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Heart Swap
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Seafaring Pokémon
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Manaphy (マナフィ, Manafi) is a recently released character in the Pokémon franchise. Its debut is in the 9th Pokémon Movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (in Japan, Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy), and is thought to be the Prince of the Sea Pokémon alluded to in the title of the Japanese movie. It was the 6th Pokémon of the fourth generation to be revealed by CoroCoro magazine. It was revealed alongside the silhouettes of three other Pokémon: the first one being Mantyke (the pre-evolution of Mantine), then Buizel, and Chatot.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Manaphy is a blue blob-like Pokémon, likely based on the sea angel. It has two long antennae extending from atop its head. At the end of these antennae are round objects that resemble a ball. Its eyes are large and yellow and its head is quite large in proportion to its small body. It has two yellow circles that resemble eyelashes extending up from the eyes. These also appear to be very similar to the chemical structure of the water molecule H2O, perhaps another reference to its highly aquatic nature. It also has jewel-like markings on its stomach, one large red gem and a very small yellow gem. Its arms are also large in comparison to its body and are shaped much like a whale's fins.

Manaphy are said to live in cold waters, and migrate miles away from their homes only to return. Manaphy are highly influenced by their environment; their bodies are eighty percent water. Manaphy are very intelligent. They apparently can learn to speak human language (without using telepathy, as the other Legendaries who speak human tongue do) as the Manaphy in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea was able to say "happy", "love you", "May", and "mama" after having heard them from May. They are also able to put them in complete sentences, evidenced by the end of the movie: "Love you, Mama...Love you, May..."

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Manaphy is a Pokémon with base stats of 100 in all categories, similar to Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Shaymin.

When Manaphy is bred with Ditto, it will produce eggs from which a Phione will hatch. Contrary to most Pokémon hatched from eggs, Phione is unable to evolve into Manaphy at any point.

Manaphy is available to a player of Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl as soon as the player has gained access to Sandgem Town (which is where the first Poké Mart in the game is), assuming that the player has fulfilled all the requirements for the Manaphy Egg in Pokémon Ranger.

Manaphy is not normally obtainable in Diamond/Pearl. Instead, it is obtainable through Pokémon Ranger, which is hard to play through. On the Saturday of September 29, 2007, Toys R Us let people get a direct download of Manaphy at theirs stores from 12-3 PM.

Anime[edit | edit source]

Manaphy is the star fourth-generation Pokémon of the ninth Pokémon movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, where it is voiced by Yuri Shiratori. None of its relation to Kyogre or otherwise is known for certain at this point, though. According to the ninth movie, Manaphy can use its “feelers” to use Heart Swap and switch people's bodies. For example, Ash and Jack, the Pokémon Ranger, get their minds switched in the first chapter

Manga[edit | edit source]

In the manga "Pokémon Ranger, the Comic" (from the creators of Pokémon Adventures), Cameron from Summerland found Manaphy's Egg on Fiore's Sea, then it was stolen by the Go-Rock Squad who wanted to use its enormous powers for bad purposes when it hatched. This plan failed when Solana and Lunick saved the egg and it was given to Prof. Hastings' Granddaughter who lives in Sinnoh.

Trading Card Game[edit | edit source]

There is currently one Manaphy card available. *Diamond & Pearl, as Manaphy Lv.20, a Water-type holographic card (#9)

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