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Mega CD

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Mega CD
Basic Information
TurboGrafx CD
Technical Information
Mega CD Model 2
Internal RAM
Mega CD Backup RAM Cartridge
2 x Mega Drive Controller, Disc Drive, Ready Button, Access Button, Mega Drive Input
Audio Out
European Union European Release
April 1993
Japan Japanese Release
December 11991
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The Mega CD was an add-on for the Mega Drive, released in 1991. In North America, it was renamed the SEGA CD to match the Genesis rename of the base console.

It allows the use of Compact Disc-based video games on the Mega Drive; with the large space offered by a CD at the time, the Mega CD mostly received games with full motion video sequences such as Night Trap and Sewer Shark, as well as ports of older LaserDisc-based games such as Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Like the Mega Drive itself, it was released to compete with the TurboGrafx CD add-on.

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