Magical Chaser ~Stardust of Dreams~

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Magical Chaser ~Stardust of Dreams~
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Magical Chaser ~Stardust of Dreams~ (まじかる★チェイサー ~Stardust of Dreams~ Majikaru★Cheisaa?) is a Japanese dōjin 2D fighting game for Windows, developed by the dōjin circle Dakken for the Fighter Maker 2nd engine and released on 2008. The game is a crossover of five magical girl Anime series: Ojamajo Doremi, Princess Comet, Fun Fun Pharmacy, Fushigiboshi no Futagohime and Kasmin.[1]

Characters[edit | edit source]

From Fushigiboshi no Futagohime:

  • Fine

She use short range magic attacks, Fine also count with the help of her twin sister Rein in several attacks and supers (in one of them she make the enemy dance in her own style). Her lv3 super summons Rein, then the both use their super transformation with a destructive attack in the enemy and if the battle is won with this super then Fine and Rein will have a special win pose with their transformation instead of returning to normal.

  • Bibin

She works as a unplayable final boss (but can be played with the help of a special code). She is very powerful and can use her servant Edochin in special moves and supers. In one of her special attack with Edochin, she spin him and throw away, but if the foe is close then the enemy will hit many times before she throw Edochin. In her lv3 super she traps her enemies with monstruous carnivorous plants for massive damage.

From Kasumin:

  • Kasumin

She have fast moves and small range magic attacks. She can also call a helper which sometimes seems to hurt herself (despite it seens there is no small health loss) and wacky super motions. Her lv3 super is very difficult to describe.

From Fun Fun Pharmacy:

  • Popuri

She have many wacky moves. One of her wacky supers lauch a tidal wave which sends the enemy away causing massive damage after reaching the edge of the screen. In her lv3 super she summon a group of moles who scratch the foe violently.

From Ojamajo Doremi:

  • Aiko Senoo

She mainly does throws attacks and fight a bit like Doremi. One of her wacky supermotions can make the foe get dressed in a outfit like the Doremi crew (however Doremi and Aiko herself doesn't get these outfits, since they're already dressed as it. But instead they transform into a mouse). Her lv3 super make her wear a luchadora like outfit with mask and a special costume, plus she have a helper to assist in the super motion.

  • Doremi Harukaze

She does many dash attacks followed by either a spin or a uppercut move and some throws (basic strategy used by the CPU). She also launch some magic attacks with her magic wand. One of her wacky super motions can make the foe have the same hair style as her. Her lv3 super summon the rest of Doremi crew who do a powerful magic attack in the enemy.

From Princess Comet:

  • Comet

She is a very weak character with slow moves that is required much strategy to defeat her foes. Her magic is a star which have different range depending of the buttom used and also can work as a anti-air motion. She does some spin attacks which can hit many times if close. She also can use teleportation device to escape from the foe or surprise the enemy. In one of her super motions she seemingly cosplay Princess Saphiri from the classic Ribbon no Kishi and slice the enemy 3 times. Her lv3 super launch the enemy upward, then later she give a kiss and throw the victim away. She is fought before Bibin if the player uses Princess Meteo.

  • Meteor

Meteo is a spoiled princess with many powerful moves. She have a special throw which she make the enemy fall and hysterically stomp in the fallen foe. She count with the help of her guardian Mook, despite she always punch him out after winning a fight. In her lv3 super, Meteo use her princess outfit and launch a powerful energy ball in the foe. Meteo is normally fought before Bibin, however if the player use Meteo, then the enemy before Bibin will be Princess Comet instead.

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