 throttle
/invert [0/1] [function] - e.g. /invert 1 brake
/button [button] [function] - e.g. /button 5 shift_up
/key [key] [function] - e.g. /key Q handbrake
/head_tilt [degrees] - 1g head tilt
/lateral_shift [m] - 1g lateral shift
/forward_shift [m] - 1g forward shift
/vertical_shift [m] - 1g vertical shift
/say [message] - same as typing a chat message
/echo [text] - show text only on local screen
/spec [name] - same as spectate [name]
/ctrlf [num] [text] - change text e.g. /ctrlf 1 hello
/altf [num] [text] - change text e.g. /altf 1 /view=driver
/wheel_turn [degrees] - specify turn angle of controller
/press [key] - simulate key press
/ctrl [key] - ctrl + key
/shift [key] - shift + key
/alt [key] - alt + key
/autoclutch [0-1] - turn autoclutch off / on
/gccut [0-1] - throttle cut on upshift
/gcblip [0-1] - throttle blip on downshift
/axlaps [num] - set autocross number of laps
/view [fol/heli/cam/driver/custom] - select view

IN A SCRIPT : //comment - this line is ignored
IN CHAT BOX : //xxx - short for /run xxx

/hrun X : admin can run script X on host
/exec E C : run program E with command line C

/shifter [auto/sequential/shifter] - shift mode (like SHIFT+G)
/hidetext [no/yes] - hide text (like SHIFT+F)
Windows Vista Support :

Sound now works correctly in Windows Vista
Unlocking is now possible in Windows Vista

Misc :

Added file docs\Commands.txt - listing ALL commands
Updated... docs\Autocross.txt - for new functions

Option : minimum time between gearshifts (debounce)
S1 users can now use the automatic skin download system
Automatic update system gives info, downloads, installs patch
FF Steps now defaults to 256 (this gives higher resolution FF)
Layouts do not set the number of laps unless a start pos exists
S2 users can see and join S1 hosts in List of Games screen
When first run, LFS defaults to desktop screen resolution
Restricted areas and route checkers added to autocross
Welcome / Tracks filename length increased to 31 chars
New car data output files (press letter O in garage)
Gearshift debounced (can't shift twice within 50 ms)

InSim : MCI packets are now available in arenas
InSim : IS_RES qualify packets sent even if not in table

FIX : Outguage reported remote cars fuel load
FIX : Driver's body optimisation was too sensitive
FIX : Selecting drag strip often resulted in 3 lap race
FIX : OutGauge now works on remote cars / MPR / external
FIX : Reverse driving in hotlapping mode now invalidates HLVC
FIX : Starting LFS with /join command needlessly loaded last track
FIX : Corrected positions of translator names on credits screen
FIX : A few wrong vertices on driver necks and marshall helmet
FIX : Mirrors and clocks sometimes corrupted after minimising
FIX : Small map sometimes went off screen or overlapped text
FIX : Unlock was lost after hibernation on some computers
FIX : CTRL+F keys did not work during replays

New file associations system :

SPR / MPR / SET / LYT files can now be opened directly
In Windows, right click and set them to open with LFS

Double clicking a SET or LYT file copies it to its folder
Double clicking a SPR or MPR file copies and runs the replay

0.5S[edit | edit source]

- Apr 21, 2006

Included the BMW Sauber racing car
Improved the slipstream simulation
Improvements in tyre and car physics
Graphics option : Use compressed skins
Included Spanish training translations
Replay speed (F2) minimum is now 0.125
Traction control added to FZ50 road car
Updated translator names on credits page
Longer start delay if more players in race
Gear shift levers no longer hold the clutch
Pit speed limiter now visible on remote cars
Better dashboard on Formula XR and Formula V8
French and Russian keys guides (in docs folder)
InSim NLP and MCI packets now support 2000 laps
Small changes to the mass and power of some cars
15:4 screen ratio now detected as a 3-screen mode

FIX : Wing angle bug causing physics exploit
FIX : Command line /hours=x is now implemented
FIX : Bug in haze effect, now usable in tv cameras
FIX : Bug in demo /ban function with coloured names
FIX : After driver change - timing info not visible
FIX : Qualifying could end up to 6 seconds too early
FIX : Pasting long line of text would make LFS crash
FIX : LFSW lap times bounded to 1 hour to avoid wrap
FIX : Could sometimes teleport after a driver change
FIX : Changing tyre type, warmed to wrong temperature
FIX : Could get stuck in pits when changing fuel load
FIX : Mudguards and brakes vanish when changing plate

0.5Q[edit | edit source]

- Nov 26, 2005

New language support :

Several updates allowing new translations and new character sets...

