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Mega Man (series)/Weapons

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The Mega Man weapons are the fictional armory used by the characters in the Mega Man series of video games to overcome their enemies in battle. The main characters of the series, Mega Man and Mega Man X have an arm attachment in which they utilize several different weapons; many of them revolve around beam and/or energy manipulation. They tend to be quite distinguishable between each iteration of the game series.

At the start of the series, he substitutes the Mega Buster in place of his arm, and different augmentations to his original weapon are directly applied to the Mega Buster, while later in the series he receives several different weapon arms and gadgets which replaces the Mega Buster as a whole. Other characters of note are Zero and Axl. Zero wields energy charged melee weapons with high velocity, as well as the odd beam pistol, while Axl exclusively uses firearms. Other series include MegaMan Trigger who uses different augmentations for his arm as well as a buster, and MegaMan.EXE who utilizes computer-based offense.

Mega Man Classic series weaponry[edit | edit source]

Mega Buster[edit | edit source]

Mega Man shown with his signature Mega Buster.

The Mega Buster is a fictional, default ranged weapon used by Mega Man, the main hero of the Mega Man Classic series of console video games. Sometimes abbreviated "M. Buster" in the games' weapon sub-menus, the Mega Buster is an arm-mounted plasma cannon that replaces the hero's hand. It is a particle-based energy weapon that uses compressed solar energy to create physical impact. In Mega Man 4, the Mega Buster was upgraded, allowing Mega Man to charge his weapon. A series of ascending tones and a gradual acceleration in the flashing of the character sprite and status bars represent the charge, creating a larger, more powerful shot when released.

It was originally believed that Mega Man changing which arm he shot with every time he turned around was caused by simple sprite mirroring; however, more recent games seem to suggest that both of his arms can transform as needed. In Super Adventure Rockman, he even charged both arm cannons at once. Dr. Wily, shocked, notes that that amount of energy being output would be capable of overloading and destroying Mega Man. Mega Man used his other arm as a buster while holding the Proto Shield in Mega Man 7.

A Buster seems to be semi-common in the Classic series, as the Joes and various Robot Masters also use them.

Upgrades and transmogrifications[edit | edit source]

Note: Any further weapons and enhancements are upgrades added after the original redesign to Mega Man.

  • New Mega Buster: Introduced in Mega Man 4. It's an upgraded Plasma Cannon that can further condense large quantities of solar energy into a "charge shot".
  • Super Mega Buster: Introduced in Mega Man 5. This upgrade is little more than a hack by Dr. Cossack in an attempt to squeeze more power out of the charge shot. It works, but causes noticeable kickback and stress on Mega Man's systems (oddly, the kickback is not visible gameplay-wise in Mega Man 5, but is present in Mega Man IV and the intro sequence of Mega Man V).
  • Mega Upper: Introduced in Mega Man 7. Charged solar energy surrounds the fist, multiplying the damage of this close-range physical attack.
  • Super Adapter: Introduced in Mega Man 7. After collecting every RUSH panel, allows Mega Man to fuse with Rush and become "Super Mega Man". In this form, Mega Man is equipped with the "Jet Booster" and the "Rocket Buster", which is an enhanced Mega Arm.

Other[edit | edit source]

Here are other weapons, most used by other characters in the series:

  • Mega Kick: Mega's attack in Mega Man: Powered Up. He uses a kick to fight with enemies. Particularly useful against shielded enemies like Sniper Joe, as Mega's kicks go through the shield and hit the enemy behind it.
  • Roll Swing: Roll's attack in Mega Man: Powered Up. She can swing a weapon that changes depending on what outfit she's wearing. Her standard form uses a broom.
  • Bass Blaster: Used by Bass in Mega Man 7. It is similar to Mega Man's Hyper Mega Buster.

Robot Master skills and techniques[edit | edit source]

For a listing regarding the weapons gained from robot masters in regard to the Mega Buster see: Mega Man Classic skills.

