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The Mario franchise is one of the most well-known franchises in video gaming history. One of Nintendo's more popular franchises, the Mario universe is ever-expanding, with many spinoff series and major characters receiving their own spotlight in games.

History[edit | edit source]

Games & Series[edit | edit source]

Paper Mario series[edit | edit source]

Box Art/Cover/Logo Title System(s) Release Date
Front-Cover-Paper-Mario-NA-N64.jpg Paper Mario Nintendo 64 November 30, 1999 (NA)
Front-Cover-Paper-Mario-The-Thousand-Year-Door-NA-GC.jpg Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GameCube October 11, 2004 (NA)
Front-Cover-Super-Paper-Mario-NA-Wii.jpg Super Paper Mario Wii April 9, 2007 (NA)
Box-Art-Paper-Mario-Sticker-Star-NA-3DS.png Paper Mario: Sticker Star Nintendo 3DS November 11, 2012 (NA)
Front-Cover-Paper-Mario-Color-Splash-NA-WiiU.jpg Paper Mario: Color Splash Wii U October 7, 2016 ((NA))

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