6 new codepages in addition to Latin-1 :
- Cyrillic, Greek, Central Europe, Turkish, Baltic, Japanese (Katakana)

5 new translations :
Russian, Estonian, Serbian, Greek, Polish

Automatic codepage selection, when changing keyboard in Windows
New text entry system, handles multiple codepages and colours
User can select code page manually, if required (press CTRL)
Text colours - CTRL + 0 to 7 : change colour / CTRL + 8 : default
Can use a comma instead of a full stop when entering a number
New ^9 code - restore original colour without changing codepage
Autocross editor distance measure display is now translatable
CTRL in text input box : click down arrow to show characters

Other updates :

Pit stop required (yes or OK=done) is now shown in the F12 menu
Avoiding invalid key beep on Scroll Lock, Num Lock and Pause
Faster text draw by using fewer, bigger textures (less swapping)
SHIFT+O now enters options from setup screen (same as in game)
Join screen shows selected player and gives access to options
"Corrupted NameReply" error message removed from List of Games
New /out command - ignored by LFS but seen by InSim programs
Controller buttons can be assigned to text keys CTRL+F9-F12

Fixes :

FIX : Wrong fuel amount transferred to new player when taking over car
FIX : Faulty online host sometimes causing LFS to hang in List of Games
FIX : Some missing characters added to Latin 1 code page
FIX : "Race Ends : 1" message shown wrongly in garage
FIX : KNW filenames depended on selected language
FIX : Some changes to the text in braking lessons
FIX : Numeric keypad 0,1,2,7,8,9,-,/ keys now work correctly in game
FIX : Loss of racing line rubber : "Path info changed" message
FIX : Text about upload of 56k modem - in fact 33.6 kbits/sec
FIX : Holding SHIFT+X from in-game put LFS into a strange state
FIX : Repeated message "Could not load colours - using default"
FIX : Crash if track changed when user was in select car screen
FIX : No mid-race join option now only active if 2 cars in race
FIX : Last key pressed in text box could activate its function
FIX : TAB and SHIFT+TAB should now show all cars and not crash
FIX : Page Up and Page Down keys generated " and ! characters
FIX : Small numerical error in foot-pounds and bar units
FIX : Third decimal place of message text size was not saved
FIX : Max length player name with a full stop would be corrupted
FIX : Various bugs and crashes when using nogfx / invisible host
FIX : Some problems with kick/ban and sharing of ambiguous names

0.5P[edit | edit source]

- Jun 25, 2005

Further developed physics and multiplayer systems
2 new single seater racing cars (not for the faint hearted)
3 GTR racing cars of around 500 bhp (keep your hair on)
2 front wheel drive racing saloon cars
2 sports cars, one rear and one mid engine
1 1000cc front wheel drive road car (where's that corner)
Kyoto Ring, Japan - with an Oval configuration
Westhill, England - a high speed track
Aston, England - long and short configurations
8 S1 cars with graphical and physical developments
3 updated S1 tracks (Blackwood, Fern Bay, South City)
New objects added to the S1 Autocross arena
Various types of suspension with realistic motion
Support for symmetric and asymmetric setups
Tyre wear, surface and and air temperatures
48 sampling spots per tyre allowing flat spots
Simulated and visible tyre deformation
Fuel usage, pit stops, speed limits and penalties
F12 Pit instructions system to change strategy
F11 Live settings : anti roll bar and brake balance
Yellow Flag and Blue Flag warning systems
Driver changing for time-based races e.g. 24 hour
And more...

