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Maximum Surge is a cancelled game by Digital Pictures. Planned for release in 1996 for the 3DO, Mac, PC and Sega Saturn. It features full-motion video in the same way that many of Digital Pictures' releases of the time did. The game featured Walter Koenig, Yasmine Bleeth, and Michael Champion. The game was directed by William Mesa, and written by J. Garrett Glover and Charlie Ogden.

According to Flash Film Works, the studio responsible for the special effects used in the game, Maximum Surge was never released [1]. However, the ESRB's website lists a rating for the game on multiple platforms, suggesting that the project made it at least to the late stages of development. A short playable demo of Maximum Surge was released as part of a Digital Pictures Windows 95 demo disk.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The game stars the player as an unnamed soldier, as you join forces with Jo (Yasmine Bleeth) against Drexel (Walter Koenig), who is trying to replace humanity with evil cyborg beings which transfer information by means of umbilical data cords. It is up to you to destroy his bases and ultimately face him in the final battle.

Production[edit | edit source]

Footage from this and other Digital Pictures games was used by Insight Film and Video Production, Shavick Entertainment, and Avrio Filmworks to create a movie originally titled Maximum Surge Movie, which was later rereleased on DVD by York Entertainment under the name Game Over.

Yasmine Bleeth was asked by a fan: "How did it feel to be in the video game Maximum Surge?" Bleeth responded: "Maximum Surge was a completely new experience for me. It was great to get tough and gritty. The whole concept of CD-ROM is still mind-blowing to me." [2]

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