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Malon is adorable.

Malon is a young farm girl from the Legend of Zelda series. She first appeared in The Ocarina of Time as the cute little girl who sings songs to ponies at the Lon Lon Ranch. She giggles and flirts with Link and eventually teaches him Epona's Song when he is a child.

Malon appears to be based on the character Marin. They both have red hair, sing to animals, flirt with Link, and have a similarly named father that looks like Mario.

Cuteness. Notice the gold piece holding together her bandana is Bowser's head.

When Link comes back seven years later, all is not well at the Lon Lon Ranch. The farm hand Ingo sold the farm from under Malon's father, Talon, to the evil Ganondorf. Malon was forced into a life of shoveling horse 'presents' and chasing after Cuccos. Ingo promised Malon's favorite horse, Epona, to Ganondorf, as the horse had grown into one of the most powerful stallions in all of Hyrule. Ingo challenges Link to a series of horse races and as Link continues to win them Ingo ups the ante until he eventually promises Link that if he wins he gets to keep Epona. When Link wins Ingo makes good on his promise, but locks Link and Epona in the ranch and says that he can never leave.

Romani and Cremia from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask look just like Malon as an adult and child.

Fortunately Ingo is an idiot, and didn't realize that since Epona can jump fences, she can probably jump the one surrounding the farm. Epona and Link thusly escape into Hyrule Field. From that point on, Link could use Malon's song to call Epona from anywhere in the overworld. Peace was eventually brought back to Malon's home when Link, Zelda and the seven sages sealed Ganondorf and ended his reign. Malon ultimately becomes the owner of the ranch and Ingo takes her place as the ranch hand.

Malon became a fan favorite and has reappeared in many later Zelda games since Ocarina. Adult Malon, Zelda and Saria are often argued over by fanboys for the title of the "hottest Zelda chick evar" and have been featured in many-a-fan fic as Link's mistresses.