0.5L[edit | edit source]

- Apr 30, 2005

FIX : Alpha sort of car windows / driver names / scenery
FIX : Number plate display when using special characters
FIX : Overhead names now shown unmirrored in the mirror
FIX : Garage 2d view showed another players car colour
FIX : Wheels are now always visible in force draw mode
FIX : Lap times / penalties carrying over to new race
FIX : Camber effect fixes (including low-lod physics)
FIX : BL Car Park now shown with name instead of BL3
FIX : Car's damage remaining at start of test drive
FIX : Auto shifter not changing down at low speeds
FIX : Missing characters in names output to files
FIX : Updated Blackwood track with various fixes
FIX : Fastest lap updated with an equal lap time
FIX : Sharper textures on flat / chalk objects
FIX : OOS - CAR on joining host or pit stop
FIX : Tyres overheating on soft surfaces
FIX : Repaired XF GTI shadow mesh

Steer compensation slider moved to controls screen
Visible driver in player options even when in game
JOOS - RES R1 etc (results) auto-correction system
JOOS - (other than results) auto-reconnect system
Asymmetric pressure / camber + clickable settings
Tyre temperature display shows green at optimum
Clutch pack differentials replace viscous type
Added optional ID parameter for OutSim packets
Some text characters moved / added / improved
Increased protection against message spamming
List of games now shows private hosts clearly
Show Pedals option now works in cockpit view
List of games filters now work in demo mode
New audio option for wind volume boost
Improved default setups of demo cars
XF GTI power increased to 120 bhp
Training lessons updated

0.5K[edit | edit source]

- Apr 5, 2005

S2 Demo ALPHA released
Demo content only with numerous improvements from 0.3

0.3H[edit | edit source]

- Oct 8, 2004


Skid marks
Darker tyres
Smoke improvements
Better CPU saving in entry screens
Included Italian, Spanish and Turkish translations
No need to type in key to unlock (a license is still required)
Virtual clocks are moved in when connection list (N) is displayed


Info message in List of Games
New online cheat protection system
Host auto-restarts in the event of a bad timeout error
Cleaned up and improved the code for connecting and disconnecting
FIX : Auto-kick of lagging racers who were not going the wrong way
FIX : Bugs that could cause an immediate OOS kick after connecting
FIX : Strange "Can't pit" messages when another racer was pitting
FIX : Bugs that could cause a multiple OOS kick while racing
FIX : Dedicated host startup error messages
FIX : InSim can bind to specified address
FIX : d3d error when entering multiplayer
FIX : Bug affecting remote cars accuracy
FIX : Changing password while online
FIX : Some rare crashes

0.3G[edit | edit source]

- Apr 10, 2004


Improved multiplayer timer to reduce time warping
Removed constant "Sync" messages from network debug
Block / unblock user messages by pressing "-" key
Faster host pinging when getting a List of Games
Removed "-" option from List of Games filters
Decreased the size of some packet buffers
Increased size of joiner and authorisation queues
FIX : ghost of user getting stuck in meeting room


Overhead names are smaller and invisible behind hills
SHIFT+U camera mode improvements (for follow car mode)
Default screen clear changed to "clr + sky" (faster)
FIX : Alpha object sorting when track LOD switched off
FIX : Crash that could happen when changing screen size
FIX : Lag / input problems that showed up with patch F


InSim system to control LFS with an external program
Various packets can be sent to or requested from LFS
Some new console text-based commands have been added
Please read InSim.txt file for programmer information


Small arrow indicates selected racer in position list
AI drivers try to select colour config with their name
Scroll bar on SPR / MPR / Skin selection screens
FIX : doppler bug with chase and helicopter views
FIX : /speedreduce and /reducehalf, can use "=" sign

0.3F[edit | edit source]

- Mar 2, 2004


Hardware Vertex Shading is now available and useful on high end cards
Higher resolution Z buffer is used and removes some graphical glitches
HVS status and Z buffer depth visible in Options...Graphics screen
New option to turn off Track LOD reduction - affects trees and track
Z buffer depth and HVS mode are selectable in Options... Graphics
Important hardware options saved to special file card_cfg.txt