Mega Man X series weaponry[edit | edit source]

X-Buster (Mega Buster MK-17)[edit | edit source]

Mega Man X prepared to fire the X-Buster.

The X-Buster is the main weapon of the character Mega Man X, and is an upgraded Mega Buster (Mark 17). The X-Buster, like the Z-Saber, uses powerful compressed energy. It is also able to charge its energy for a short time frame to unleash a bigger, more devastating blast. The X-Buster is a weapon of unlimited potential and is the strongest ranged weapon in the Mega Man universe. Its power is currently not surpassed by any weapon.

Z-Saber[edit | edit source]

Zero and his Z-Saber, in Mega Man Zero.

The Z-Saber is the default weapon of the character Zero. Zero first received it during the events of Mega Man X2. After being trained by Sigma (at the time not yet a Maverick), Zero began using sabers after his training ended. The weapon's most interesting characteristic is the sheer amount of force it can dole out to enemies; it is able to easily slice through 300 mm of reinforced steel in a single stroke. The Z-Saber is also unique in the fact that it apparently doesn't require an energy source to operate. In Mega Man Zero 2, Zero spends around a year far away from any energy source and the Z-Saber is still in full operating condition, though knowing that Zero has an internal reactor, it is entirely possible that the saber can be recharged by drawing energy from Zero himself. Another aspect of the sword is the varying amount of uses it can bestow upon its user: in Mega Man X7, it is able to deflect and return enemy projectiles, it can serve as a catalyst to make other weapons more powerful (Mega Man Zero), can extend various lengths, and can be used in a variety of styles. This is first seen in Mega Man X6, when X "borrows" Zero's Z-Saber and while obviously unskilled in its usage, manages to inflict more damage with it by swinging the sword in a powerful, yet much slower arc, which differs to Zero's style, in which he executes lightning fast slashes, but does less damage per stroke. It's safe to assume that Zero knew that swinging the sword in a slower fashion would allow more power, but instead opted for more control over the blade, thus keeping up his speed (also notable that multiple strikes can exceed the amount of damage a single slash can do). The Z-Saber's appearance resembles that of a katana, in its shape and its combat style. The hilt weighs 50 lbs. and the blade, made of compressed solar energy, extends from the hilt close from 5' to 5', 5" in length. In Mega Man Zero the Z-Saber's appearance changed drastically. The hilt became slimmer and weighed less, its color changed, and the light blade itself became more shaped like a broadsword. The blade also became faster in its slashes. It also became upgraded with X's buster technology allowing it to unleash a devastating shockwave of energy. In Mega Man Zero 3, the sword became triangular and much wider.

Axl Pistol[edit | edit source]

Axl dual wielding Axl pistols.

