Material Blades

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The Material Blades are two swords that are obtained from Kratos Aurion and Dirk and are given to Lloyd Irving.

Notes: Two Swords, one fire and one ice, that have absorbed the power of another single sword known as the Eternal Sword.

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Although, the red sword's name Flamberge is displayed in the Collectors Book (a book that records all the items the player has collected so far) due to it being used by Kratos when he rejoins Lloyds group after betraying them, the Vorpal Sword is only listed in the "Synopsis" (located on the pause screen on the far top right-hand part of the screen in the GameCube English version). The swords do not have much mention in the story, in fact they are only seen clearly when Lloyd first receives them. However, excluding the Devil's Arms this weapons are the strongest because of the fact that they are the only weapons that Lloyd can use to execute the powerful "Falcons Crest" (Not to be confused with the movie "Falcons Crest") technique. This is due to the fact that they have absorbed the Eternal Sword's power to control time and space. Oddly enough, attacks such as Falcon's Crest are not suspended by the Hourglass item in the game... The damage is stopped but not the glowing lights that are seen whenever the attack is used.