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Mario Party 2

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This is a list of minigames in Mario Party 2.

4 Player[edit | edit source]

  • Abandon Ship: The players find themselves on a sinking ship, and must quickly scale their mast, avoiding broken wood and Cheep Cheeps. The first player to the top wins.
  • Bombs Away: Players are on an island, which is under fire from Bowser's ship. As the island is fired upon, it rocks and sways. Whoever remains on the island when the time runs out is the winner. Similar to Mario Party ver. 1 (with cannonballs instead of bombs), except Bullet Bills are also fired, and a mega rocket is fired from the ship in the final 7 seconds.
  • Bumper Balls: Players are on top of balls, and must knock the other players off the island.
  • Deep Sea Salvage: Players must use their submarines to swim around collecting sinking coins and coin bags that are thrown from the pirate ship while avoinding any mines thrown.
  • Dizzy Dancing: Players start on a record, which is spun around rapidly. Everybody is spun around and then thrown against the corners. The object of this game is to get to the note in the middle of the record, but the characters are now dizzy, and the controls have been changed. You must work out how to walk straight in order to have a chance at victory.
  • Hexagon Heat: Identical to Mushroom Mix-up from Mario Party 1.
  • Honeycomb Havoc: Players take turns to hit a square with the numbers 1 and 2 on it. They take the appropriate number of fruit (and coins) from the line on the tree. If any player gets a honeycomb, he is knocked out. This continues until one player is left.
  • Hot Rope Jump: Similar to Mario Party 1, but the fire now randomly speeds up and slows down. The last person still in wins.
  • Lava Tile Isle: Players are on tiles above lava, and must attempt to knock each other off. Tiles will move at random to fill the gaps. Whoever is the last person on the tiles wins.
  • Mecha-Marathon: Tap A and B simultaneously and continuously in 10 seconds to wind up your Fly Guy and give it more strength to fly. The person whose Fly Guy flies furthest wins.
  • Platform Peril: From Mario Party 1, but with added features, such as conveyor belts.
  • Roll Call: Players must count the number of NPC's are on the field in front of them. These are either Bob-ombs, Toads or Boos. Be careful, since there are mushrooms on the Toad level, exploding Bob-ombs on the Bob-omb level, and hard to see ghosts on the Boo level.
  • Shell Shocked: Players are inside Koopa shell tanks, and must shoot each other. They may fire either a straight shot, or a lob shot. Each player can survive one shot. The last player left wins.
  • Shy Guy Says: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, but the players are in the sky, on balloons. If a mistake is made, the Shy Guy will shoot an arrow and pop the player's balloon, causing them to fall.
  • Skateboard Scamper: Similar to Mario Party 1, except they are running from a Giant Boo.
  • Slot Car Derby: From Mario Party ver. 1.
  • Sneak 'n' Snore: Players are locked in a room with a Chain Chomp. The players are all in barrels. The object of this game is to reach a button at the end of your "lane", then make it back to your door. If the Chain Chomp wakes up, the players have a very limited time to stop moving, and hide in the barrel. If anyone is not hidden in a barrel, the Chain Chomp will grap the person, and put them in a pipe. The slower you are moving, the quicker you hide in your barrel. Whoever gets back to the door first wins the game.
  • Tile Driver: A picture is displayed in the center. Players must ground pound the tiles they are standing on until they display that part of the image. Whoever recreates the image first wins.
  • Tipsy Tourney: From Mario Party ver. 1.
  • Toad in the Box: Players start standing on the ground, with a rotating box above them. The box can display a Chain Chomp, Pirahna Plant, Bowser or Toad. They must get a Toad 5 times to win. However, each time they get a Toad, the box gets faster. Getting any character apart from a Toad will cause that character to fall on the player, stunning them.
  • Totem Pole Pound: Players are sent high into the air on top of a totem pole. Whoever ground pounds the totem pole first into the ground wins. Higher ground pounds push it further into the ground, even though it's time-consuming.

