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Mambo a Go Go, is a music video game produced by Konami where players must rhythmically beat conga drums as colored notes fall from the top of the screen. There are 3 drums, each one divided into three sections, giving players a maximum of nine places to hit.

The game predominantly features Latin music including "Mambo No. 5", "La Bamba" and "El Bimbo" the song that served as the basis for "El Ritmo Tropical" used in the Dance Dance Revolution series.

Mambo a Go Go is probably the most obscure music video game by Konami, as it was overshadowed by another music game produced by Sega; Samba de Amigo. Despite this, some songs such as "Gamelan de Couple" and "La Bamba" were popular enough to make appearances in other Bemani series such as beatmania as Dance Dance Revolution.

A release of Mambo a Go Go in the United States under the title Mambo King was planned, but never materialized.[1]

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