The Axl pistol (or Axl Bullet) is an energy based pistol weapon found in the Mega Man X series. The Axl Copy Shot that Axl uses in Mega Man X7 is his biggest secret. Axl has the ability to copy or mimic his enemies' appearances or attacks by absorbing their DNA Cores. The weapon that Axl uses fires off a burst of energy that seemingly affects Reploids differently than a simple plasma shot would, in that they leave behind their DNA Core for Axl to copy. His Copy ability is quite advanced; so advanced that Axl himself has no clue how it works, only that he has been able to do it for as long as he remembers, which lends quite a depth of mystery to the functions of this weapon. The differences between the two functions of the weapon are quite minor as well. Axl is able to shift his appearance to look like other Reploids, but only if the target is of equal or lesser size. The DNA Core he absorbs automatically engages the Axl Trance form of the weapon. In contrast, the physical "Copy Shot" power occurs when Axl absorbs DNA Core from an enemy larger than him. In these instances, Axl is only granted the capability to mimic the enemy's powers and movements for a short time. However, both are quite useful and aided a great deal in Axl's former life as a Red Alert agent. In Mega Man X7, Axl will transform the moment he picks up the DNA Core, but in X8, he gains the ability to store enemy DNA and use it later.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The beam sabers are not unique in the world of Mega Man X. Various characters such as Sigma, Dynamo, Colonel, and others have used sabers.
  • Zero has used more than one Z-Saber in the course of the series. He first had one in X2 (gained from one of the X-Hunters or Dr. Cain, presumably. However, canon states that Dr. Cain revived Zero in X2, it is presumed that Dr. Cain would have built the saber for him ), received another after his demise in X5, and then got one in Mega Man Zero (though it isn't known if this was a different one or the same).
  • In some of the Mega Man X games, there is an ability (possibly as the result of a glitch) that allows Zero to perform a series of ultra-fast slashes with the Z-Saber. Known by various names among fans (including the "Z-Saber Cancel" and the "Saber Dash"), the attack is caused by quickly alternating presses of the attack button and the dash button. The dash animation cancels the attack animation and vice versa, allowing another slash to be started immediately instead of having to wait for the attack animation to finish before starting another. Since only the final slash of the ground combo (which is never reached in this attack) causes the enemy to enter "flashing invincibility," this technique can be used to defeat most bosses in seconds.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Bashou Fan: Energy fan weapons appearing in Mega Man X8. When Zero holds still, they create a barrier that blocks enemy shots. The power of Earthrock Trilobyte can strengthen this ability.
  • Durga Glaive: A long staff with an energy blade at the end, this weapon has appeared in both Mega Man X7 and Mega Man X8. At first, Zero was slow wielding it, but in Mega Man X8, he can lash out at enemies much faster than before. In both games, it provides longer range than the Z-Saber. The D-Glaive can unleash a rapid stabbing attack when combined with the power of Bamboo Pandemonium.
  • Kaiser Knuckle: Not to be confused with the Z-Knuckle of Mega Man Zero 4, this weapon appeared in Mega Man X8. Zero equips the K-Knuckle when using punches and kicks for attacks. The K-Knuckle also modifies the powers that Zero has gained from defeated Mavericks so that they work with his fists and feet, rather than with a weapon. It is also worth noting that he can use special moves similar to the ones used by Street Fighter characters Ryu and Ken while equipped with the K-Knuckle. Combined with Zero's phenomenal strength and lifting capacity, this weapon can be devastating.
  • Sigma Blade: A massive energy sword resembling a Naginata, this is utilized by Sigma at the end of Mega Man X8, but Zero can also gain access to it after the player has beaten the game. It has incredible attack strength, breaks enemy barriers with ease, and its range is second only to the D-Glaive.
  • Titan Breaker: A hammer weapon able to negate the effects of enemy barriers, appearing in Mega Man X8. Combined with the power of Gravity Antonion, the T-Breaker can unleash an earthquake attack that can break weak floors.
  • V-Hanger: Twin energy daggers appearing in Mega Man X7. They have even shorter range than the Z-Saber, but are much faster. Zero can also perform a special boomerang attack which autolocks on several enemies at once and upon destroying one, the blade will seek out the next target. These are also the weapons of choice utilized by Harpuia in the Mega Man Zero series.
  • Doubletooth: A single sword with two energy blades mounted next to each other. Zero can perform only a basic slash, but has a higher chance of performing a Critical Hit. There is also a stronger Doubletooth +. From Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Red Lotus Saber: The most powerful of Zero's weapons, but at a price. This sword drains all of Zero's defensive power and channels it into a massive flame blade, which can unleash a truly devastating triple slash called the "Bone Slicer". It is also Zero's fastest weapon. From Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Soul Saber: This large metal blade allows Zero to perform a single spinning slash attack, called "Slash At Death". Despite the sword's intimidating appearance, the attack strength is not outstanding, but it becomes stronger when Zero's Life Energy runs low. From Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Z-Ichimonji: A thin metal blade that emanates with dark blue energy. It doesn't do very considerable damage, but can break enemy armor. The stronger version is called Rei Ichimonji. From Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Z-Rapier: This thin, red energy blade allows Zero to perform a triple slash, as opposed to the Z-Saber which only allows a double slash. It provides high speed, but low defensive ability. There is a stronger but extremely rare Z-Rapier +. From Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Maverick skills and techniques[edit | edit source]

For a listing regarding the weapons gained from Mavericks see: Mega Man X skills.