1 vs. 3[edit | edit source]

  • Archer-ival: The archer must shoot arrows into the opponents' moving paddles. If all the paddles are knocked down, the archer wins. The archer may also score a few coins by shooting the Boo, Baby Bowser and Toad paddles.
  • Bob-omb Barrage: The lone player sits in a boat, whilst the other three throw Bob-ombs. If a Bob-omb lands in the lone player's tub, it explodes, and the other three win. If any of the three players hold a bomb for too long, it explodes and the player is stunned. The lone player must last for 30 seconds.
  • Bowl Over: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, but you are now given two bowls instead of one.
  • Crane Game: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, but the lone player must grab all of the opponents and put them in the pipe to win. There are also stopwatches (which do not require repeated tapping of the A button to hold on to) which increase your time by the amount shown on the watch.
  • Filet Relay: All players are penguins, and are racing to take their fish to a group of baby penguins. The lone player is a giant penguin with attempting to reach the goal on their own, while the other three must go in a relay style. The smaller penguins are quicker, but going too quick will cause you to fall.
  • Lights Out: The lone player has a hammer, while other three have lightbulbs. The external lights will turn off, leaving the players lit up by their light bulbs. The player with the hammer must hit the other three to win. The lights will occasionally turn back on.
  • Look Away: The players are giant heads, with the lone player up the top of the screen, and the other three down the bottom. Music plays, then stops. When the music stops, players can look in a variety of directions. If any of the bottom three players end up looking in the same direction as the lone player, they are knocked out. If all of the other three players are knocked out, the lone player wins. The music is only played 5 times.
  • Move to the Music: Players must copy the lone dancemaster's moves. The dancemaster chooses the moves (A, B, Z or any direction) for each segment of the song, then the moves are divided up amongst the other players to repeat. If any of the three other players are left at the end of the song, the dancemaster loses.
  • Quicksand Cache: One player is in a Bowser suit, and controls the quicksand's direction of turn. The other players must try to collect as many coins as possible, without being sucked into the quicksand. Any coins which the other players do not get end up going to the player in the middle.
  • Rainbow Run: Identical to Tightrope Treachery from Mario Party 1. To unlock it, unlock all of the item mini-games.
  • Shock Drop or Roll: The lone player is in control of a switch, which controls the direction of the turbine which the other three are standing on. The lone player must attempt to manoeuvre the turbine to make the other players fall off. If any player is left on the turbine when the time runs out, the lone player loses.

2 vs. 2[edit | edit source]

  • Balloon Burst: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, where it was a 4-player game. Teams must work together to fill up a Bowser balloon with air until it bursts. First team to burst their balloon wins.
  • Bobsled Run: From Mario Party ver. 1.
  • Cake Factory: Teams must cooperate to produce as many successful cakes as possible. One player is in charge of placing the cake, the other in charge of putting the strawberry on top of the cake.
  • Destruction Duet: Teams must work together to destroy their Bowser statue, using a variety of attacks. The two statues are on the same field, so players can interfere with each others progress if they wish.
  • Dungeon Dash: Similar to Desert Dash from Mario Party ver. 1. To unlock it, unlock all of the 4-player mini-games.
  • Handcar Havoc: From Mario Party ver. 1, but it's easier, since the cart can't fall off of the course.
  • Looney Lumberjacks: Using a large saw, teams must work together to cut a log.
  • Magnet Carta: Teams must use their magnetised cars to grab as many coins as possible and put them in their money area. It is unnoticeably hard to unlock.
  • Sky Pilots: Teams race flapping aircraft (one person steers; the other person flaps). Teams must fly to the finish, avoiding Bullet Bills and other enemies along the way. The team who crosses the finish line first wins.
  • Speed Hockey: Similar to a hockey game. A shell is used as a puck, and players are stuck in slots, moving up and down. The shell speeds up depending on how long it is in play. The team who scores three times wins.
  • Toad Bandstand: Similar to Mario Bandstand from Mario Party ver. 1, but there are fewer notes.
  • Torpedo Targets: Blast a Bullet Bill into one of the targets to score. Team with the most targets hit when time is up wins.

Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Bowser's Big Blast: Players must take it in turns to choose a plunger to push in front of a giant Bowser machine. One of the plungers is live, and if it is pushed, the Bowser machine will count "3, 2, 1," and then explode. If all plungers except the live one get pushed, the plungers will reset. The live plunger is random. Continues until there is only one player left.
  • Bumper Balloon Cars: With a balloon on the back, and spikes on the front, players drive their bumper cars trying to pop each other's balloon.
  • Crazy Cutters: From Mario Party ver. 1.
  • Day at the Races: Bet on which NPC will win a race.
  • Face Lift: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, but there are multiple faces, i. e. the faces of the playable characters.
  • Grab Bag: Similar to Mario Party Ver. 1, but mushrooms are used instead of coins.
  • Hot Bob-omb: Similar to Mario Party ver. 1, but it is now the last person left in who wins.
  • Rakin' 'em In: Mushrooms spin around on a central platform. Using a rake machine, players must try to rake in the most mushrooms. Golden mushrooms are worth three mushrooms. Purple mushrooms take away three mushrooms.
New Item Mini Games

Item mini games[edit | edit source]

  • Bowser Slots (Bowser Land): Similar to Slot Machine from Mario Party ver. 1 and casino games. You need to match up three of a kind of an item to win that item. Use A to jump, and to stop the slot machine from spinning. One of the hardest mini-games.
  • Coffin Congestion (Horror Land): This Item Mini-Game is a mix up game where all of the items are placed inside of some coffins, and they all change places a few times randomly. Once they are done changing places, the player needs to pick a coffin with an item in it to get that item, but will lose if the Baby Bowser coffin is chosen.
  • Give Me a Brake! (Western Land): Players must hit A to stop the train cars, and then they’ll slide to a stop. The player gets the item in front of them.
  • Hammer Slammer (Space Land): In this game, you must hit the A button repeatedly, then hit B to let the hammer go. It’s very hard to choose which item you want, and you don’t want to go too low or high. If you hit too far up, it will hit the top and bounce back down.
  • Mallet-Go-Round (Mystery Land): In this game, the instant you hit A, you will swing your mallet, hitting the nearest block, with no time lag between your button, your swing, and the block. However, since the blocks move very fast, it’s still very hard to get the one you want. All items take two hits, but Baby Bowser only takes one.
  • Roll Out the Barrels (Pirate Land): In this game, you must follow the barrel with the item you want with your eyes the whole time. After the barrels have stopped, run over and hit the B button when you’re next to it.

Duel[edit | edit source]

  • Mushroom Brew: Horror Land - Players must follow a recipe with each ingredient representing a button. The brew with the least mistakes wins.
  • Psychic Safari: Mystery Land - Players tap the A and B buttons repeatedly. The more buttons you press, the stronger your mushroom stone will become. The strongest stone (the one which has been powered up the most) wins.
  • Quick Draw Corks: Western Land - A simple reaction game. Whoever is first to press A when "Go!" is shouted, wins.
  • Rock, Paper, Mario: Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. (Bowser Land)
  • Saber Slashes: Pirate Land - Follow a quick button combination to knock your opponent's sword from his hands. If you make a mistake, you must go from the start.
  • Time Bomb: Space Land - Read the specified time, then press A when you think that time has been reached. The closest person to the specified time (either side of the time) wins.

1-Player[edit | edit source]

  • Driver's Ed- The player can be any of the six main characters. It is strictly a time-trial in which the player weave through goals that are marked by cones. The player must go in numerical order (there are 20) and the way the arrow shows, otherwise the player has to start over.