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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Beam Software]][[Category:Beam Software]]
8-megabit cartridge
Super NES game controller
Super NES
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MechWarrior is a first-person action video game for the Super NES based on the Battletech universe. The SNES game was based upon the original PC MechWarrior, with updated graphics that utilized Mode 7 for the Battlemech mission sequences instead of the PC version's wire-frame 3D graphics.

The game was followed by a sequel, MechWarrior 3050, which was played from an isometric view.

Story[edit | edit source]

The main character is a MechWarrior named Harras whose family was killed by a group of military rogues called "The Dark Wing Lance." Playing as Herras, the player battles many enemies, trying to seek out the leader of the rogues, while relying on intel from a host of contacts and allies at a bar on a nearby planet in the system. In the end, the player's objective is to hunt down and kill the members of the Dark Wing Lance and avenge the deaths of Harras' family.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Mechwarrior on SNES is unusual for several reasons; one is that the game featured a unique stable of Mechs that were developed specifically for the game. Many share similarities or are clear variations of other Mechs from other games, but others are completely unique. However, the Ragnarok makes a reappearance in the later MechAssault series.

There are 8 mechs in all in this game - 4 Light Mechs, 2 Medium Mechs, a Heavy Mech, and an Assault Mech. The unique mech designs were most likely set up in such a way as to cut down on memory used; by using modular leg and arm components between the different Mechs, more different Mech designs could be included successfully. Like all of the games in the MechWarrior series, the mechs can take damage in various locations. However, to save on memory, all three torso locations and the head location were simplified into one "torso" section. Also, the Nexus and Nexus-A and the Ragnarok both lack arms.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The game was unique due to the sheer customization available; The player could completely retool their Mech's armor, engines, and equipment as they saw fit - adding or removing Jump Jets, Heat Sinks, Armor, or weapons, to completely revamp the gear on their Mech. Players also needed to repair and rearm their mechs as well as upgrade their Mechs and weapons.

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