Mega Man Zero series weaponry[edit | edit source]

Zero using the Shield Boomerang.

Shield Boomerang[edit | edit source]

Zero's Shield Boomerang is quite a marvel of manipulation technology. Cerveau took the basic model of the Saber weapon and modified it to act as a reflective shield. The ability to hurl the shield in a boomeranging arc is quite impressive as well. While the Shield Boomerang itself doesn't have quite the depth that the Buster and Saber do, it's still a very versatile tool that is now a part of Zero's regular arsenal.

Rod weapons[edit | edit source]

The Rod-style weapons found in the Zero series have appeared in three variants: the Triple Rod, the Chain Rod, and the Recoil Rod.

  • Triple Rod

The Triple Rod is an interesting tweak on the design of the Z-Saber; by giving Zero the power to extend the handle of the sword into a long-reaching spear attack that can be upgraded to strike three times (hence the name), Zero is able to use the new weapon to reach and locate items previously inaccessible. Even more interesting is the fact that the Triple Rod can double as a pogo-stick.

  • Chain Rod

The Chain Rod is a modification of the Triple Rod made by Cerveau while he was repairing Zero's weaponry. This weapon is very similar of the Andromeda Shun, a character of Saint Seiya series, but this design variant can still utilize a charged spinning attack. Its primary function is a grappling device; Zero can either latch onto and swing from the ceiling or reach out and hook enemies with the blade. With the Energy Chain EX Skill, Zero can stab and paralyze his opponents to drain their health while restoring his own.

  • Recoil Rod

The Recoil Rod is another modification, though this one combines bits of the Triple Rod and Chain Rod. It functions mostly as a short-range melee weapon with which Zero can rapidly stab enemies. With a particular EX Skill, Zero is able to unleash a furious combo attack. Charged up, the Recoil Rod can push blocks, remove enemies' shields, and function as a pogo stick.[1]

Z-Buster MK-II[edit | edit source]

Zero using the Z-Buster.

The Z-Buster (or Buster Shot) is a beam-pistol weapon that is similar to previous Z-Buster designs. Though it isn't the original Z-Buster design from when Zero was originally built (and in fact belongs to the dead Milan), the style and usage of the weapon remains intact. Zero's Buster weapon seems to be rather unique in that it seems to be the only one that is able to store and charge energy for more powerful shots, though it apparently is unable to do so until Zero acquires the Z-Saber during his first Golem battle. The Saber is also able to interact with the Buster Shot, perhaps enabling the charge function when the Saber is used as a magazine. Cerveau, the weapon's creator, may attribute the ability to charge to some of Zero's skill recovery, however. Since this is a handheld weapon, Zero stores it on his back where he can reach it easier - ironically this is the same location that he stored his Z-Saber in the X series.

Z-Knuckle[edit | edit source]

Zero using the Z-Knuckle.

Replacing both the Rod weapons and the Shield Boomerang in Mega Man Zero 4 is the Z-Knuckle. Zero attacks using his bare hands and super strength; if a fatal blow is delivered, it can rip off a piece of the enemy to be used as a weapon to replace the Z-Knuckle temporarily, or until manually cancelled. It can be charged up to allow for a stronger attack. Such Z-Knuckle weapons include a Battle Axe, a Laser Gun, a Cannon, a Claw (similar to the claw enemies in Mega Man Zero 2), and many others.

Neo Arcadian skills and techniques[edit | edit source]

For a listing regarding the weapons gained from Neo Arcadians see: Mega Man Zero skills.

