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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

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The soundtrack to the game features Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France, The Mills Brothers, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Lonnie Johnson, Latcho Drom and one track by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. The main theme to Mafia, along with the original score, was composed by Vladimir Šimůnek, and performed by the Bohemia Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens. The ending credits music is a cover of the song Lake of Fire, performed by the Lordz of Brooklyn. The last verse of the song borrows the musical arrangement of the theme song for the Godfather movies.


  • "Belleville" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Central Island
  • "Caravan" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Oakhill
  • "Chinatown, My Chinatown" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Chinatown
  • "Cavalerie" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Little Italy
  • "Echoes of France" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Oakwood
  • "Manoir de Mes Reves" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Hoboken
  • "Minor Swing" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in New Ark
  • "The Mooche" - Lonnie Johnson - Heard in Works Quarter
  • "Vendredi 13" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Down Town


  • "Douce ambiance" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Countryside
  • "Jet Black Blues" - Lonnie Johnson - Heard in Countryside
  • "I'm Living in a Great Big Way" - Louis Prima - Heard in Countryside Freeroam and in Running Man


  • "La Verdine" - Latcho Drom - Heard during mission "Running Man & You Lucky Bastard"
  • "Tiger Rag" - The Mills Brothers - Heard during mission "Molotov Party"
  • "Out For No Good" - The Mills Brothers - Heard during mission "Election Campaign"
  • "Cou-cou" - Django Reinhardt - Heard during mission "Happy Birthday"
  • "Lake Of Fire" - Lordz Of Brooklyn - Heard in End credits
  • "Moanin' for You" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Great Deal!
  • "You Run Your Mouth and I'll Run My Business" - Louis Jordan - Heard in Great Deal!
  • "I´m Not Rough" - Louis Armstrong

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