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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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2015[edit | edit source]

  • President:
    Tom Kudirka
  • Development Director:
    Vince Zampella
  • Engineering Lead:
    Jason West
  • Engineering:
    Robert Feld
    Carl Glave
    Earl Hammon Jr.
    Mike Milliger
    Jon Olick
    Ken Turner
  • Art:
    Brad Allen
    Jeff Heath
    Paul Jury
    Radomir Kucharski
    Justin Thomas
  • Animation:
    Michael Boon
    Matt Campbell
    Chance Glasco
    Paul Messerly
    Beyond Visual Range
  • Level Design:
    Todd Alderman
    Keith Bell
    Adam Bellefeuil
    Steve Fukuda
    Preston Glenn
    Jerry Keehan
    Mackey McCandlish
    Zied Rieke
    Benson Russell
    Nathan Silvers
    Adam Crist
  • Office Manager:
    Jennie Kudirka
  • I.T. Support:
    Bryan Kuhn
  • 2015 Special Thanks:
    The California Historical Group Airborne 101
    Pacific Northwest Historical Group
    Eric Lee
    and our families and friends

Electronic Arts[edit | edit source]

Tulsa Allied Expeditionary Force[edit | edit source]

  • EA Project Lead:
    Peter Hirschmann
  • Technical Director:
    Adrian Jones
  • Lead Sound Designer:
    Jack Grillo
  • Assistant Producer:
    Charles Polanski
  • Assistant Producer:
    David Howe
  • Engineering:
    Ike Macoco
    Jim Schuler
    Paul Keet
  • Sound Design:
    Yuan Liu

The Homefront[edit | edit source]

  • Executive Producer:
    Rick Giolito
  • Associate Producer:
    Stephen Townsend
  • Localisation/Project Management: Amy Bennett
  • Single-Player Lead Tester:
    Randy Kirby
  • Multiplayer Lead Tester:
    Kevin Lewis
  • Sound Design:
    Erik Kraber
  • Sound Design:
    Rebecca Hanck
  • Sound Assistant:
    Jeremy Hall
  • Network Manager:
    Joe Aguilar
  • Art Support:
    Matt Hall
  • Engineering:
    Doug Muir
  • Product Manager:
    Jillian Goldberg
    Lincoln Hershberger
  • EA Public Relations:
    Anne Marie Stein
    Steve Groll
  • International Development:
    Atsuko Matsumoto
    Lafayette Taylor
    Patrick Wilkes
    Quarium Inc.
  • EA WorldWide Studios:
    Paul Lee
    Bruce McMillan
    Don Mattrick
  • EA CQC:
    Ben Smith
    Dave Knudson
    Andrew Young
    Darryl Jenkins
    Tony Alexander
    Tony Barbagallo
    John Hanley
    Dave Koerner
    Dave Caron
    Mark Gonzales
    Emiliano Miranda
  • Documentation:
    Steve Olson
  • Documentation Editor:
    Ede Clarke
  • Documentation Layout:
    Big Idea Group, Inc.
  • Package Design:
    Hamagami Carroll & Associates
  • Package Project Management:
    Vyn Arnold
  • Package Illustration/Photography:
    Hamagame Carroll & Associates
  • General Manager:
    Mike Haller
  • IS & T/Test Manager:
    Steve Arnold
  • Finance Manager:
    Tami Bauling
  • CTO:
    Steve Anderson
  • EALA Test Team:
    Jason Boles
    Scott Carroll
    John Cross
    Arren Frank
    Carlos Garcia-Shelton
    Matthew Johnson
    Robert Lundy
    Keith Nakamura
    Gene Perry
    Jason Reis
    Darren Seghesio
    Caleb Sweazy
    Damon Tripodi
    Evan Wingate
  • EARS Test Team:
    Ludon Lee
    Justin McLeod
    Kevin Douglas
    Chris Newell
    James Stanley
  • Intro Movie by:
    Pixel Liberation Front
  • Created in Partnership with the Congressional Meal of Honor Society:
  • President:
    Barney Barnum
  • Director:
    Michael Lindquist
  • Medic Consultant:
    Alfred Rascon, Medal of Honor Recipient
  • EALA Special Thanks:
    Glenn Entis
    Max Spielberg & Ryan Correll
    Kristie Macosko
    Susan Ray
    Elizabeth Nye
    Paul Bucha
    Julia Rupkalvis
    Medal of Honor Frontline Team
    Medal of Honor Fighter Command Team
    and all the families we left behind!
  • Military Advisor:
    Captain Dale Dye USMC (ret.)
  • Created by:
    Steven Spielberg
  • Original Music by:
    Michael Giacchino
  • International Voice Direction:
    Charles DeVires
  • Voice Talent:
    Capt. Dale Dye USMC (ret.)
    Steven J. Blum
    Elea Breitling
    Steve Buelen
    Cam Clark
    Marc Eckelberry
    Eddie Frierson
    Nick Guest
    David Howe
    Charles Kahlenberg
    Tommy Lamey
    Curt Lowens
    Christian Malmin
    Dave Mallow
    Nick Meaney
    Roman Nyden
    Jurgen Peretzki
    George Salden
    Thomas Schumann
    Tate Taylor
    Kai Wulff
  • Voice Recording Engineer:
    Al Johnson
  • Special Thanks to:
    Ritual Entertainment

European Localisation Team[edit | edit source]

  • Software Localisation Manager:
    Sam Yazmadjian
  • Localisation Project Mananger:
    Nathalie Fernandez
  • European CQC Operations Manager:
    Linda Walker
  • European CQC Test Manager:
    Jean-Yves Duret
  • European CQC Platform Manager:
    James Featherstone
  • European CQC Platform Specialists:
    Ashley Powell
    James Arup
    James Norton
    Tim Wileman
  • European CQC Supervisor:
    David Fielding
  • European CQC Test Leader:
    Andrew Chung
  • European CQC Associate Test Leaders:
    Paul "Jester" Richards
    Ben Jackson
  • European CQC Testers:
    James Bolton
    Paul Davies
    Luke Didd
    Tony Hopkins
    Andrea Lori
    Jamie Keen
    Gary Napper
    Tuire Ollila
    Ashley Powell
    Steffen Thejll-Moller
    Rupert Whicker
  • Account Executive:
    Jenny Whittle
  • Production Planner:
    Joanna May
  • Documentation Layout and Translation Coordination:
    Abdul Oshodi
  • Web Localisation Coordination:
    Al-Lich Nguyen
  • Materials Coordination:
    Silvia Byrne
  • Studio Ops:
    Anne Miller
    Phil Jones
  • European Product Manager:
    Audrey Meehan