---Keyboard Steering---

Old predictive keyboard steering system has been removed
Two modes of keyboard steering : "no help" and "assisted"
Fast Steer and Slow Steer slider bars and key assignments
Speed Steer Reduction and Half Reduce Speed m/s for KB
New commands to allow changing of these settings :
/speedreduce X : total steer reduction (0 to 1)
/reducehalf X : speed in m/s for half of reduction
New commands to allow save or load of keyboard settings :
/loadkb X : load settings file (data\misc\X.kbs)
/savekb X : save settings file


List of games : info button to show host race state
Meeting room : button shows number of people in the room
Autosaved filenames now stripped of illegal characters
Separate speed reduce settings for analogue and keyboard
Automatic language selection the first time LFS is run
MPR : replay autosave now uses more descriptive filename
SPR : controller type now shown in "connection list" (N)
List of Games new "-" filter - turn on to show old hosts
Controller type is now shown in list of connections
Right-click on list of connections to get editable name
CTRL + SHIFT now shows user name in race position list
Improved (some 3d cards) texture glitching on first lap
Added new translations - Nederlands.txt and Català.txt
Space bar no longer exits from Replay or Test Drive
Auto-restarted SP replay stays in selected view mode
FIX : Host selectable IP was affecting guest connections
FIX : Controllers now keep same value when window loses focus

---Host Changes---

Host name is displayed on console window

New commands for command line or host admin :

/autokick=no/yes/ban (Wrong way auto kick)
/start=fixed/finish/reverse/random (Default race start)

New admin commands (or non-admin if "select" is enabled) :

/autox XXX : load layout XXX for this area (AU1_XXX.lyt)
/axlist : get list of host's layouts for current track
/axlist TRACK : get list for specified track, e.g. AU1
/axclear : clear layout

Non-admin access to old commands if "select" is enabled :

/track /weather /qual /laps /wind

In-game notification when a racer gets a PB

New commands for anyone to get info from LFS World :

/w CMD sends command to LFS World for current car/track
e.g. /w pb (Personal Best) or /w laps (Laps)

/ws TRACK CAR CMD sends command for specified car/track
e.g. /ws BL1R T pb (get PB in XR GT Turbo at BL Rev)

More online DB access commands can be found on the
"LFS Keys" page at

New /m command to get info from master server :

/m find USER : find a user online
/m ? : get a list of master commands

DEMO host changes :

Can't join with a name that is already used
Admin can now use /kick X and /ban X Y

0.3E[edit | edit source]

- Dec 15, 2003

New S1 car is included : MRT5
Added Norwegian language pack
Hotlapping mode displays sector times
Handbrake is applied when leaving pits
MP Replay can now be paused with P key
Added drivers with grey and black suits
Mouse can be selected as a control axis
Resets with direction towards racing line
Shiny helmets - can change colour or skin
Improved AI speed (a bit) and reliability
Car is displayed in on-screen race results
View heading and view pitch stored per car
Follower view starts behind car when selected
Virtual mirror moves up when view pitched down
Graphical speedups - spokes, subobjects, drivers
Distance measurement in autocross editor - Press D
Refresh rate is selectable if supported by drivers
Can use command file instead of a long command line
Car is drawn at full resolution in pits / garage
FIX : Position of shadow has been improved
FIX : Minor change to smoke output by cars
FIX : Lighting bug at the edges of tyre tread
FIX : Overlapping timing text in translations
FIX : message logging crash with % in message
FIX : Replays going OOS on use of reset key
FIX : SO reset in mid air or on top of flyover
FIX : AI drivers can now get off the long grass
FIX : Added protection against some cheating methods
FIX : Crash caused by overflow in name and plate entry

0.3C[edit | edit source]

- Oct 30, 2003


Multiplayer system allows 16 connections in S1 mode
New multiplayer physics LOD system for remote cars
Multiplayer speedup option disabled in external views
New command line options /ip /admin /patchc
Host can specify the IP address to use
Admin password allows admin guest to control host
Host admin guests are immune from vote kick or ban
Host Option : Version C protocol - new functions

