Lupin Sansei: Densetsu No Hihou wo Oe!

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Lupin Sansei: Densetsu No Hihou wo Oe!
Box art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Epoch Co.|Developer}}, Ltd.]]]]
4-megabit cartridge
Super Famicom game controller
Super Famicom
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Lupin Sansei: Densetsu No Hihou wo Oe! (ルパン三世 伝説の秘宝を追え! Rupan Sansei: Densetsu No Hihou wo Oe!?, lit. "Lupin the 3rd: Hunt for the Treasure of Legend!") is a platform action/puzzle game based on the popular Monkey Punch characters. It was released by Epoch on December 27, 1994 for the Super Famicom console, solely in Japan.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon are at their Manhattan hideout plotting their next caper, when suddenly a large masked man bursts in. The man is escorted by a woman who proceeds to tell Lupin and the others that Fujiko has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner at one of the skyscrapers downtown. In order to get her back they must find the fountain of youth. When the two leave, Lupin decides to go and rescue Fujiko himself and sets off to save her. When arrives he discovers that the building is crawling with NYPD, all under the command of Zenigata... so Lupin must enter through the building's ventilation to find Fujiko.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As Lupin, the player must move through each maze-like floors of the skyscraper. The player must search around for the control computers in order to open the doors to freedom. The player also comes across an array of bizarre devices to aid in the quest, including spring shoes that allow Lupin to reach high places and to leap tall walls.

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