Mega Man Legends series weaponry[edit | edit source]

Mega Buster (MegaMan Trigger version)[edit | edit source]

MegaMan Trigger's default weapon, this Mega Buster is very similar to its classic and X counterparts. It contains an infinite energy source, utilizes compressed energy, and has a fairly good range. However, the Mega Buster in Legends is (arguably) the weakest. It does minor damage, has a slow rapid fire, and cannot be charged for more damage; however, these various attributes can be upgraded over the course of the game, potentially making it the most balanced weapon in the game.

Blade Arm[edit | edit source]

A beam-saber esque weapon attached to the wearer. Sports above average attack power, but its range as a melee weapon is small, as well as lacking a sufficient amount of speed; it also has a very high energy consumption rate. In the second game, it is one of few weapons that can be upgraded to have unlimited ammo, and MegaMan is able to do a three-slash combo. Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2. It is interesting to note that a toy version of Zero's Z-Saber is used in the first game while a "legendary shining sword" of the same name was used in the second game.

Machine Buster/Machine Gun Arm[edit | edit source]

A gun installed on MegaMan's right arm, this is a slightly modified Mega Buster featuring a rapid-fire capability. It has moderate damage and range, but its ability to fire a continuous stream of rounds makes it the fastest weapon in the game. It reappears in Mega Man Legends 2 as the Machine Gun Arm.

Powered Buster[edit | edit source]

A massive cannon-shaped weapon that replaces MegaMan's right arm entirely. Like the name suggests, it has good damage potential and fires massive, destructive balls of energy capable of destroying barriers, but its power is offset by its lack of speed and reload time, as well as fairly limited amounts of ammunition. It also has a bit of kickback, which can be dangerous in some areas. However, it does have an advantage as far as range, and even contains a sniping function for distance encounters. Appears in Mega Man Legends.

Shining Laser[edit | edit source]

MegaMan Trigger uses the Shining Laser in Namco x Capcom.

The most powerful (and expensive) of Mega Man's special busters. It produces an extremely destructive solar-based laser that rips through enemies fairly quickly. The laser is continuous, meaning that it can be effective against groups as well as large targets; in addition, it pierces through its targets, so that multiple enemies in a straight line from Mega Man are affected. The weapon's main disadvantage is its lack of longevity; the energy consumption rate is high and the weapon cannot be used while moving. Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2. The Shining Laser is also Mega Man's special attack in Namco x Capcom. It is interesting to note that a toy weapon called the "X-Buster" is used in the development of the first version of the weapon. This laser is so powerful that Roll states in the first game that it scares her that she could make such a devastating weapon.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Active Buster/Homing Missile - A large cannon (later much smaller) that fires homing missiles. It is a very powerful weapon, and if fully upgraded, can be one of the best in MegaMan's arsenal. Reappears in Mega Man Legends 2 as the Homing Missile.
  • Aqua Blaster - A simple fire extinguisher, it is only utilized in two keypoints of the game. It features no damage capacity, so its ineffective against enemies. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Buster Cannon - Similar to the Powered Buster, this large cannon fires a quick blast of plasma. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Crusher - A weapon that tosses powerful flash grenades like the Flash Bomb in Mega Man 8. This weapon can be extremely powerful if upgraded completely. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Drill Arm - Drill-shaped melee weapon for Mega Man's repertoire. It has good damage, but lacks range, as well as having a fairly long reserve of energy, meaning it does not have to be used sparingly. Mainly used for drilling walls and knocking the shields off certain Reaverbots. Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2.
  • Grand Grenade - Essentially an upgraded Splash Mine or actually, Grenade Arm; this weapon's attack damage is devastating and has a larger radius. Unlike the Splash Mine, it won't harm MegaMan if he is caught in the ensuing blast. Appears in Mega Man Legends.
  • Grenade Arm - An attachment that allows the user to throw grenades for moderate damage. The speed at which they can be thrown, as well as their blast radius make them a well-balanced weapon. They also can be cleverly tossed around corners for a sneak attack. Appears in Mega Man Legends.
  • Ground Crawler - An attachment that fires bombs that roll along the ground and up walls. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Hunter Seeker - This strange weapon tosses floating mines that will shoot at any enemy that MegaMan is locked on to. More useful in boss fights than in large firefights. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
MegaMan Trigger with the Hyper Shell armament.
  • Hyper Shell - Another weapon similar to the Powered Buster, except the blast does spread fatal damage (if upgraded correctly). Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Reflector Arm - A gun that fires ricocheting bullets, this weapon has a fairly low damage output. Appears in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • Shield Arm- A defensive weapon supplied by ion energy. It has a quick activation time, but it runs out of energy fairly quickly. Originally, the shield is projected in front of MegaMan, but in the second game, it creates a rainbow-colored force field around MegaMan, allowing him to move while in use, however, he cannot use his Buster while using it. This weapon can even be used to absorb enemy energy attacks (such as plasma shots, most of the Bonnes' weaponry, etc.). Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2.
  • Splash Mine - An attachment that allows MegaMan to toss mines on the ground that detonate after a few seconds. They have a pretty good damage output, but MegaMan can be hurt when they explode. Appears in Mega Man Legends.
  • Spread Buster - A powerful weapon that lacks range, but has a ridiculous amount of damage potential. However, for all its destructive value, it lacks range, speed and ammo supply. True to its name, it has a large horizontal blast radius. Fires grenades in the first game, and plasma shots in the second game. Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2.
  • Vacuum Arm - A vacuum attachment that can only be used for sucking up refractors and energy cubes dropped by enemies. If upgraded completely, it can grab shards and energy cubes from any distance, making it very useful. Appears in Mega Man Legends 1 and 2.

MegaMan Battle Network series weaponry[edit | edit source]

Battle Chips[edit | edit source]

Lan prepared to insert a battlechip into the PET connector.

Battlechips are tiny rectangular data chips used by a netbattler in the battle network series. They are encoded with various attack data gained from viruses and downloadable programs. Battle chips are inserted into the PET device via a special slot and grant the user various abilities ranging from attack to defense, terrain transmogrification, and assistance from other Navis. They are also coded in different alphabet letters, which when selected in sequence can result in a larger combination or an extremely powerful program advance. Chips can only be used once per battle (unless a special chip is used to reload the folder) and a Navi can only have a folder consisting of thirty at anytime. There are 4 kinds of Battle Chips:

  • Standard Chips are numerous, vary in power, and are allowed up to 4 copies per folder.
  • Mega Chips are powerful chips that are often Navi chips, or stronger versions of Standard Chips. Only 1 copy of each Mega Chip is allowed in a folder, for a maximum of 5 Mega Chips (barring some sort of program modifier). Earlier games refer to them as Navi Chips.
  • Giga Chips are extremely powerful chips that inflcit massive damage, and are very rare and hard to find. Only 1 Giga Chip is allowed in a folder.
  • Dark Chips are Battle Chips that have been tainted with Dark Power. Only 1 copy of each Dark Chip is allowed in a folder, up to a maximum of 3.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, Capcom had changed restrictions for copies of chips. Battlechips are now reliant on their MB score, and the restrictions will apply regardless of chip class.

  • 0-19 MB - 5 copies are allowed in a folder.
  • 20-29 MB - 4 copies are allowed in a folder.
  • 30-39 MB - 3 copies are allowed in a folder.
  • 40-49 MB - 2 copies are allowed in a folder.
  • 50+ MB - 1 copy is allowed in a folder.

Battle Transformations[edit | edit source]

  • Style Change - Allows a Navi to change his/her fighting style based on element and the situation.
  • Soul Unison - Allows one Navi to assmilate the characteristics of another Navi to gain added abilities and power.
  • Cross Fusion - Allows an operator and their navi to fuse together for increased power.

References[edit | edit source]

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