---Version C protocol---

Extra cheat protection for a known loophole
Allowed cars can be changed while host is running
Settings can be changed while host is running

---DEDI host changes---

Text input for messages and commands (see below)
DirectX&reg; installation is no longer required
The "nogfx" window size has been reduced


Central view is now an editable custom view
View sequence (V key) includes overhead camera
SHIFT + V - Go through view sequence in reverse
SHIFT + F1 - Return to default driver view
ALT + F1-F5 : Instant view selection
View option : Virtual start lights
New option for in-car view : Rotate view
List of names in-game : V button to view player
FIX : Instant look return when using steer view

---List of Games Screen---

Host filter options : Private / Public / Empty / Full
New meeting room system to meet other racers
Scroll bar added to the list of games


Car sounds limited to 4 nearest cars to improve FPS
High security firewalls : Port 80 option in cfg.txt
Difference timer duration increased to 12 seconds
Scroll bars added to setups and colours in garage
Text entry improved (CTRL + left / right / delete)
German, French and Portuguese translations updated
New Finnish translation pack included
FIX : ALT + some keys on french keyboard
FIX : Some crash bugs found in patch B

0.3B[edit | edit source]

- Sep 25, 2003

cars joining race - delay texture load to avoid glitch
faster track generation after first load of each track
list of games shows allowed cars and host settings
translation system - see readme.txt for more info
simple car draw headlights improved by removing glass
right-click now moves race laps or qualify mins by 10
version and copyright message now shown on entry screen
small improvements to dynamic lod system improving fps
qualifying : restart uses default system after a race
show names (N keypress) setting is stored on exit
game control keys now not affected by caps lock
quick key to skip current tune : SHIFT+K
font : updated and added some characters
misc option : dynamic LOD reduction switch
misc option : skip intro and exit screen
FIX : South City walls lacking HLVC check
FIX : hotlapping error (early start + limited laps)
FIX : MPR - races appearing as qualifying or practice
FIX : exhaust going to wrong side on left-drive car
FIX : non-ded host had to select at least one demo car
FIX : locked demo crashed loading replay with S1 track
FIX : editor buttons vanishing with too many objects
FIX : could not connect to a demo host with password
FIX : shifter could select higher gear than allowed
FIX : "host is loading track" bug - host repairs itself
FIX : special dedicated host can now support autocross

0.3A[edit | edit source]

- Jul 17, 2003

4 new cars, including fwd, rwd and 4wd
20 new race track configurations in two track areas
a drag strip, an autocross area and an autocross editor
automatically gathered online statistics on our website

0.2E1[edit | edit source]

- Jun 1, 2003

Z buffer improvement (wheels showing through body)
improved smoothness of user camera following car
new long single player replay SPR - replaces GST format
file header changes to SPR and MPR replays - see website
display option - show overall times [relative / absolute]
chat disabled during replays and F2 / F3 don't need SHIFT
guest.txt file added similar to hostX.txt see readme file
engine rotation directions set to normal for a road car
view option : central view Y and Z offset [forward / down]
suspension : wheel moving up far will hit a fixed bumpstop
pits / garage : suspension motion range is displayed
pits / garage : user can set individual gear ratios
FIX : join at same time - one racer getting another's car
FIX : untextured surfaces too dark when using 2X textures
FIX : text vanishing when backspace key is pressed
FIX : SHIFT / CTRL / ALT keys lift when window loses focus
FIX : controller inputs hold value when window loses focus
FIX : list of games now displays correct "can join" number
FIX : widescreen effect extra pixels at top of screen
FIX : faster host reconnect after unusual master error

0.2D[edit | edit source]

