Metroid Prime (creature)

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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is Metroid Prime.

Metroid Prime is a fictional creature in the Metroid universe. The game Metroid Prime (and its sequels) are named after it.

Metroid Prime was created by the Space Pirates by fusing a Metroid with Phazon. The Pirates tried to make it more powerful by fusing Space Pirate weapons into its body and teaching it different combat strategies. Of course, it got smarter than the Pirates and eventually killed them all. Samus Aran later found Metroid Prime and destroyed its body, revealing its true phantom-like form (most likely a cloud of sentient gaseous Phazon) that dripped puddles of liquid Phazon. Standing in Phazon temporarily gave Samus the Phazon Beam, which was the only weapon powerful enough to destroy Metroid Prime. When the creature was finally defeated, it created a Phazon vacuum (... or something) that sucked Samus's Phazon-charged armor and gun off, leaving her with her normal Power Suit, and none of her weapon upgrades. This sentient mass of Phazon later used Samus's weapon and armor data to reformed into Dark Samus who is probably the same conscious being as Metroid Prime, just in a different body... Or something.

Metroid Prime's evolution: