Mega Man X (character)

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Mega Man X

Mega Man X.gif
Totally Xtreme Yo!

Game Series Mega Man X series
First Appearance Mega Man X
Alias: X
Japanese Name: Rockman X
Affiliation: Maverick Hunters (aka. Irregular Hunters)
Species: Robot
Gender: Male (actually genderless)
Weapon(s): X Buster

Simply referred to as "X", Mega Man X is the title character of the Mega Man spin-off series Mega Man X.

He was created and built by the inventive genius behind the original Mega Man's design, Dr. Thomas Light. Sometime in the later days of the original Mega Man series, Dr. Light created a robot so advanced that it would be able to have feelings, thoughts, ideas, and make decisions on its own, limited only by its imagination and personality. He named him "X", reflecting the idea of his limitless potential.

Fearing what could happen if X ever went wrong, he sealed X in a capsule and, along with a design inside X called the "suffering circuit"; a system that would cause X to take into account all of his actions and their consequences, set a diagnostics program to continuously test the integrity and reliability of X's systems until they could be proven completely infallible, reliable and mature enough so that he would, of his own accord, value and respect life, the world, and all its inhabitants as most humans do.

Unfortunately the diagnostic screening would take 30 years to complete, longer than Dr. Light knew he could live. To prevent interference, should anyone find it, Dr. Light placed a warning on X's capsule to leave him as is in hopes that he would not be released until the capsule's programing said it was safe to do so. What was only meant to be 30 years, eventually came to be a century after X was sealed.

X was found by an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Cain. Dr. Cain explains that as he was excavating for prehistoric plant life, he came to find the remains of an ancient laboratory deep underground. There, he found X in his encapsulated state, and by all indications, ready to be released from his long sleep.

Over the months that followed, Dr. Cain observed X's capacity for individual thoughts and expressions; even going as far as to get into a slight argument with him. He also studied X, and what remained of Dr. Light's notes and, even though he'd admit he didn't understand all of Dr. Light's designs, and because even so far in the future X was still far ahead of his time, believed he could reasonably replicate X's designs to create more robots on par with X's intelligence and capabilities to help mankind.