- May 7, 2003


screen to select resolution + 16 or 32 bit and quick keys
wide screen effect in screen options 16:9 on 4:3 monitor
special hot lap support system, hlvc and start position
user view camera - SHIFT+U from game
extra info in hoststatX.txt (see below command Line options)
command line now accepts empty password
hidden host - not in list of games but can connect by name
multiplayer synchronisation check - OOS player disconnects
option CTRL+C - limit mouse cursor position to LFS window
option CTRL+TAB - race results appear on screen
all settings bounded to standard (unhacked) range
skins_x folder for downloaded skins - not shown to select
display options - set colour of central text
MPR replays improvement - lag and warp reduction


multiplayer synchronisation bugs (false starts etc)
vanishing cars (loss of UDP) while spectating
now deletes hoststatX.txt on leaving program
cfg.txt : "Use HTL" option - changed and fixed
engine torque was acting relative to world axis
selecting MPR on different track now loads track, no crash
wrong mass in garage with low user lod + simple car draw
simple car draw XR brake lights on all the time
crash if changing "updating path" option
SHIFT+M to turn off mirrors - left a still image
sort by name on Select Skin screen now works
13th to 16th finisher - car error, 17th - freeze
MPR displayed "car error" at start if player in pits
colours and skins jumping around between cars
nogfx host display, not enough player slots
empty black screen entering new host after being kicked
steer look was wrongly enabled in mouse look modes
N for names, always displayed position list

0.2B[edit | edit source]

- Apr 2, 2003

UDP instead of TCP for multiplayer car position update packets
Lag and host overload reduced by UDP and packet rate limitation
More host options, number of guests separate from number of cars in race
Upload bandwidth calculation system - warns if host settings too high
Command line parameters for new host options + maxconns is now maxguests
Small change to renamed host output file, now has "guests" not "conns"
List of Games : stays in memory until refreshed
List of Games : shows track, e.g. BW-2R is Blackwood Rallycross reversed
List of Games : Host improvement to reduce "no reply" results
FIX : Simple car reflected mesh for left hand side drivers
FIX : wheelspin smoke increased
FIX : dedicated host crash when guests changed weather
FIX : "vote" command line parameter + added "select" parameter

0.2A[edit | edit source]

- Mar 22, 2003

Improved tyre physics
Car skin support
Clutch and shifter support
Skid pad
Multiple hosts on one pc (specify port)
More command line host options

0.1W[edit | edit source]

- Mar 4, 2003

FIX : Guest could not receive more than 32 games from master
FIX : Crash when using settings with long names
FIX : Warning if music file name is too long
View Option : Multiplayer FPS improvement (no update distant cars)
View Option : Multiplayer car draw distance
Remote player lap times are now exact (all need new version)
Lagged cars vanish instead of going off madly
SHIFT + M : Mirror on / off
Single player input update rate improved
Mirror FOV fixed at 60 degrees

0.1T[edit | edit source]

- Feb 19, 2003

View Option : Mouse look support (alternative to view with steer)
Minor sound improvement
Minor keyboard steer improvement
Avoid crash when remote player uses corrupted setup

0.1Q[edit | edit source]

- Feb 5, 2003

Can select primary or secondary master server
Small fps improvements
Smaller in-game text and map
Misc Option : Drop shadows on text
FIX : Mirror LOD bug
FIX : Player leaving cancels system votes

0.1P[edit | edit source]

- Jan 30, 2003

Misc Option : Vertical Sync (good way to repair controller lag)
FIX : Sound bug - caused small hangs each time a car got close
FIX : Unnecessary access to all objects exery frame reduced FPS

0.1N[edit | edit source]

- Dec 13, 2002

Allow up to 32x replay speedup if possible (shift-F3/F4)
Misc Option : Analogue controller smoothing
Misc Option : Screen clear type / simple sky
FIX : MPR Replay time limit
FIX : MPR Replay wrong player leaving
FIX : GST Replay FPS limitation
FIX : On screen lap time often out by 0.01s

0.1M[edit | edit source]

- Nov 29, 2002

Fix for multiplayer start line bug
Host auto-kicks player with start line bug
No reset car unless stopped
Stop repeated in-game votes
Replay analyser files improved
Start / finish point changed - affects split time readings
Making connections, removed call to gethostbyaddr
Controls Option : Keyboard steer (L + R holds position)
Controls Option : Throttle and brake rate (for button/key)
View Option : display wheels in centre view on/off
View Option : turn view with steer (excludes axis look)
FIX : Gain points from replay
FIX : Welcome screen bug after running dedicated host
FIX : Crash running nogfx host from fresh install
FIX : Entering name of tune on channels screen

