Lord Deimos

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Lord Deimos
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Lord Deimos in Mace: The Dark Age
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Mace: The Dark Age

Lord Deimos is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.

Bio[edit | edit source]

One of the members of the "Covenant of Seven", Lord Deimos hails from the European province of Bavaria and rules the region with an iron hand. Nobody knows of the warrior's true age or origin, but rumors have it that he may have lived for over several hundred years and is known only by his very blood red colored armor, anyone who ares defy him meet their end. His region is in a constant state of war in which whets his ever growing desire for power as well as the people who serve him have died for his desire for power. With his master: Asmodeous now waging war on those who serve him, Lord Deimos seizes the opportunity to claim power for himself, he desires Taria by his side and the powerful Mace in his hand.

Good Ending[edit | edit source]

Lord Deimos has defeated the powerful Asmodeous and claimed the Mace for himself. With the Mace at his side, Lord Deimos goes on to eliminate the rest of the Covenant of Seven and conquer their lands. Lord Deimos has united Europe and Arabia as one despotic state which will last for centuries and possibly for all time as the power of the Mace effectively makes Lord Deimos immortal.

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

Lord Deimos' campaign to capture the Mace has ended in utter failure. As he returns to his native region of Bavaria, he finds that his fortress has been over-run by the very citizens that once followed him. Severely weakened in power, Lord Deimos desperately tries to regain all that the rebel peasants have claimed, but he fails and the peasants have imprisoned him, but he escapes. In light of his recent failures, Lord Deimos sees the only option left: suicide. He leaps into the molten lava that surrounds his castle and jumps into it. What remains of the fallen Lord Deimos is an empty suit of armor.