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Release Date 1972

Number of Players 2 players
Age Range 10 to Adult
Setup Time <5 minutes

Playing Time 10 minutes
Rules complexity Low
Strategy depth Medium

Random chance Low

Skills required Logic, pattern matching
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Mastermind is a game of logic for 2 players.

Each player alternates being "The Codemaker" and "The Codebreaker". "The Codemaker" uses coloured pegs to create a four-peg code at one end of the board behind a shield. "The Codebreaker" must decipher the code by duplicating the exact colours and positions of the secret code. Each time the codebreaker places a row of pegs the codemaker must give information by placing white or black pegs indicating a colored peg is the right colour but wrong position or the right colour and position.

On-line Versions[edit | edit source]

There are various on-line versions where you can play against the computer (the computer creates a code for you to break). These can be good if you just want to play by yourself. An example of this is CodeBreaker which also gives you a score based on how quickly you cracked the code.

Use in Education[edit | edit source]

Many people like to use Mastermind when teaching logic. It is a simple game that can be played individually or as a group. When played as a group, people can discuss their ideas and learn from each other.