0.1L[edit | edit source]

- Nov 18, 2002

VR support - 3 axis look
Calibration - Set centre button for input axes (C)
Replay saving not autosave by default
FIX : Long ogg filename crash (current limit 23)
ESC - skip intro (in addition to SPACE)
ESC - menu for GST replays
- Test drive car option
- Replay analyser output file (more info below)
Misc Option : Turn off in-game frame rate limitation

0.1K[edit | edit source]

- Nov 14, 2002

FIX : Ghost connection remaining on host
FIX : Multiplayer replay - "a player is connecting"
FIX : Bug on game list screen
FIX : Crash when creating invisible host
FIX : Filenames containing "."
FIX : Long replay filenames
FIX : More than 16 games "no info" appearing in list
View Options : FPS display off/left/right
Graphics Option : Trees in mirror
Misc Option : Maximum value for "Max frame rate" raised to 125 fps
Misc Option : Adjustable sound lag
SHIFT + W : Reinitialise sound
SHIFT + C : Reinitialise controllers and force feedback
Race positions list now showing much more of the time
Vote option (no/yes) added to command line options
Player names added to "hoststat.txt" status file

0.1J[edit | edit source]

- Nov 9, 2002

Drive after replay bug fixed
Gearshift indicator fixed on XR GT and XR GT Turbo
Command line startup options and non-directx host
Gamelist shows X for new version or V voting enabled
Send Setup button in list of connections (N)
Some multiplayer joining and timing bugs fixed
Out of bounds wheel / brake settings not allowed
Host option : Vote kick/ban
Misc option : AI drivers use player setup
Multiplayer replay improved
More setup slots in garage

0.1H[edit | edit source]

- Oct ??, 2002

Multiplayer replays
Longer length sound buffer
Complete text message with F keys
Misc Option : FPS limit (default 66 fps, max 100 fps)
Misc Option : Minimum Sleep (alternative lag bug repair)
Misc Option : Lag Bug Repair renamed to Screen Lock
FIX : Crash when clicking on a host
FIX : G3 hang / crash bugs
FIX : Player list showing in pits
FIX : Position of green text over cars
FIX : Green start light OFF colour

0.1G[edit | edit source]

- Oct 15, 2002

Out of sync videos bug fixed
Red shift light replacing yellow arrows
Message displayed when video runs out
HLVC 2 wheels on grass now acceptable
Graphics Option : screen width affects LOD
View Option : Race position list on/off
View Option : Message text size
Graphics Option : Draw trees on/off

0.1F[edit | edit source]

- Oct 11, 2002

POV Hat support (multiple controllers may need to reprogram buttons)
Race position indicator
N key displays race position list
Host automatically reconnects to master server after disconnection
SHIFT + F2 : Replay time slow down
SHIFT + F3 : Replay time speed up
Game Option : Single player hot lap validity check
View Option : Draw driver / steering wheel
View Option : Show checkpoint text / driver names
View Option : Manual shift indicator (up / down)
Host Option : Disconnect / Reconnect master server
Audio Option : Skid volume boost
Controls Option : Remove deadzones

0.1D[edit | edit source]

- Sep 14, 2002

1) Scrutineering is permanently on - this means that players with cars
that have been modified can only link up with other players with the
exact same modifications. The aim of this is to exclude cheating players
while still allowing modified players to connect online. Forcing the
cars to be equal is also essential for the multiplayer prediction.

2) More info on the List of Games screen - when you see a host that is
version D, the letters F, R and T signify the host's allowed cars:

3) Multiple controller support - multiple controllers are now supported.
This is a completely new inputs and force feedback system and your
input settings will have to be re-entered.

0.1B[edit | edit source]

- Sep 6, 2002

Added reversed track configurations
Lots of other bugfixes

0.04Q[edit | edit source]

- Aug 31, 2002


0.04k[edit | edit source]

- Aug 18, 2002

First official Live for Speed DEMO test version.