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File:Megatouch Aurora Widescreen.gif
The Megatouch Aurora Widescreen

Megatouch is the brand name of a worldwide line of casual, coin-operated touchscreen video game systems developed by Merit Entertainment, which is located in Bristol, PA. Megatouch is the wider name attributed to the Merit product line, with Megatouch systems coming in a variety of cabinets and styles.[1]

Current Megatouch machines contain over 150 games in 5 categories (Puzzles, Strategy, Action, Cards, and Quiz and Word), with such widely-known titles as Photo Hunt, Trivia Whiz, and Tri-Towers; some machines have a sixth category, relating to adult-themed games. Games are usually 25 to 50 cents to play and generally last around 3 minutes. Megatouch systems are available in 19 languages, and are found predominantly in bars and restaurants in 27 countries (see Countries Having Megatouch Games).

While the Megatouch systems seen in public facilities can only be purchased by authorized distributors, there is also a Megatouch system for the home market called the Megatouch Gametime.[2] Additionally, a system has been designed for use in assisted living/retirement communities – the Megatouch MindSpark.[3] Most recently, 3 Megatouch games – Lucky 11's, Monkey Bash, and Photo Hunt – have been released as apps specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.[4]

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