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Mario Party Advance

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This is a list of minigames in Mario Party Advance.

The bulk of the mini-games in Mario Party Advance are 1-player. 1-player games first appeared in the original Mario Party. There are also Duel games, Koopa Kid games, and special "coin games" in which the player can win coins. These mini-games are unlocked by completing quests for the inhabitants of Shroom City and beating Bowser's own quests. There are a total of 50 mini games.

Single Player Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

  • Boo-Bye - Lure the Boos into the paintings that match their colors.
  • Grabbit - Nab the bunnies hopping around on the field.
  • Chomp Walker - Take Chain Chomp for a walk.
  • Cloud Climb - Hop on the clouds and springboards to reach the end.
  • Barrel Peril - Similar to Sneak 'n Snore from Mario Party 2, the player must slip past sleeping Chain Chomps.
  • Big Popper - Use a fan to send falling bubbles into a spiked ball in the center of the area.
  • Forest Jump - The player must jump over logs.
  • Switch Way? - Navigate a maze while ground-pounding various platforms to travel horizontally or vertically.
  • Amplifried - Dodge the Amps' electric attacks.
  • Flingshot -Fly through the air, using mini-tornadoes to get farther.
  • Spooky Spike - Play beach volleyball against Boo.
  • Bob-OOOM! -Drop a Bob-omb onto the Bowser statues at the right time to blow them up.
  • Real Cheep - Move the lure onto the Cheep-Cheep's shadows in the water, the reel them in.
  • Shell Stack - Jump onto the shells as they fly by to stack them up in a pile.
  • Bill Bounce - Jump onto the Bullet Bills.
  • Bunny Belt - Create bunny toys.
  • Pest Aside - Water and bug-spray the 4 sunflowers when the little icon shows up next to them.
  • Melon Folly - Jump on the sinking rafts collecting watermelon slices.
  • Sort Stack - Take the books out and put them onto the correctly colored shelves.
  • On the Spot - Poke the Whomp where he tells you.
  • Koopa Krunch - A puzzle game, where you match 3 colored blocks, with koopa shells.
  • Floor It! - As the bellboy, you must guide an elevator to bring the Goombas, Shy Guys, Boos, and Koopas to the floor their kind belong.
  • Dreadmill - Run across a constantly-moving conveyor belt.
  • Stompbot XL - Guide your tracked machine in a volcano, outrunning the lava flow that's chasing you.
  • Go-Go Pogo - Use a pogo stick to leap across lava pits and obstacles to reach the finish.
  • Sled Slide - Guide a sled around the icy racetrack.
  • Flippin' Out - Jump onto the pegs to reach the finish.
  • See Monkey? - Guide a motorboat around a lake, rescuing the 10 drowning Ukikis.
  • Outta My Way! - Navigate a maze similar to Switch Way?, except you must combat the various enemies scattered around.
  • Broom Zoom - Fly a magic broom through the sky, passing through floating rings to gather points.

Duel Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

  • Slammer- Attack your opponent when your face comes up, defend when your opponent's face comes up. First to 5 wins.
  • Stair Scare- Race up the crumbling stairs to the balloon.
  • Tank Down- Shoot the enemy's tank and do 5 HP of damage to them. The room is dark however, and the longer you charge your shot for, the slower your tank is.
  • Koopa Kurl- Slide your Koopa shells across the field into the target areas. After 3 shells you and your opponent get your points banked and you slide 3 more shells. Highest score wins.
  • Volley Bomb- Hit the Bob-omb Into your opponent's half. If they fail to return it then they lose a heart. If at any time you fail to return it then you will lose a heart. If you lose 3 hearts then you lose the game.
  • Chicken- Stay under the Thwomp for the longest. You can flee or fake out. Don't stand under the thwomp for too long or it will flatten you, causing your opponent to win.
  • Hammerageddon- Throw hammers at your opponent and dodge their hammers. Hit your opponent three times to win.
  • Chain Saw- Saw the chains until the Thwomp is able to fall onto your opponent.

Koopa Kid Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

  • Splatterball- Hit the Mini Bowsers before time runs out. You must reload every 5 shots. Hitting Toad will cause you to be able to hold 1 less paintball and hitting a timer gives you an extra 20 seconds.
  • Koopa Kappa- Drop capsules on the Mini Bowsers' heads to stop them reaching the other side. If 5 reach the other side you lose.
  • Crushed Ice- Drive your spiked tube and knock all the Mini Bowsers off the ice rink.
  • Mush Rush- Use your hammer to stop the Mini Bowsers stealing your mushrooms. If you lose all 3 of your mushrooms you lose.
  • Peek 'n' Sneak- Sneak past the Mini Bowsers when they aren't looking. If one spots you the you lose.
  • Trap Floor- Drop the Mini Bowsers off the screen by opening traps. If one reaches you, you lose.

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