Lord of Ultima

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Link to the on-line game: http://www.lordofultima.com

Cross posting the "About" page from this game:



Beloved Sosaria, shattered into countless islands and torn from its place in time, is gone. I mourn its passing, but even now turn my thoughts to the future.

Upon a vast ocean rises a new world, Caledonia. None can deny it is a fractured shadow of what once was, but I say glory still flickers in the ashes of the past.


It is said that only one possessed of strength and wisdom in equal measure can forge a new world free of darkness and fear. Such a task, though mightily daunting, would reap untold glory and riches.


Are you the one I seek? Have you the potency of spirit to heal our world? Can you seize the reigns of destiny, unite our lands and create a new kingdom?

Can you become the new...


Beware, imposters share our dream and must be dealt with...


This game is more of a MMO strategy game than a RPG. The basic goal is to build palaces to the 8 virtues and maintain control of them long enough to build each of them to "level 10 palaces" at a single point in time. The first alliance (team of 100 or fewer players) to achieve this goal will get a "Gold Crown" (in game achievement, AKA: bragging rights) to show off to other players in the game.

Some players view the game as primarily a "military game", and to "win a crown" there is an obvious need to fight/defend other alliances(teams). However, there are quite a few social aspects that are as important as the PVP(Player verses Player) components. Trying to get 100 online players to work as a team is a challenge and can be the key to success in the game.

The game is "free". However it is tied to the http://www.play4free.com system for Items ("power ups") that make the game much faster and competitive. If you only play for free, then you will not be a top player in this game.